color: Let's talk about green - 07/17/19 11:21 AM
Generally considered to be the colour of nature, growth and renewal, green can represent the environment, freshness and fertility. It is believed to have healing or restorative power and is the most restful shade for the human eye to view. Green is also associated with money, finances, ambition, greed and jealousy. 
Personality traits
If you relate strongly to this colour you are perceived to be practical, nurturing and stable. Negative personality traits lean toward envy and jealousy hence the popular phrase “green with envy”.
Shades of green
Green falls within the cool spectrum on the traditional colour wheel and ranges from pale lime to deep … (2 comments)

color: Colour Psychology - 07/12/19 08:06 AM
Love this article on how colours impact our moods, feelings and behaviours. It's very interesting to see how specific shades affect us either directly or unconsciously. Not everyone has the same reaction to colour either. Blue is my comfort colour as mentioned in a previous blog post and red is definitely a big NO! There is not one thing in my home that is red nor do I own a stitch of clothing in that hue. It really makes me anxious. 
So I'm curious to hear about your favorites or least favorites, and why. Please share your thoughts and have a colourful … (2 comments)

color: Blue Blue Blue - 06/27/19 05:34 AM
No I’m not sad and blue. The colour blue actually makes me feel happy, warm and cosy. Most people would say that’s just weird because blue is within the cool spectrum. I know that because I have studied colour and understand the fundamentals of the colour wheel. Even so, I personally consider most shades of blue to be “warm”. And that’s okay because colour affects us all differently. It has more to do with the feelings that the colour evokes in me than the science behind it.
Blue is the colour of the sky (on a good day!) and the sea. It … (0 comments)

color: The language of colour - 06/06/19 01:57 PM
Have you ever wondered what came first? Not the chicken or the egg, but the primary colours - red, yellow and blue - and even why we always seem to say them in that order? Let alone how we ever ended up with the myriad of colour names you find in the swatch collection of paint manufacturers.
We thought this very interesting video was worth sharing with other colour curious people. It is approximately six minutes of your time that will be well spent and may provoke some thoughts about your own perspective, regional and cultural bias about colour.
You can read the … (2 comments)

color: How we see colour - 05/29/19 09:17 AM
Colour impacts us every day and is a fundamental part of our experience in the world around us. Just think of how many things you’ve seen today that were colourful and caught your eye for precisely that reason.
Did you choose a sunny yellow shirt because you woke up feeling happy and positive? Did you grab your pink striped umbrella on the way out the door so the rainy day wouldn’t get you down? How many bright red stop signs did you encounter on your commute?
The visible spectrum
But have you ever wondered how exactly you see these things? The visible spectrum (your … (1 comments)

color: Red White and Blue - 05/27/19 06:19 AM
Happy Memorial Day to my friends south of the border! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and paying tribute to those who serve. Your red white and blue is steeped in tradition and flown proudly. These colours are recognized internationally.
Did you know that colour also communicates in a non verbal way? If you have opted to wear the colour red today it can indicate a number of things besides just being your favorite colour. It could represent something that you are passionate about or that you strongly desire to do something meaningful and take action. These are positive … (1 comments)

color: Understanding your best colours - 05/15/19 04:00 PM
Our Intuitive Colour course has officially launched! It's an in depth discovery of your personal preferences, includes downloadable worksheets and will give you confidence in your colour choices. This course is ideal for anyone who wants a better understanding of their colour choices or anyone who works with colour. Are you colour curious? I'm pleased to offer you a 10% discount until May 31 2019. Simply enter 'rain10' at checkout.
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color: The countdown is on ... - 04/28/19 11:51 AM
At Simply Colour Confident we've been working around the clock to bring you some amazing colour courses! The very first - Intuitive Colour - will be launching very soon. This online learning experience offers you an in-depth discovery of personal preferences and colour triggers. Are you colour curious?
You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter here - a collection of blog posts, course announcements and period discount codes just for you. Come explore the world of colour with us.

color: Playing with colour! - 04/23/19 04:42 PM
 At Simply Colour Confident we love anything related to colour so we've loaded up our resource page with some fun stuff that you might like too. Why not take a look around?

color: Are you colour curious? - 04/03/19 01:08 PM
Colour changes everything. It inspires, motivates and sells. 
The Simply Colour Confident blog has now launched. You'll definitely want to follow along if you love colour! 

