san jose: Spring time in Silicon Valley - 05/01/20 08:29 AM
                                                                           Sam Shueh
                                                  Realtor One Group
                                                   Silicon Valley, CA
As west coast is getting less rain started about … (4 comments)

san jose: Safer cities to live in America - 02/22/16 03:45 AM
Some people claim there is no place safe in America.
Everyone should bear arms to defend him selves. Even small rural American towns can have crazy people shoot at others. That is not necessarily true.
To find out which cities are the safest, researchers establish a list of all American cities with a population above 250,000. Then we ranked each city on the number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents using recent FBI data. Traffic fatalities matters with data coming from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Year to year cities names do change but recent demographics … (6 comments)

san jose: Superbowl business advertisement not legal - 02/03/16 09:54 AM
                                                   Sam Shueh
                                                    Silicon Valley, CA
As I was driving on I-280 back from Santa Clara, CA (aka Levi Stadium home of the 50th Superbowl game), I saw a Sign "Oracle Cloud ERP #1" on a shared Oracle building shared with Price Waterhouse Inc several miles away.  
Oracle, CEO Larry Ellisson is leading the Superbowl spirit with … (5 comments)

san jose: You write your own life insurance policy! - 12/17/15 02:57 AM
I always thought contracting cancer which often have no cure is from ones genes. Your dad died from stomach cancer. The likelihood for his children having similar problem is high.
We live in a highly pollutant environment, with toxin, eating processed foods with harmful substance.
Our genes if not sooner will cease to fight off cancerous cells and contract cancer also.
Researchers at SUNY Stony Brook recently reported interesting findings.( Nature 2015).
They determined only 10-30% is intrinsic and balance 70 to 90% is controllable or extrinsic (see table below).
In other words, how well we take care of ourselves have a lot to do to reduce the risk factors.
I am curious if you … (10 comments)

san jose: Rental rises > 9% in 2015 in most of the US cities - 10/11/15 09:48 PM
The majority of property managers are planning on showing little mercy to their tenants this year. Most of property managers raised their rent in the past months and more than two thirds predict that rental rates will continue to rise in the next year by about 8%, according to Rent dot com.  That’s nearly three times the wage increase that most employees can expect this year.
What’s more, more than half of property managers said that the demand is so strong and they are not offering concessions or rent reductions. ed a decrease in rental vacancies in Rent dot com and, in … (7 comments)

san jose: Cambrian, Cambrian Park, San Jose golden triangle homes - 08/24/15 12:47 PM
                                                                             (95124, 95117, 95130)   
                                                                       Sam Shueh, mba, cdpe, reopro, pe       

san jose: Santa Teresa, San Jose 2015 home prices and real estate - 08/17/15 05:39 AM
                                            (95119, 95139)
                                     Sam Shueh, mba, cdpe, reopro, pe    

san jose: Summer photography - 07/03/15 02:44 AM
Summer is a good time to take photographs.  I often leave a camera in the trunk. When I see something of interest I take a photograph.   That is how I completed books on local history then and NOW....  The photographs were converted to black and white per publisher.
Here is a shot of a Santa Clara County winery.  There is a private golf course. Celebraties like Tiger Woods has played tourment behind the hills.
Sam Shueh

san jose: 2013 Mid Yr South SF Bay Real Estate $ by neighborhood - 06/22/13 02:20 AM
San Francisco Bay Area Residential Real Estate Update
Sam Shueh, Keller Williams Realty-Cupertino
SamShuehRealtor at (408)425-1601
The report includes changing patterns in Santa Clara County, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, most of
Alameda and smaller portions of Contra Costa and San Francisco residential real estate data.
More Inventories by Mid-year 2013
The lowest price point in late 2011 has passed and since January 2012, the home prices
have been recovering. For different reasons many put off their purchases. In early 2013 they
found it was even harder than before. The lack of new listings was frustrating for many buyers.
Homeowners who lost much equity during … (0 comments)

san jose: Santa Clara County -CA Q1 2013 Home Appreciation - 04/05/13 05:18 PM
From Jan 1-March 31, 2013
The price change since of first of the year has picked up more momentum than ever near Silicon Valley.
Jan & Feb historically are slower months with better homes saved for the sumer season.
The error of margin is +/-1% as some realtors have not posted the sales yet.
Rather depending on median home price. I tabulated the sold in terms of avg sale per gla sf. I ran a Chi-Square test to ascertain the changes are statistically significant for the population (i.e. combined zip codes).
PA         +11%
SJC        +10%
East SJ   +4% (exclusive … (2 comments)

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