phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections- Aluminum wiring in older homes. - 11/22/10 04:13 AM
Hope everyone has a great holiday. I wanted to share some information on Aluminum wiring and try to educate folks a bit.  Sonoran Property Inspections has done a few phoenix home inspections as well as a few scottsdale home inspections recently that have auluminum wiring present. The aluminum 240 volt wire is not the issue but rather the 120 volt aluminum wire is. This wire when used on the 120 volt circuits becomes an issue when people change to the new style outlets and switches using a copper pig tail to connect to the aluminum wire. This connection is the problem … (0 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections - Flat roof maintenance. - 08/03/10 08:43 AM
I wanted to talk a minute about flat roof maintenance for residential homes. I have done a number of inspections this past month or so that were flat foam roofs. There were a few built up roofs in there as well and the maintenance on those is even more critical.
The foam roofs should be re coated every 5 years. I have personally just re coated my flat roof and the coating should have been done at year 4 as it was a bit past the kind of wera that I feel comfortable with. The roof is cleaned, washed, and then … (0 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections- How is your home holding up to the rain? - 01/21/10 03:02 PM
Sonoran Property Inspections wanted to check in with folks and let them know that with the rain we are getting here in Phoenix this is a great opportunity to look at your grading and see how it is performing. We typically get 6" to 7" of rain a year and as of about 2 hours ago we have had about 5 to 6" in the past 24 hours. Thats a ton of water to us in the desert. I can tell you that most homes in Phoenix have a flat to slightly sloped grade around their home or almost flat. The … (0 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections - Phoenix Home Inspections Safety - 01/11/10 12:18 PM
Sonoran Property Inspections wanted to remind all of the agents to have your clients do a check of the homes before you list them and certainly before we do the inspections. I was doing another Phoenix Home Inspection today and discovered the smoke detectors taken off the ceiling and put in a closet. Folks this is a really bad idea. This practice can ruin your day faster than just about anything else you can think of. When the smoke detector starts to chirp, please replace the battery. This is really an important thing to remember. Infact, if your smoke detector is … (0 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections - Phoenix Home Inspections Safety - 12/28/09 07:59 AM
Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
Sonoran property Inspectors LLC wants to remind everyone of a few quick things.
1,             Change the batteries in your smoke detector at least once a year and test the detector every month. Sonoran Property Inspections LLC home inspectors test these detectors on every home inspection. More times than not, the batteries are dead and often not even installed. If you change the air filter monthly or at least every 2 months , test the smoke alarms at the same time.
2,            Clean the dust off the detector, this will sometimes … (0 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections- Phoenix Home Inspection - 11/30/09 04:39 PM
Sonoran Property Inspections discovered a pretty serious issue that we wanted to share while doing a Phoenix Home Inspection today. This was on a home that is only a few years old and was built by a very well known builder. I wanted to point this out to demonstrate one more reason why you should get a home inspection not only when your buying a home but on a yearly basis so you know how your home is performing for you. Check this out:

I love doing these inspections, I know I am helping my clients learn about their … (1 comments)

phoenix home inspections: Sonoran Property Inspections- Interesting picture from a Phoenix Home Inspection - 10/08/09 02:41 AM
Sonoran Property Inspections was doing a Phoenix Home Inspection and it was on a older home. The was in good condition and someone had done a good job on maintaining it and also updating it. We discovered some compelling reasons why you as an Owner AND an Agent would benefit form a quality in depth home inspection. Take a look below:

We actually discovered this while walking on the roof, then we did a further investigation in the attic. The fix is a very easy one to do and doesn't have to be a scary thing at all … (0 comments)

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