interior redesign: Celery & Chocolate - 09/30/11 01:44 AM

Sounds good doesn't it?  Was your first thought a childhood snack ... with chocolate as the substitute for peanut butter?
When choosing a colour scheme for your home or any room, using the colours found in nature's palette always works beautifully.  Just imagine the pale silvery green of an olive tree with the dark brown branches ... very nice !
View some very inspiring photos HERE via my favorite HOUZZ website.

interior redesign: Quote of the Day - 09/30/11 01:34 AM
"Your home is where you live, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well."
~ Oprah (as quoted in Home Rules by Nate Berkus)


interior redesign: A Room Make-Over for Spring ! - 03/16/11 05:19 AM
I know I'm jumping the gun on this one a bit ... but we are just five days away from the official start of spring.  Longer days, more sunshine and lots of rain has really given me spring fever. 
This project was completed for a client who will be returning from a four month trip to Europe ... her daughter wanted to surprise her.  I think this lady will be very pleased.
We used all of the client's exisiting furniture and art, as well as most accessories.  Of course there's always a bit of editing involved in the redesign process.  The only new items … (4 comments)

interior redesign: The Dreaded Urge - 11/06/10 02:18 AM
Have you ever walked into a room and been overcome by the urge to re-arrange the furniture? Okay ... maybe not. Perhaps this is my own personal compulsion.So truth be told ... this happens often. Sometimes it's a waiting room, hotel lobby or even (heaven help me) a friend's home ! And yes, I've been known to try this in furniture stores as well. I can't help myself when furniture placement just seems WRONG and it jumps out at me.So as I sit here waiting for a client in the newly renovated lobby of their condo, this grouping of tastefully appointed … (6 comments)

interior redesign: Words I Love to Hear ... - 11/04/10 02:49 AM
After a job well done, it is so rewarding to see the clients reaction and squeals of delight.  There are always some teary eyes and lots of hugs.  I really do love what I do.
"I would like to start by saying a huge thank you. Coming home and seeing the house we bought a few months ago transformed into our HOME and so much more. To see pictures on the walls that stood out amazingly and furniture positioned in a way we didn't think of; and allowing furniture to blend in a way we didn't see possible. You did an amazing … (6 comments)

interior redesign: REDESIGN as seen on Oprah ! - 05/01/09 03:18 AM
Some love her, some don't. But whatever Oprah talks about creates a BUZZ. 
If you missed the show on April 27th, click HEREThis episode featured the lovable designer, Nate Berkus, and his challenge to REDESIGN the homes of several families USING ONLY WHAT THEY HAD! Now, those of us in this particular design niche already know that it IS possible to make a significant and sometimes dramatic change on a limited budget.So thank you, Oprah and Nate for bringing REDESIGN front and centre.

interior redesign: Love the Space you're in ... - 01/14/09 12:10 AM
Here is my first "media appearance" for 2009.  Just helping yummy mummy's everywhere to love their space !  Simple tips for redesigning a room and giving it a fresh new look.
Or maybe it was 2008.  I had actually forgotten that this article was sumbitted.  It pays to do a Google search of your name periodically !

interior redesign: Suffering from Cabin Fever? - 01/06/09 01:03 AM
Has the cold weather got you stuck indoors? Tired of looking at those four walls. Is your room stuck in a rut?Treat yourself to a room makeover - in an hour or in a day. Got an hour to kill? Remove all accessories from your mantel, bookcase or table tops. Group similar items together - candles, books, plants. Try arranging them differently. Look for similar items in other rooms and create interesting vignettes with items that work well together. Are your accent cushions patterned on one side only? Try the solid colour instead. Change your lampshades. The possibilities are endless. And … (1 comments)

interior redesign: I love what I do ! - 11/20/08 10:39 PM
I say that often.  Each and every time we complete a redesign, in fact.  The client's reaction reinforces the feeling: 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I can't tell you enough how absolutely thrilled I am with my new space. I love the basement with my two leather pieces down there. I can actually see myself spending time down there, now that it's so inviting and comfortable.
It looks amazing! I can't believe what you and your team did with my living room and dining room. Throughout the past few years my best friend and I have rearranged my furniture … (10 comments)

interior redesign: CRDA hits mainstream media ! - 09/15/08 09:01 AM
The time has come for CRDA to shine in the media spotlight ! In partnership with eRenovate (CasaGuru), our TV segment on REDESIGN aired on Global TV Saturday September 13, 2008. For those that missed it, here is a link to my fellow CRDA members Karen Kostyshyn, Sandra MacLennan and Cyrese Samuel for pulling this beautiful room together - three talented women that I am proud to call my friends.

interior redesign: Remembering Summer - 08/23/08 11:39 PM
Back to School & Back to Work  
For many, the month of September is a time for new beginnings and fresh ideas, getting organized and settling in.   But the weather is still nice so continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces while you reflect upon memories made during the summer holidays.
Did YOU have a good summer?  A lot of photos, shells found on the beach and a couple of cute souveniers?  How best to remember the fun and reflect on time well spent?  Narrow floating shelves in a hallway, shadow boxes, and multi-matte frames are a great way to capture … (5 comments)