aggies: Value in the Act of Blogging - 08/15/10 03:17 AM
Dear readers,Many times the act of doing something is worth more than the end product. I think we see this in many areas.
Yesterday I wrote a short post from the National Diving Championships being held here at Texas A&M University. In fact, I received a little flak because the blog didn't directly speak about a property for sale.
While sitting in the crowd with my Netbook on my lap, tapping away, another spectator asked what I was doing. I quickly explained I was writing a quick blog about the event and explained what Active Rain was. I also gave him … (3 comments)

aggies: College Station Home for Sale, near Texas A&M University - 05/31/10 03:47 AM

aggies: Bryan / College Station Green Living Notes - 02/03/10 08:52 AM

Dear readers,
A couple of green items came up today worth mentioning. First is a news release from The Texas A&M System yesterday titled "A&M System Saves $4 Million With “Green” Utility Contract." It goes on to say that "the estimated value of the contract, which also includes Stephen F. Austin State University, is $37.4 million. SFA’s savings are estimated at about $2 million for the period." "Fifteen percent of the energy purchased through the contract, or approximately 43,000,000 kilowatt hours per year, will be in the form of Texas Wind Renewable Energy Credits."
I know there is still a … (0 comments)

aggies: Take Winter Real Estate Photos - In some parts of the country it's already too late! - 10/27/09 02:30 AM
Why?During the winter months, finding good photographs to use in marketing a property becomes a frustrating task. Even my best photographer has problems with exterior shots because the surroundings are brown, grey and pale blue; the colors of winter.
Those who follow me on twitter or facebook know that I've been banging the drum for two weeks, hoping that folks will take a moment to grab a camera, step outside, and take a few exterior photos of their home while the grass is still green and there are leaves on our trees. Don't forget the backyard.
Our time to do this … (0 comments)

aggies: What's a little college worth? - 03/23/09 08:07 AM
Dear readers,
One of my favorite annual reports came out today. In it, Texas A&M attempts to assign numbers to the impact our University has on the local economy. According to the report, released by Texas A&M Univeristy Marketing and Communications, "the in-house study authorized by Texas A&M President Elsa A. Murano shows that the university and other locally headquartered members of the Texas A&M System had a direct $1.3 billion impact on College Station, Bryan and the surrounding area during 2008-a direct increase of about $146.5 million compared to the previous year and the previous record.
Adding the impact of those dollars being … (0 comments)

aggies: College Station spring break activities... - 03/19/09 02:27 AM
Dear readers,
This is just a quick note to mention two events occurring today.
First, as every Ag should know, the Texas A&M men's basketball team will tip off its opening-round game in the NCAA Tournament against BYU today at 1130 am, which is one of the earliest starts in the tournament. Local coverage is on KBTX-TV as well as Several of your favorite bars and restaurants are gearing up for the game. Go Ags!
Locally, the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships run today through Saturday at the Texas A&M Rec Center Natatorium on West Campus. Prelims begin at 11am with finals at … (1 comments)

aggies: College Station market report for February 2009 - 03/10/09 03:18 AM

Dear readers,
Raw numbers regarding the Bryan and College Station market were released this morning, indicating a decline in total monthly sales of almost 30% from February of 2008 and 2007. Total monthly sales in February 2009 were $15,736,430, compared with $22,342,476 in 2008, and $22,937,147 in February 2007.
Remarkably, February 2009 numbers are comparable to February 2006, when total monthly sales were actually lower at $16,286,059.
As always, I'll insert the caveat that these are raw numbers, and they may change slightly over the course of the week as they are studied more carefully.
You can expect the complete, … (0 comments)

aggies: First Friday in Downtown Bryan, Texas - 03/06/09 12:39 AM

Dear readers,
It is the first Friday of March, and spring has sprung here in the Brazos Valley. Combine the two, and there should be great turnout at First Friday in Downtown Bryan.
If you have already attended a First Friday event, you know how much fun they are. There is art, music, specials and happy hours. You will run into friends, and see some things that you didn't know existed in the Brazos Valley.
More information, including a list of activities and a map is located on the Downtown Bryan Economic Development Association Website.
There is a lot happening … (0 comments)

aggies: Two articles of interest regarding the College Station real estate market - 03/05/09 02:12 AM
Dear readers,
Today The Eagle, our local newspaper, has two articles of interest regarding Texas, the economy and real estate, both written by members of the Texas State Comptroller's staff.
The first article, written by Bruce Wright, headlines "State's housing market still sound," and is a good read.
"Thus far, Texas' housing market is relatively healthy, and the state has a good chance of avoiding the worst effects of the meltdown. But the landscape of corporate America has been altered in unprecedented ways."
Follow this link for the entire article:
The second article, by Michael Castellon, details "start-up" dollars and … (0 comments)

aggies: College Station Market Reports - Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University - 03/04/09 01:27 AM

Dear readers,
We are fortunate to have a great source of real estate information located right here in the Brazos Valley. The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University studies Texas real estate markets full time, and has a wealth of on-line information available to Realtors and the public.One page I visit frequently is a page devoted to College Station and Bryan Real Estate Market News. On that page you can search almost 600 articles that the center has collected regarding the local economy. The page includes an RSS button, so you can get updates whenever the page is modified.

