recycling: Another Fun Place to Shop - 09/08/11 12:29 AM
I love CONSIGNMENT stores, and this one has it all ... furniture, fashion and home decor items.  Some really great stuff at great prices.  This is the kind of place where you can see how easily the old blends with the new, and where you can find that unique piece you've always been looking for.
It's just a short drive to Caledon Village, so be sure to check it out - Chic a Boom

recycling: Once upon a time ... I was GREEN - 03/21/09 08:28 AM
Going GREEN is very popular these days, with everyone having a different spin on it.  Interestingly enough, when I started my business in 2004 I was very GREEN (and I don't just mean "new at it").  My website, business cards, brochures and promo cards were a lovely shade of sage GREEN.  When I look back at it now ... ugh !!  It just doesn't appeal to me anymore.  Funny how our color preferences change over time.  But of course, my GREEN hue was very timely in that REDESIGN is the ultimate recycling concept for home decor ... we simply re-use what … (3 comments)

recycling: ReDesigners Go Green - 10/05/07 04:36 AM
Redesigning a room is all about using what the client already owns, so naturally it fits right in with the reduce * reuse * recycle mindset that is increasingly popular.  The following article was recently written by Val Sharp (Founder & past President of the Canadian ReDesigners Association) and myself in an effort to further promote the redesign industry in Canada.