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Just completed another 5 day redesign & staging course, welcoming two more members to the Canadian ReDesigners Association. Congratulations to Michele Pare of Beaconsfield, Quebec and Margaret Pereira of Mississauga, ON.  Good job, ladies. What was especially noteworthy for this class, was that a...
Attending the CRDA Conference in Toronto this past weekend was time and money well spent. What an amazing, action packed weekend of learning, sharing and fun! My thanks go out to the terrific Conference Committee - Carolyn Black, Lynn Lennox, Hilary Barichello, Lyn Gilchrist, Debra Miller, Amy Wr...
Mirrors are so versatile. They have a practical and functional application of course, but can also be used as purely decorative accessories. If that's your plan, always ensure that the mirror reflects a beautiful image of something else in the room or beyond the window. Do not hang them too high ...
Even though we are approaching the end of the gardening season, there is some great information within this post by Harry Logan.  Harry is located in Winnipeg so it wouldn't surprise me if he was already surrounded by snow !  But let's hope not.Landscaping and Gardening can be a low cost way to a...
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 8th!If you've already registered for the CRDA Annual Conference, thanks for your early confirmation.  We're looking forward to seeing you at the Hotel Novotel in Toronto.  We know you will enjoy and benefit from the program.If you haven't yet registered...
Here is some excellent information from Florida home stager, Kathy Streib.  Great reminders for that last minute moving checklist.  It's a small gesture, but item number 7 could be most helpful and much appreciated !The hard part is over. You've sold your home.  Now all you have to do is pack up ...
For the first time ever, the Canadian ReDesigners Association opens its Annual Conference to non-members ! If you are a home stager or redesigner and wish to attend, please visit our website for all Conference details and registration information.  The Conference takes place in Toronto October 22...
Professional Home Stagers Provide, Prepare, and Present Home staging is becoming more main stream here in New Hampshire thanks to media attention and real estate programs on television.  There are still many sellers, however, who are not sure exactly what home staging involves.  What does a profe...
What will a Home Stager ask you to spend money on?  In a prior post, I outlined some of the questions a Home Stager will ask a seller.  One of the questions involved setting a budget to prepare the house for the market.  This post will flesh out some of the things a professional Home Stager may a...
Some excellent tips here from a colleague in the U.S.Happened to be home when Oprah was on this afternoon. The topic was Makeunders. Women who needed less not more. But this also applies to homes. Nate Berkus did a room Makeunder and it inspired me!Every home that goes on sale needs a makeunder. ...

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