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Great information here on what NOT to do when preparing your home for sale. Sometimes, making an improvement to your home could actually hurt you when you try to sell it.  Here are the top 10 home improvements that can make your home harder to sell:  1. Kitchen Renovation. Any renovation of a ki...
Perhaps you thought I fell off the face of the earth. April was eaten up with packing and sorting, "supervising" the last stages of Mike's reno and moving my youngest home from University for the summer.May was very sad. The sudden loss of a best friend and business colleague (Sandra MacLennan) l...
Have recently moved myself and speaking from the experience of helping many clients ... it really takes time and effort to settle in after a move.  It is essential to understand your needs and set your priorites accordingly. If you have pets, they may benefit from a brief kennel stay during your ...
This is the ideal time to draw attention to your outdoor living space when selling your home.   The patio, deck and yard provide so much additional square footage for growing families and those that love to entertain.  In this spring market, it is important to emphasize the potential of an outdoo...
Great tips here (courtesy of Kate Hart) ... Are you looking for money saving design ideas to use in your decorating or home staging projects? If so, check out my latest tips for easy, budget friendly ways you can give your home a new look this year. DECORATING SENSE FOR A NEW DECADE:  10 TRENDS &...
I thought this was an interesting post and wanted to share it.  The original entry was provided by Cindy Bryant. From what I've heard and read there are certain colors that obviously appeal to men versus women that are pleasing.  Makes sense, we're wired differently.  I know what colors I like, b...
Excellent information provided here, and this is something that homeowners often overlook when preparing their homes for sale.It's everywhere, that shiny brass!  You see it on doorknobs, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, faucets and more.  When I do staging consults, recommending that people update ...
A colleague of mine sent me the 2010 Blogging Calendar http://blogenergizer.com/ - a list of "funny, strange and do-good observances you can blog about all year".  Now clearly they're trying to drive me crazy ... it appears that yesterday (January 14) was "ORGANIZE YOUR HOME DAY".  But didn't I j...
Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR first of all. Apparently, today is "National Clean your Desk Day" and in honour of that I've already filled half a garbage bag. How does that happen? Stuff accumulates - that's a fact. And I am not a pack rat. If you can't tackle it all in one day - just pick a drawer, shelf ...
As you know, the ladybug is part of my logo. This beautiful little bug is also well recognized as a symbol of good luck. When I looked out my patio door yesterday, I noticed there were hundreds of ladybugs perched upon it. I realize they're probably everywhere at this time of year, but I'm going ...

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