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Real Estate Broker/Owner - KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - CA BRE#01366594
Independent Real Estate Broker-Realtor serving home buyers and home sellers in all areas of San Jose and Silicon Valley. Specializing in Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship real property sales.



The Power of Motivation - What is Your Why?As I am focused on my own goals of health and wellness, as well as my new business goals as I venture into a niche in probate real estate, I find that I am inspired and motivated by others who seemingly allowed life to kick them in the pants so hard, the...
It Is Never Tool Late To Reach A Goal - I Got The T-Shirt!Life is not a destination - life is a journey. I feel the same way about the goals I set in my life.Once I reach a goal I usually set another goal.  I have a goal to lose 30 pounds by October 2014. Once I reach that goal, my new goal will ...
How Does One Know When They Are Ready To Swim?  Carla Muss-Jacobs challenged the AR community in a contest – Swim When You Are Ready.Carla’s contest asks us to write about something we did, or did not do, until we were ready.Following many years of working short sales, I declared at the end of De...
It Takes Communication Skills To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent Communication is key to my success as a real estate agent.  I must be able to communicate with my clients in order to serve them.  Communication skills include listening and understanding as well. I ask a lot of questions, and dig...
I recently pondered the skills I possess that contribute most to my success.  While I feel I have many skills, the skill that stands out the most for me is C O M M U N I C A T I O N.  Listening is clearly tied to communication.  A list of skills, training and education will not produce a measurab...
You Do Realize I Have Conditions Too - Don't You Mr. Seller?Late last year I listed a San Jose home for sale. I spent countless hours getting the home prepared to list. As is my practice, I managed the entire process. The time spent attending inspections, managing repairs, managing cleaning, prep...
  Jeff Fritzson discusses some great points regarding a For Sale by Owner. There is certainly far more involved in selling a home than most people realize, even those people who hire a Realtor®.  The issues and concerns are the same for all For Sale By Owners across the Nation ... from Frisco Tex...
You Are Calling Me Because You Need The Business? I got a call the other day, yes, another sales call.  I was in one of those spaces and said: "This is Kathleen, how may I help you?" The man said, well mam, quite honestly, I am calling you because I need the business. He went on and on about who ...
You Said - I Did Not Say That Do you ever wonder what people really hear when you speak? During a conversation with a friend earlier today, he said something that caused me to correct him by saying ..."I did not say that." He insisted that I did, yet when I asked him to tell me what I said, he sa...
Listing Agent Enters MLS Data Incorrectly - Who Pays For The Error? Even though a listing agent claims "it was a mistake and I don't have to pay" there is something called a California Civil Code that says otherwise.  California Civil Code Section 1088 states: "A listing may not be placed in a mu...

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