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Tune in to WVEC (ABC) Channel 13 News at 5PM Eastern tonight (November 20th, 2008) and see these 12 fabulous women that are a part of the Good Morning America "It" Factor Career Club of Chesapeake, VA. We've had a fabulous day getting the royal treatment from some of my favorite local businesses....
On Sunday, Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes gave an exclusive interview with First-Couple-to-be Barack and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama looked very presidential in a black suit with crisp white shirt and deep red tie. This suit combination works well because it is a flattering and authoritative look for...
1. Dress for Success.There's a reason that old adage has survived. It is especially important during the current weak job market. Eric Wilson recently wrote an article for The New York Times entitled "The Return of the Interview Suit." With the sobering reality of "the unemployment rate in Americ...
President-elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden had their first press conference since the election earlier this afternoon. Both men (seen here during the meeting prior to the press conference) are wearing the same type of pastel blue tie that President Bush is often seen sporting. I can cle...
When McCain was asked about the contribution of his running mate, Sarah Palin, he replied that she was a great campaigner. And then he rubbed his nose, covering his mouth as he did so.  Then he rubbed his nose again. In body language, rubbing your nose and covering the mouth symbolizes covering ...
As an image consultant, I've been following First Ladies for many years.  Most of them are "adopted" by designers who educate them and dress them in the worldly and sophisticated manner deserving of the wife of the President of the United States.  Very few First Ladies came into the role with th...


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