resources: Playing with colour! - 04/23/19 04:42 PM
 At Simply Colour Confident we love anything related to colour so we've loaded up our resource page with some fun stuff that you might like too. Why not take a look around?

resources: Let's Get Organized - 05/11/07 02:36 AM
Studies show that working in a cluttered office not only impedes your productivity but it adds unnecessary stress and embarrassment. Even if your clients never see your office you will feel better and more professional if it is organized and efficient.
Courtesy of Cherri HurstHurst Class Organizing416.241.7618
Here are Ten Steps to Organizing Your Office:Pick an area of your office that you want to start on. It could be the top of your desk, desk drawers, filing cabinet or bookshelves. Keep the area small so the task is not too daunting.Go through each item, deciding if you should keep it or not. Ask … (0 comments)

resources: Shelf Assistance - 05/11/07 02:33 AM
The following article was provided by my colleague Cherri Hurst of Hurst Class Organizing sun is shining and I have been waiting all week to... organize my kitchen? I am not big on Spring Cleaning but turn that into Spring Organizing and you will have my full attention. On a day like today it might be a little tough, even for me, to get motivated so I concentrate on how great it will feel when I am done. I also think it will be nice not to have to take my life in my hands when I open a cupboard door.Some … (0 comments)

resources: Protect Your Investment - 05/11/07 02:27 AM
Your home is typically one of the largest assets you will ever possess.  With cottage season and long awaited road trips in the forecast, be sure that you protect your property and piece of mind while you're away.  Or if you plan to move over the summer months, you might want to equip your new residence with some state-of-the-art security.ADT is the largest monitoring company in Canada and the world.  The company is now in its 130th year and they currently monitor about 600,000 homes across Canada.U.S. statistics for the year 2004 show that one burglary occurs every 14.7 seconds and … (0 comments)

resources: Brampton Community Resources - 05/05/07 12:28 AM
Here is the link to the official "City of Brampton" website for all that you need to know about living, working and playing in Brampton -
And this link provides you with an online community news digest and events calendar, which is brought to you by Brampton Media Corp.  Sign up for their very informative weekly newsletter -

resources: Brampton News - 04/29/07 12:21 AM
Once again, there is something to be said for reading the newspaper online.  I do enjoy the Brampton Guardian because it brings me all of the local news and events I might need to know.  However, it is delivered three times per week with a stack of grocery and department store flyers that go straight to my recycling box.  This recycling box weighs as much as an elephant I'm sure ... and if our pickup day is windy these papers get "delivered" all over the neighborhood once again !

resources: Brampton Facts & History - 04/29/07 12:11 AM
Not having lived in Brampton all my life, I was eager to learn more about this city's history.  I found all the facts and more at -,_Ontario
As of the 2006 Census reading, the population of Brampton was at 433,806 - so don't believe the highway signs leading into the city.  The ones that I have seen indicate something along the lines of 350,000 and 385,000 !

resources: Do you really know what clutter is ? - 04/28/07 08:37 AM
This article was included in a newsletter distributed by my good friend Lisa Moyles, a Business Coach in Connecticut - article itself was written by Jill McKean -
I felt it was important enough to share ... 
Yes, clutter is what sits on top of your desk and on the floor as piles of paper and miscellaneous items collected from conferences, etc. etc.  But do you know what is the most bothersome clutter?The most bothersome clutter is all the stuff you're trying to keep track of in your head! David Allen in his book Getting Things Done calls it RAM.  "The … (5 comments)

resources: Newsprint ! - 04/16/07 12:58 AM
I much prefer reading the newspaper online because the ink stays on the screen and my Blue Box stays empty !  So here are a few clippings from my weekend reading ... and I didn't even have to use the scissors.
"Garden room fad sprouting new roots" -
"Website helps avoid shoddy contractors" -
"Let your foyer create good first impression" -
"Natural influences" -
(Source, Toronto Star, April 14, 2007)

resources: Moving Checklist - 04/16/07 12:44 AM
Here's another handy list from (  This would be a terrific handout for clients.
I'm curious to know if any stagers include a packing service along with the decluttering process or do you simply instruct the homeowner on which items can be put away before you return to stage the rooms.


resources: Open House Checklist - 04/15/07 11:45 PM
If you go to the website ( you can download a handy "Open House Checklist" in pdf format. 
In this section you'll also find other useful tools like a "Mortgage Calculator", "Real Estate Glossary" and a "Home Buying Worksheet".
I should note that all of this information is sponsored by Coldwell Banker - looks good on them !

