what not to wear: 5 Reasons it Pays to Hire an Image Consultant in a Tough Economy - 11/14/08 02:37 AM
1. Dress for Success.There's a reason that old adage has survived. It is especially important during the current weak job market. Eric Wilson recently wrote an article for The New York Times entitled "The Return of the Interview Suit." With the sobering reality of "the unemployment rate in America at a 14-year high and more than half a million jobs lost in the last three months alone," Wilson writes that there is a clear shift back toward serious business attire. Your image is your visual resume. You already know that your paper resume must be impeccable, free of mistakes, and give … (0 comments)

what not to wear: Barack Obama States that “Change is Coming.“ If Only He Meant That Blue Tie! - 11/07/08 06:18 AM
President-elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden had their first press conference since the election earlier this afternoon. Both men (seen here during the meeting prior to the press conference) are wearing the same type of pastel blue tie that President Bush is often seen sporting.

I can clearly see that President Bush favors his pastel blue tie; he has worn some variation of that shade at several press briefings and speeches. But let me say one thing: STOP! The pastel blue tie favored by George Bush is not a power tie; nor is it a "presidential" tie as one late-night … (0 comments)

what not to wear: Michelle Obama's Narciso Rodriguez dress misses the mark - 11/07/08 01:06 AM

As an image consultant, I've been following First Ladies for many years.  Most of them are "adopted" by designers who educate them and dress them in the worldly and sophisticated manner deserving of the wife of the President of the United States.  Very few First Ladies came into the role with the look they left with, and Michelle Obama will probably be no exception.  Even Jackie Kennedy, known for her style, was taken under the wing of Oleg Cassini and groomed and shaped to become the fashion icon she was known to be.  She dressed in something close to a preppy style before becoming … (0 comments)

what not to wear: Change Your Image - Change Your Life - 10/31/08 03:39 AM
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what not to wear: Did Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe do its job? - 10/25/08 12:05 PM
Everyone is talking about Sarah Palin's expenditure of $150,000 for clothes for the campaign trail. In defense of her personal shoppers, it is difficult to assemble a wardrobe in a short period of time without making compromises in style, color or price. When I shop for a client, I take all these into consideration and may come up with only three or four items in a single shopping stint. Buying an expensive designer jacket or suit doesn't guarantee that you will make the impact that you should if the style and color is not right. Impact is everything. When it comes … (9 comments)

what not to wear: Powerful Women Don't Wear Pink - 09/28/08 12:25 PM
When I speak to groups I always try to arrive a few minutes early so that I can meet some of the audience participants and get a feel for what their particular issues are. At a recent meeting of the National Association of Women Business Owners, I asked many of the women how they felt at the last business function where the participants were mostly male. "Dismissed" "Inconsequential" were a few of the terms they used to describe how they were treated as women in a business world that is still mainly male dominated.
My goal for over 30 years has … (16 comments)


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