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Just like a house on the market, individuals only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Nice curb appeal, a freshly painted door and lovely entranceway will welcome the buyers in ... but the rest of the house will have to shine if you want to keep them there.I thought that this partic...
I have to tell you about a little project I started two years ago.  Yes, TWO YEARS AGO ... you heard me right.  And that's just silly.  It's driving me crazy actually.  And I need your help (more on that later).I was walking my dog one summer evening, as I normally do, around the neighborhood.  I...
Some cities are well known for their natural and very beautiful geographic locations ... others not so much.  Certainly Buffalo would never make the top 10 list, but it seems that Larry Quinn, managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres, has a vision and some very ambitious plans for the view from his...
The 8th Annual Doors Open Toronto event takes place on May 26 & 27.  This year's focus is on many of the city's greenest buildings, but traditionally celebrates the best historic, architectural and cultural spaces.  Admission is FREE.For more information, the Toronto Star included this article:ht...
Even though it is a holiday Monday, we can't forget our thought for the day.  On this long weekend in Canada, many people are taking on home improvement projects and yard work to beautify their property so I thought this quote by Erma Bombeck would be appropriate.  "Before you try to keep up with...
To my Canadian friends - Happy Victoria Day!  And to our friends south of the border - this is our first long-weekend of the summer season.  Traditionally considered the kick-off to cottage time.  It has been nicknamed the May 2-4, either because it falls around the 24th day of May or because eve...
All the things we take for granted in our very own home office environment can be safely disposed of if we just give it a little thought.Do you still have your first cellphone in the bottom drawer?  And the hard drive from your last computer?  Old cameras, battery chargers, scanners than no longe...
Anyone or anything can die of neglect ... the older it is the more likely that will happen.  But it's a sad time for historians and local residents who love the look and feel of an old neighborhood."Conservationists have been predicting the loss of Walnut Hall to "demolition by neglect" for years...
It's amazing what even a small group of protestors can do.  Just 15 people (residents and members of Greenvisions) attended a demonstration to prevent the extension of Cottrelle Boulevard which would run through a forested area that included 16 mature trees which would have been marked for destru...
With the recent talk in other Blogs about why some stagers succeed and some do not, I thought this would be helpful to anyone contemplating the business (or any business).  It's a fun quiz to take even if you are already in business ... I tried it myself.  And I'm really pleased to know I made th...

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