aggies: 2009 Home, Garden & Recreation Expo - Brazos County Exposition Complex - 02/27/09 07:43 AM
Dear readers,
The highlight of the upcoming weekend, at least in our industry, is the 2009 Home, Garden and Recreation Expo. It will be held at the Brazos County Exposition Complex this weekend, Feb. 28 - Mar. 1.
In addition to the great exhibits at the show every year, there will be several useful seminars throughout both days.
Saturday February 28, 2009
1000am - Light control and sustainable residential design 1100am - Mosquito misting systems and outdoor cooling systems 1200am - Custom home building seminar 100pm - Dream windows and custom draperies and valances 200pm - Growing tomatoes in the Brazos … (0 comments)

aggies: College Station market outlook called "strong" - 02/26/09 12:17 AM
Dear readers,
The Eagle, our regional newspaper, published an new assessment on the local economy today in the Brazos Business section. Overall, the economist reported a strong economy, but cautioned of possible spending cuts at Texas A&M University and the possibility of those cuts "rippling down" to the local economy.
Quoting Karl Ingham, an Amarillo economist who studies the area, "Because Texas A&M is a powerful driving force behind the economy, any funding shortfall should have minimal ripples. I'm not so worried about that," Ingham said.
The entire article is posted on the Eagle's Website under the headline "BCS outlook called … (0 comments)

aggies: Pondering facebook and landing pages... - 02/25/09 07:25 AM

Dear readers,I still haven't found a good, practical use for my company facebook page - Sam White Properties.? Being in a student market (College Station is home of Texas A&M University) I've had good luck with facebook ads...good click-through and conversion. But, I'm sending them to specific landing pages on my domain, bypassing my facebook page. I can tell, its lonely.Currently, I'm using Sam White Properties on facebook as a place to post notes, links or photos. Most of the traffic to the page comes from my Monthly Market Report page on my primary domain, as well as through sub-domain
My activerain blog automatically … (5 comments)

aggies: Welcome to Aggieland Saturday! - 02/20/09 10:48 PM
Dear readers,
Last night I was fortunate to attend a reception held for prospective Aggies and their parents. I never cease to be amazed at the intelligence and enthusiasm of today's "youth." If this group was any hint of the quality of next year's freshman class of Aggies, our next class will be outstanding.Over 10,000 prospective Aggies and parents are in town for Aggieland Saturday, which is a University-wide open house for prospective Aggies and their parents. There is a vast selection of activities available, many sponsored by different colleges and departments of the university. Follow this link to Aggieland Saturday Activities.
One Day. One … (0 comments)

aggies: Aggieland Saturday - University-Wide Open House at Texas A&M - 02/20/09 12:43 AM
Dear readers,
This weekend the College Station community has the opportunity to shine, as we welcome an anticipated 10,000 prospective students and parents coming to town for Aggieland Saturday. The event is a university-wide open house sponsored by the Texas A&M Department of Admissions and Records and the Association of Former Students.
Quoting the office of admission and record's Website, "Howdy! We at Texas A&M University invite you to Aggieland Saturday, an annual campus-wide open house for prospective students and their families. During this one day, you can meet current students, tour the dorms, visit libraries and computer labs and see what Texas … (0 comments)

aggies: Brazos Valley Market Report - College Station Real Estate - 02/19/09 08:40 AM
Dear readers,
January 2009 sales figures have been posted at The results are mixed at best.
I'm completing vendor interviews today, and I will publish the synopsis tomorrow.
Blue skies,

aggies: Black Friday statistics - 12/01/08 02:45 AM
Dear readers,Happy Monday!I'm sharing two links, one from The Eagle here in Bryan & College Station, and the other from the Maimi Herald, regarding Black Friday sales locally and nationwide.
Both articles, along with local, national and international market information can be found on my facebook page.
Monthly market information from out local Multiple Listing Services, as well as a monthly synopsis can also be found on my Website
Its a busy Monday, so that's all for now. No fancy graphics or photos. Sorry.Blue skies,

aggies: Rant- Do you really need that software upgrade? - 11/25/08 01:10 AM

Dear readers,
I had a great post prepared this morning for Thanksgiving, but just as I was adding the tags, Internet Explorer stopped responding. With Windows Vista, the screen turns milky and the little hourglass won't go away. I was patient, just in case the problem might work itself out, but to no avail. later, I opened the task manager and with the push of the end task button, several times, all that work was gone.
Well, not really gone. You see, over the year that I've had this Vista laptop I've learned this can happen...way too often. So now, … (2 comments)

aggies: Lincoln's 272 words - 11/19/08 07:01 AM
Dear readers,I try not to get sappy, but there are some words I try to revisit annually. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address consisted of 272 words, eloquently yet simply placed in only ten sentences. It was delivered on this day, Nov. 19, 1863.
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a … (0 comments)

aggies: International Space Station celebrates 10th year in orbit - 11/18/08 02:42 AM
The International Space Station (ISS) 
Dear readers,I admit I'm a fan of space and aviation. I've spent over 10,000 hours at the controls of one type of aircraft or another, and enjoyed skydiving with friends from the Johnson Space Center for almost a decade. Sondra (my wife) says its in our blood as my son, at 10, shares the same fascination.So it shouldn't be surprising that I consider a shuttle launch an event, and normally have at least one computer at the office and at home tuned to NASA TV, where you can see and hear what's happening above our heads … (0 comments)

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