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Professional Home Stagers Provide, Prepare, and Present Home staging is becoming more main stream here in New Hampshire thanks to media attention and real estate programs on television.  There are still many sellers, however, who are not sure exactly what home staging involves.  What does a profe...
What will a Home Stager ask you to spend money on?  In a prior post, I outlined some of the questions a Home Stager will ask a seller.  One of the questions involved setting a budget to prepare the house for the market.  This post will flesh out some of the things a professional Home Stager may a...
Some excellent tips here from a colleague in the U.S.Happened to be home when Oprah was on this afternoon. The topic was Makeunders. Women who needed less not more. But this also applies to homes. Nate Berkus did a room Makeunder and it inspired me!Every home that goes on sale needs a makeunder. ...
Great information here on what NOT to do when preparing your home for sale. Sometimes, making an improvement to your home could actually hurt you when you try to sell it.  Here are the top 10 home improvements that can make your home harder to sell:  1. Kitchen Renovation. Any renovation of a ki...

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