In a Yahoo Finance interview with Yale professor and MacroMarkets chief economist Robert Shiller he made some grim housing forecast while promoting his book The Subprime Solution. Three points Shiller made are: *To view the full post, please visit the San Diego real estate home blog
Last Friday Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) issued a report showing a record 1.2 million homes were in foreclosure during the second quarter of 2008. This was 2.8% of all outstanding loans, and double the same period last year. *to read the full post, please visit the San Diego real estate hom...
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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp's chairwoman, Sheila Bair said last week hat the outlook for the ailing banking industry was bad - and getting worse. Bair said: ''We haven't seen the trough of the credit cycle yet.'' The recent take-over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be the help the bankin...
The Wall Street Journal's Web site noted that it seems certain the Government may take over the nation's mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this weekend. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost a combined $3.1 billion in the second quarter. But, just in the last two weeks both companies said they...
Jim Cramer is the host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and co-founder of Cramer has also been a contributor to New York magazine, and an occasional contributor to Time magazine. The outspoken stock market analyst said last week that the bottom in the housing decline will occur during the 3rd...
  A Credit Suisse survey estimates that the S&P Case-Shiller Index of house prices in 20 major cities must fall by another 14 percent for houses to become affordable again, assuming the typical mort...
A little good news for the housing market. HOPE NOW, a private sector alliance of mortgage service reps, counselors, and investors working to prevent foreclosures, reported today that it helped a record number of homeowners avoid foreclosure in the second quarter, completing more than 522,000 mor...
Last week the California Association of Realtors reported California home sales increased 43.4 percent in July compared to the same period a year ago, while the median price of an existing home fell 40.3 percent. "Sales improved significantly in July 2008 and remained above the 400,000 level for ...
The U.S. Census Bureau and the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development released a report last week showing sales of new, single-family, homes rose 2.4 percent in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 515,000 units. Well, that was the good news, for the bad news,  *To view the full post, ple...

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