sparks homes: Reno/Sparks Homes and Real Estate Report June, 2014 - 08/13/14 12:04 PM

Reno/Sparks Homes Sales are the Third Highest June in History Exceeded only by June 2010 and June 2005. Reno/Sparks Median Home Sales Price June, 2014 median home price was up 4.2% to $250,000, compared to $240,000 in May, 2014 and up 11.1% compared to $225,000 in June, 2013. Reno/Sparks Homes Sold June, 2014 homes sold was up 1.1% to 548 compared to 542 in May, 2014 and up 3.2% compared to 531 in June, 2013. Reno/Sparks New Listings June, 2014 new listings was down -8.1% to 701 compared to 763 in May, 2014 and down -6.3% compared to 748 in … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno, Nevada...."We Love it Here !!" - 10/29/13 04:18 AM

NOW, is Reno’s cultural high point, considering our thriving local arts and culture scene with its theaters, galleries and local music. There’s Artown, Burning Man, Reno Jazz Festival, Aces Stadium. Seems like this is a golden age for Northern Nevada, the creative soul of the state.
The investment of local government in  "Things We Like makes us Love It Here!!"
To Get Involved
If you're a local resident who wants to share why you love it here:
Visit and click "share youre story."
If you're a local who wants to share a great idea with the city of Reno:
Visit … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Nevada's Property Tax System - 07/30/13 02:30 PM

How The Tax Rate is Determined
The tax rate is proposed in April of each year based on the budgets prepared by the various local governments:  counties, cities, school districts and special districts such as fire protection districts, etc.
Local government budgets, effective with FY 2005-2006, are constrained by the amount of revenue that will be generated under the partial tax abatements which limits the increase in property tax to 3% for single family residences and no more than 8% for other property.
As a result of the partial property tax abatements, a local government may determine that an … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno and Sparks, Nevada Homes and Real Estate Report June 2013 - 07/12/13 01:04 PM
Median home price is up 22% year-to-date.  Buyers who continue to wait for home prices to decline, while interest rates have been increasing for the past five months, are  likely to lower their purchasing power. Summary: The fact remains that we are still in a seller's market and the demand for homes is very high.  This demand is mostly made up of homes in the under $250,000 price range.  In June 2013, 62 percent of the homes sold were priced at or below the $250,000 price.  Home buyers need to understand that if they continue to wait for home prices … (2 comments)

sparks homes: Short Sale Financing.....Don't Do This - 07/07/13 01:51 PM

Are You Buying a Short Sale and Thinking of Getting Creative With Your Offer?
Low inventory and rising prices have created a situation where multiple offers in the Reno, Sparks and Fernley markets are increasingly common.
Buyers who are using financing are being out bid by the cash buyers.  So, some buyers (with the help of their agent) know that sellers are looking first to cash offers then conventional financing when reviewing multiple offers.
If your agent suggests to you to submit your offer with more favorable financing and then change your financing later, don't do it.  Unless, you … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno-Sparks Homes and Real Estate Report May 2013 - 06/19/13 12:25 AM

Reno and Sparks, Nevada Market Report May 2013. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, read the report for statistics on sales, new listings and median price. Summary The May median sales price is at 2003 levels. In May 2003, interest rates were 5.48% compared to today's average interest rate of 3.54%, which for the current median price saves home buyers $230 per month with 5 percent down on a 30 year fixed loan. With low inventory levels, we anticipate this trend to continue at least through the end of the year. Reno/Sparks Median Home Sales Price … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno, Sparks Nevada Homes and Real Estate Report April 2013 - 06/05/13 05:00 AM
  To Buy or Sell a Home In Reno/Sparks Nevada Call Sandra Today (775) 287-8222 Summary Properties less than $250,000 are the most desirable and continue to be scarce in our region, therefore we are seeing an increase in median sales prices. Although 55 percent of new listings in April were less than the $250,000 there is an inventory shortage in this category creating a high demand that the supply cannot accommodate. It is not unusual for homes in this price range to receive more than 10 offers that exceed the asking price. Reno/Sparks Homes Median Sales Price April 2013 median … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno Sparks Homes and Real Estate Report February 2013 - 03/17/13 08:29 AM

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Reno or Sparks?  Call Sandra for professional consultation  (775) 287-8222).
Summary As inventory continues to be scarce, we are experiencing month-over-month increases in median home sales prices. This scarcity is also creating a high demand for homes causing the number of existing home sales to also increase. As northern Nevada's weather continues to get warmer, we are cautiously optimistic that sales numbers will continue to rise in the next few months. Reno Sparks Median Home Price February 2013 median home price was up 5.6% to $190,000 compared to $180,000 in … (2 comments)

sparks homes: Reno, Sparks Nevada New Home Construction Challenges for Builders 2013 - 01/07/13 02:42 AM

Builders Were Growing Again in 2012, But New Challenges Lie Ahead for New Home Construction in Reno, Sparks and Fernley Nevada
In 2012, we saw a handful of home builders slowly start to build a few homes. The buyers were waiting, and the builders were able to advertise, sell homes and once again start breathing.
Market watchers expect housing's growth to continue through at least the next two yars. But the industry faces challenges that include a still-shaky economy, a potentially tougher regulatory climate, and already noticeable shortages in labor, finished lots, and building materials that would impede growth if … (2 comments)

sparks homes: Reno Sparks Homes and Real Estate Report November 2012 - 12/25/12 02:43 AM

