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I found this on the MSN homepage today and especially wanted to share it with my American colleagues.  Now ya'll know we really don't live in igloos surrounded by ice and snow  :) Seriously though, these photos are breathtaking.  Come stimulate our economy and visit this summer.  Or at least do t...
It's been 40 years since "Earth Day" was officially marked and recognized, but it seems that economic difficulties get in the way of greening the planet. What saddens me most is the littering of our beautiful countryside, specifically those darn coffee cups! But that's another RANT for another da...
I'm re-blogging this simply because I love the stunning architectural details (courtesy of Jackson West). I never knew how enjoyable photography could be until I started my home staging company. Admittedly I am not the best photographer but I do have an eye for detail, and "shooting" interiors f...
"Plantscaping" ... an interesting term not often heard, but used to describe the services of AikoSpring Floral Decoration, based in West GTA (Ontario, Canada).  We saw some of their product on display at the International Home & Garden Show last month and I must say I was impressed with the look ...
Here's a new (new to me, anyway) company in town for junk disposal options - http://uboxit.com/index.php They are based in Concord ON, but appear to have franchises throughout North America.  I see this as a good alternative to the big ol' dumpster that often times is just too big for those "clea...

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