color: Are you craving Spring? - 03/03/19 09:18 AM
Those of us in the northern hemisphere know just how long winter is. I'm certainly counting down the days to Spring even though the warmer weather is still a few weeks beyond that "official day". What I love most about Spring is the colour - bits of yellow green sprouting up everywhere. Pale pink and yellow buds. Bright blue skies. Oh I just can't wait! 
I'm also excited about the upcoming launch of a new business venture together with a very good friend. And guess what? It's all about COLOUR!
Photo Credit - Markus Spiske on Unsplash

color: Do you love colour? - 02/22/19 07:47 AM
Hello ActiveRain community! 
I haven't posted here for quite some time. After spending too many years in the corporate world I am now ready to get back to my creative roots. I'll have a big announcement soon and it's all about colour!

color: Celery & Chocolate - 09/30/11 01:44 AM

Sounds good doesn't it?  Was your first thought a childhood snack ... with chocolate as the substitute for peanut butter?
When choosing a colour scheme for your home or any room, using the colours found in nature's palette always works beautifully.  Just imagine the pale silvery green of an olive tree with the dark brown branches ... very nice !
View some very inspiring photos HERE via my favorite HOUZZ website.

color: The Psychology of Color - 03/02/09 10:42 PM
I had written a similar piece in a past newsletter, but this is a great blog by Allegra Dioguardi (a U.S. stager).  Be sure to try the QUIZ (link in paragraph 2) ...

Greetings! I just finished an article I am writing for the Interior Design issue of a local periodical here in the Hamptons on The Psychology of Color. I am posting it for your purusal and look forward to your comments. As Home Stagers we all ove color and it can be helpful to establish ourselves as experts if we know a little about the science of color. 

color: 2009 Decorating Trends - Grey Matters... - 02/25/09 12:27 AM
There is a hip new color in town - If you're thinking of giving your home a fresh coat of paint, adding new window treatments, or are looking to invest in a new piece of furniture, Consider Grey. 
Grey is the new hue, the new neutral - It's the new Beige.  Grey has been sneaking into our palette over the past few years, showing up in fashion, and as now as part of new collections in large décor retailers such as Crate & Barrel, West Elm and Horchow.  Pick up any decorating magazine, and you'll see it too. My latest … (0 comments)

color: 2009 Design Trends - 02/07/09 12:02 AM
Tinted Neutrals and Blackened Colors
It is the depth of the neutral that gives it life and longevity.  Some good examples of current "beiges" from the Benjamin Moore series are:
Willow (CC-542) Hillsborough (CC-330) Stampede (CC-540) Chocolate Fondue (CC-482) And in the "grey" range we have:
Metropolis (CC-546) Asphalt (CC-548) This year it's all about Shine * Shimmer * Metallic finishes.  The metallic finishes are warm gold tones.  And wallpaper is back.  If you are unsure or unconvinced, try it in a small room or under utilized area such as a powder room or dining room.  Plaid is also making a comeback … (1 comments)

color: Cold & Blue - 01/05/08 12:45 AM
It's hard to believe that 10 years has already passed since the "Great Ice Storm" in Quebec and Ontario in 1998!  If someone had asked me how long ago that happened I would have guessed about 5 or 6 years. 
This January (in the Toronto area) started off with a heavy coating of the cold white stuff, as seen in this photo from my back door. 
It's funny how blue snow can look in the late afternoon, which is probably why most people associate the color blue with a cold & frosty feeling.  To counteract this problem, choose shades of blue … (2 comments)

color: The Color White - 11/22/07 12:38 AM
Today in Peel Region (and across the Greater Toronto Area) we have been hit with our first winter storm.  This is very early compared to last year when our first snowfall arrived in late January! 
I was just getting used to the fact that we had plenty of lingering yellow and gold leaves on the trees.  Now that those shades of gold are painted in white, it reminds me of the wide range of color choices available for a pale indoor landscape.  PARA Paints Whites Collection contains a total of 36 samples conveniently broken down into "Bright", "Neutrals", "Warm" and "Cool".  This … (7 comments)

color: Color Inspiration - 11/02/07 01:01 AM
I recently picked up the * General Paint ColorLife cards, a truly beautiful collection sure to inspire you no matter what your style.
* General Paint is only available in Canada.
They also carry a new line called the Canadiana Historic collection which brings to life the true north and the warmth & charm of cottage country.  It's just perfect for this time of year when all the autumn colors have fallen from the trees and we need to think about wrapping ourselves in comforting colors within our homes.

color: Paint Calculator - 11/02/07 12:43 AM
What a great on-line tool this is !  One of my colleagues recently pointed this out to me, as a way to help those "do-it-yourselfers" calculate the amount of paint required for the job.  Of course this is a very general guideline and doesn't take into account the door & window spaces not being painted.  Always best to double check with your paint retailer or a professional painter !
(from the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute website)