resources: Credit Report & Rating (for Canadians) - 04/15/07 08:33 AM
Before buying a home, it's a good idea to check your credit report and rating.  Did you know that you can get a summary of your credit history mailed to you, free of charge?
     Equifax Canada - (1-800-465-7166)
     TransUnion Canada - (1-866-525-0262)
     Northern Credit Bureaus Inc. -
If you have difficulty understanding the information in your reports, help is available from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) - (1-888-461-3222)

resources: Stain Busters - 04/15/07 08:15 AM
According to an article in WISH magazine, the best tips for rescuing fabric when disaster strikes are:
BAKING SODA - best for blood, crayon, sweatWHITE VINEGAR - best for alcohol, deodorant, sweatHYDROGEN PEROXIDE - best for chocolate, and as a whitening agentSODA WATER - best for red wine, beets, berries, grape juiceLEMON JUICE - best for grease, rustSALT - best for red wineTALCUM POWDER - best for fruit juice, oilAs always, be sure to test anything on an inside seam.
Unfortunately I could not find the full article online, but merely a scrap of paper on my desk.  And yes ... I am … (7 comments)

resources: National Home Show - Toronto - 04/13/07 01:01 AM
Don't forget the National Home Show starts today (April 13) in Toronto.  It takes place at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place through to April 22. 
Here's a link to the Show site for ticket information - 
There was also a good article in the Toronto Star today, about the "Dream Home" that will be on display at the Home Show -

resources: Recycling On-line ! - 04/13/07 12:48 AM
Someone just told me about this international online service for recycling of goods - it appears to have everything from furniture to sporting goods and toys. 
A great way to pick up some staging pieces or unload things that you no longer need.
It is part of the Yahoo Groups, so you will need a user name to log on if you are interested.

resources: Ovarian Cancer Canada - Havens for Healing - 04/08/07 02:16 AM
As mentioned earlier, my Association (CRDA) is involved in charity work for women living with Ovarian Cancer.  The two groups in Canada dedicated to Ovarian Cancer have now joined forces for a louder voice against the "disease that whispers".
This is their new logo:

Here is a copy of the official announcement from their newsletter:
Partnership Announced
Partnership Announced:  A Letter to Stakeholders from Bruce Galloway, Chair, National Ovarian Cancer Association, and Eileen Beadle, Chair, Ovarian Cancer Canada A new Canadian organization dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer has been created through a partnership of the National Ovarian Cancer Association … (2 comments)

resources: Furniture Consignment Stores - 04/04/07 12:01 AM
I believe I mentioned this in one of my comments on another blog entry, but I'll post it here for everyone in the Toronto / GTA.  This furniture consignment store is a great place to pick up staging inventory or pieces for clients - they carry everything from full suites of furniture to rugs, artwork, lighting and accessories.  You can also sell items from people who are downsizing.  The store only takes in high end pieces.
For more information visit their website -
It's addictive - looks like a different shop every week.  You'll want to go back often.

resources: Another Resource Site - 03/30/07 05:50 AM
Here's another link to one of my favorite resource websites -
It is a Canadian site.  They have many useful and interesting articles on home and garden topics and you can also sign up for their email newsletter.
This article in particular was a good read - "Surviving the Home Renovation"
Enjoy !

resources: Antique Shops & Flea Markets - 03/29/07 12:26 AM
I always love to browse and enjoy the thrill of finding old treasures.  If you are in the Ontario Region, you'll like these links with a handy list of antique shops and flea markets. - If you navigate back to the home page on this one, it looks like a complete North American directory !
And here's a reminder of some tips for effective haggling (... I mean shopping) !

resources: The Hurried Woman (or Man) and Stress - 03/28/07 01:50 AM
It's that time of year where we start to notice things again ... new growth, chirping birds, the neighbours.  We also start to pay attention to what might have been neglected over the winter ... our gardens, garages and even our own health.  Here is some good advice for all of us.  I wanted to share this newsletter from my colleague, Rosalie Moscoe.  A link to her website is shown below.
Overcommitments, The Hurried Woman and Stress© Rosalie Moscoe, RNCP
Note: the information that follows is also useful to the "Hurried Man." Pass it along!Are you frazzled and overwhelmed? Have you become … (3 comments)