Reno Sparks Median Home Price Rises 23%. Your Guide to Buying or Selling a Home in Reno Sparks Nevada!
Although we are experiencing a limited supply of homes for sale, we saw very little change from the number of homes sold in November 2012 versus November 2011. We also are continuing to see the demand for homes on the rise as shown in the increase in median home price by 23 percent from November 2011 to the current level of $182,500. The high demand also continues to put pressure on the inventory of available homes for sale. Reno Sparks … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno Sparks Homes and Real Estate Market Report September 2012 - 11/14/12 10:52 PM

Looking to buy or sell a home in Reno or Sparks?  Here is the latest real estate market information.
With the volume of sales and pending sales, we have been depleting the available existing inventory. It's normal to see a downturn in home sales after the school year starts, but the drop in sales is also impacted by the low inventory. Reno Sparks Homes Median Sales Price
September 2012 median price was up 1.7% to $178,000 compared to $175,000 in August 2012 and up 19.5%. Median price is defined as the mid-point where for the time period … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno Sparks Homes and Real Estate Market Report August 2012 - 10/11/12 08:32 AM

Reno Sparks Homes and Real Estate Market Report, Your Guide to Buying and Selling a Home in Reno Sparks!
Reno Sparks Homes Median Sales Price
August 2012 median price was up 6% to $175,000 compared to $165,000 in July 2012 and up 13.6% from August 2011. Median price is defined as the mid-point, where, for the time period identified, the price for one-half of the sales are higher and one-half are lower. Reno Sparks Number of Homes Sold
August ended the month with 517 sold transactions, up 1.6% from the prior month and down 6.8% from the same period … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Reno Sparks Short Sale Buyers Beware Banks Upping the Sales Price! - 09/26/12 01:33 PM

Reno Sparks Short Sales Alert!
Twice this week, I have been informed that the short sale lender wants more money than the short sale contract price. Not just a little more, but more than $10,000!
As real estate agents we price our listings according to the recent market sales and should put in a little extra to keep up with the increasing values during the process.
Apparently, the lenders are taking the market activity and increased values too seriously.
I have the buyer on one that the listingagent listed for $128,500 and the recent comps still support that price … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Which is Better: A Rental or Your Own Home? - 08/28/12 02:09 PM

Are you wondering if now is a good time to buy a home in Reno or Sparks
Whether renting is better than buying depends on many factors, particularly how fast prices and rents rise and how long you stay in your home. Compare the costs of buying and renting a home in the calculator below. Check the advanced settings button to change inputs such as your rate of return on investments, condo/common fees and your tax bracket.
Owning your own home definately has these advantages:
Better place to raise your children 88%
Better for your family's safety 83%
Better for … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Sparks, NV Homes Veteran Buys His First Home - 04/16/12 01:26 PM
Homes is Sparks, Nevada are in demand and hard to find!
You can't believe my buyer's face when we walked into this charming home. Everything he wanted in a home and more......1333 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, brand new carpet and paint and granite countertops. Not just fully landcaped, but beautifully landscaped with a covered, private patio.
It didn't take but a few minutes for Clayton to tell me he wanted this home.
Clayton and I had been looking at homes for over a week. Everything we found in his price range, was a structural disaster or in need of … (0 comments)

sparks homes: RE/MAX 5 Top Mistakes Home Sellers Make - 02/16/12 10:17 PM


sparks homes: Fannie Mae Now Accepting Online Offers for REO's - 02/09/12 04:22 PM

Reno/Sparks and Fernley Homes and Real Estate News.
Fannie Mae announced Tuesday that is has expanded its online system to accept purchase offers for all its REO's listed for sale.
Real estate agents will now submit offers online on behalf of buyer clients, receive receipt confirmation, and track the status of submitted offers through the website. HomePath is the GSE's REO disposition operation.
In Novelmber 2010, Fannie Mae launched the HomePath Online Offers pilot in Orlando, Florida; San Diego, California; and Detroit, Michigan. Active Data Technologies, Inc., the developer of the offer platform, commented just five months after the … (2 comments)

sparks homes: Reno/Sparks Homes and Real Estate Market Report December 2011 - 01/29/12 04:23 AM

December home sales at 524 are the highest home sales for a December in history. This number outpaces December 2010 sales by 8% and is up 6.1% from November. Year-end sales for 2011 were the second highest in the history of the MLS. We are optimistic that these are early and positive signs of a move toward recovery. Reno/Sparks Homes Median Sales Price
December 2011 median price was up 3.9% to $155,400 compared to $149,506 in November 2011. For the past two months we have seen moderate increases in median sales price. It is too early to call it … (0 comments)

sparks homes: Investors With Cash Place Downward Pressure on Home Prices - 01/25/12 03:22 PM

Homebuyers with enough cash in hand to cover their offer price in full are able to bid significantly lower on properties and according to a new industry report released Monday, because they offer a shorter and more reliable closing timeline without the impediments of a mortgage, appaisal, underwriting time, they often win out with that lower bid.
A study found that this low-bid-winning dynamic is particularly true for distressed properties because mortgage servicers selling foreclosed or REO homes generally prefer transactions that can close within 30 days.
The total share of distressed properties in the housing market in December, as … (5 comments)

sparks homes: Google Maps Adds Public Safety Alerts to Search Results - 01/25/12 07:45 AM
Google Maps Adds Public Safety Alerts to Search Results Google has launched a new alert system called Google Public Alerts today that helps you keep track of severe weather in your area.<!-- %JUMP:More »% -->
The new feature integrates directly into Google Maps so that if you search for directions you'll automatically get a warning about severe weather, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster. The new alert system links back to the warning so you can see exactly which areas are affected and what you should do. It currently pulls data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National … (0 comments)

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