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Real Estate Broker/Owner - KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - CA BRE#01366594
Independent Real Estate Broker-Realtor serving home buyers and home sellers in all areas of San Jose and Silicon Valley. Specializing in Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship real property sales.



When my clients said to me "The agent was a real douche" my first thought was Art Linkletter's show, Kids Say the Darndest Things had nothing on real estate agents. Kids say the darndest things out of innocence. Therein lies the difference. Real estate agents are not kids; they are supposed to be...
Patricia Kennedy’s October Challenge asks: “If you are an Oldie, think back on your own career. Write a post about the very best advice you got that could help a rookie become a rock star.”  First off, I am not sure what being a rock star really means in real estate. If it means top producer … I ...
Why I Shaved My Head On Live TV To Fight The Fight Against Cancer!On the heels of my three year cancer-free anniversary my head was shaved on live television on Monday, October 12, 2015 at 9:45am.   Click on the photo above to watch the news segment. I’ve been bald before. I know from experience ...
Communication is More than KeyCommunication is Everything in Customer SatisfactionProcess. Process. Who’s Got a Process?   I am primarily a listing agent focused on listing San Jose Homes for sale. I firmly believe that a fine tuned process-driven business will create happy and satisfied clients....
October 11, 2015 marks my "cancer free" 3 year anniversary.  I asked my Oncologist when the year milestones are determined. Her response was: "It depends on who you ask."  I will never forget that response.  I thought it was so strange because I was asking her.  So I said: "Well, I'm asking you."...
There Are Far Too Many Bully Agents in the Real Estate Industry  I continue to be amazed, smacked right up alongside the head actually, by the number of difficult agents in the real estate industry.  This is my opinion and my opinion only. This post is inspired by a conversation I just had (meani...
WHEN WILL IT EVER STOP? This message speaks for itself.  It left me speechless.  For those who know me, I am rarely without words.  Okay. Wait a minute.  I do have some words.  Let me get this straight, Jason. You are inviting me to contribute to a community owned, managed and operated by an orga...

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