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Generally considered to be the colour of nature, growth and renewal, green can represent the environment, freshness and fertility. It is believed to have healing or restorative power and is the most restful shade for the human eye to view. Green is also associated with money, finances, ambition, ...
Love this article on how colours impact our moods, feelings and behaviours. It's very interesting to see how specific shades affect us either directly or unconsciously. Not everyone has the same reaction to colour either. Blue is my comfort colour as mentioned in a previous blog post and red is d...
Happy 4th of July to my friends and colleagues in America! 
No I’m not sad and blue. The colour blue actually makes me feel happy, warm and cosy. Most people would say that’s just weird because blue is within the cool spectrum. I know that because I have studied colour and understand the fundamentals of the colour wheel. Even so, I personally consider mos...
I love jelly beans and I love colour - so I just couldn't resist reposting this fun personality test from Joan Cox! So what colour are YOU? Jelly Bean Personality Test - What Color are You?   Happy Easter!    Did the Easter Bunny deliver your bag of jelly beans?    Do you pick out a favorite colo...
So much valuable information included in this post from Anita Clark. I use Canva all the time for creating social media content - it's very user friendly! ~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~ I am a fan of repetition. In this industry we are often too busy for fluff so perfecting tasks that can be accompl...
Have you ever wondered what came first? Not the chicken or the egg, but the primary colours - red, yellow and blue - and even why we always seem to say them in that order? Let alone how we ever ended up with the myriad of colour names you find in the swatch collection of paint manufacturers. We t...
Colour impacts us every day and is a fundamental part of our experience in the world around us. Just think of how many things you’ve seen today that were colourful and caught your eye for precisely that reason. Did you choose a sunny yellow shirt because you woke up feeling happy and positive? Di...
Happy Memorial Day to my friends south of the border! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and paying tribute to those who serve. Your red white and blue is steeped in tradition and flown proudly. These colours are recognized internationally.Did you know that colour also communicates in ...
Our Intuitive Colour course has officially launched! It's an in depth discovery of your personal preferences, includes downloadable worksheets and will give you confidence in your colour choices. This course is ideal for anyone who wants a better understanding of their colour choices or anyone wh...

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