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If your favorite sitting room was stripped down to only the furniture and you had to choose just one type of accessory to use, what would it be?  For me, it would be BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.  They really are versatile and can also make your house feel like a home.  They provide so much insight into who...
This is an excellent point on staging.  So many sellers take it too far and the house does indeed become forgettable.  That is not at all what we want to achieve as stagers.The word seems to be spreading regarding the merits of home staging. Sellers and real estate agents are getting the idea, bu...
This is a fun piece posted by my respected colleague, Kym Tarr of Kelowna, BC.  Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback on how accurately it describes YOU !  Cute little image, too.  Thanks for blogging it, Kym.Which Room are You?  Do you have a favorite room in your house?  What th...
These before and after photos clearly demonstrate the difference between an empty and lifeless kitchen and a warm gathering place for a family.  As with a recipe, there are always a few key ingredients that really make the dish !I recently had the good fortune of mentoring a couple of home stager...
Michelle has made an excellent point here, and if you go back to her original post you'll see more sample illustrations in her comments section.  The "staggered" hanging also looks very dated in my opinion.  There is a time and a place for everything, and in my line of work I see a lot of people ...
A funny and clever twist on how NOT to go neutral.  The phrase "pantyhose colors" really demonstrates exactly what to avoid.  Thank you so much for putting this together, Michelle Molinari.Pantyhose Colors. That's what I call them and I see them in houses all the time. If it looks like flesh... a...
There is some excellent information provided here via these links.  Outdoor lighting and safety are key factors for any home, whether you are selling or not.  Well worth reading - thank you to Christina Edwards, Ohio based Realtor. Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety Well-planned outdoor ...
If your home is on the market during the holiday season, be sure to keep your festive decorating to a minimum.  It's much better to opt for "seasonal" decorations such as greenery, pinecones, white or silver candles rather than religious or cultural displays like the nativity scene or Santa and h...
Have you ever walked into a room and been overcome by the urge to re-arrange the furniture? Okay ... maybe not. Perhaps this is my own personal compulsion.So truth be told ... this happens often. Sometimes it's a waiting room, hotel lobby or even (heaven help me) a friend's home ! And yes, I've b...
After a job well done, it is so rewarding to see the clients reaction and squeals of delight.  There are always some teary eyes and lots of hugs.  I really do love what I do. "I would like to start by saying a huge thank you. Coming home and seeing the house we bought a few months ago transformed...

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