kathleen daniels: Toss It To Me Baby | No Fork Required - 06/16/24 08:24 AM
This is my all-time favorite go-to salad. I use all Organic products. I promise you won’t find a fresh and clean salad like this in any restaurant.  
Nothing Artificial Baby, the Taste is in the Spoon.  
•    Broccoli
•    Cauliflower
•    Zucchini
•    Carrots
•    Avocado
•    Fuji Apple
•    Cilantro 
•    Limes
•    Dried Cranberries
•    Raisons (Thompsons)
•    Walnuts 
•    Garbanzo Beans
•    Black Olives
•    Feta Cheese
Let's Get Started!
Wash/bathe fruit and vegetables with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 
There is a formula for this. 2 cups water to 1oz.  H₂O₂. 
I soak for at least 20 minutes. 
Then rinse and … (20 comments)

kathleen daniels: Artificial Intelligence | Eat or Be Eaten - 01/31/24 07:44 AM
Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400 and Carol Williams are co-hosting the first ActiveRain Challenge of 2024
We are asked to share which side of the AI Coin we are on.
Embracing or Loving AI Resisting or Hating AI  Embracing AI
Not yet. I have committed to dabble in it and determine from there if I will embrace AI or break up before a love fest even gets started. 
AI is neither embraced by me in my business or my personal life.
Since I did commit to dabble and explore using AI I found a video to help guide me on the do's and don'ts and … (34 comments)

kathleen daniels: Acts of Kindness | Stand Up for Kindness | Fear No Evil - 12/20/23 12:07 PM
This post is my third entry in Acts of Kindness | Sharing Love & Joy This Holiday Season the December 2023 Active Rain Challenge.  
This post is about an act of kindness by someone I know. It is inspired by something I learned following the death of a friend. I learned that our deceased friend believed something about me, something I allegedly said or did, that was not true. Someone told a straight-up lie, and it was believed as though it were truth.
How often in life does this happen? 
How sad that for over ten (10) years my friend believed something about me … (21 comments)

kathleen daniels: The Total Wine Line | Acts of Kindness - 12/14/23 02:37 PM
This post is my second entry in Acts of Kindness | Sharing Love & Joy This Holiday Season the December 2023 Active Rain Challenge.  
The category chosen for this post is:  Share An Act of Kindness You Witnessed. 
While standing in line to check out at the Total Wine store, I witnessed a fun "pay it forward" act of kindness. 
A man with a shopping cart filled with two cases of wine and many other bottles of wine and assorted liquor bottles turned to the person behind him and said, "You can go in front of me." 
The person behind him was holding gift cards.  … (23 comments)

kathleen daniels: Acts of Kindness | Tunnel to Towers Foundation - 11/13/23 04:13 PM
This post is my first entry in Acts of Kindness | Sharing Love & Joy This Holiday Season the December 2023 Active Rain Challenge.  
The category chosen for this post is:  Share One of Your Acts of Kindness. 
It typically is not my style to talk about things such as this, however, I am a PROUD supporter of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.   
From the T2T website:  
“Since 9/11, we have been helping America’s heroes by providing mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children and by building specially adapted smart homes for catastrophically injured veterans and first … (28 comments)

kathleen daniels: Attitude of Gratitude | Integrative Medicine - 11/10/23 03:41 PM
I avoid visiting doctors and being in a hospital. I know there is a need for "Western medicine".  If I am having a heart attack, I definitely want a heart specialist to treat me. If I break a bone, I definitely want an orthopedic specialist to treat me. 
If I am feeling "sick" I am not one to take an over-the-counter relief medicine or most definitely not a Big Pharma pharmaceutical. However, when I had COVID and a horrible cough, I did take over-the-counter cough syrup. 
When I had surgery for cancer in October 2012, I left the hospital with the pain medicine … (15 comments)

kathleen daniels: Attitude of Gratitude | Faith - 11/10/23 12:44 PM
My Faith has carried me through some incredibly challenging and stressful times both in business and in my personal life. 
Faith: "Unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence; unquestioning belief in God, religious tenets."  
Who among us has not experienced challenging and stressful times in their life?
Over the years, I've grown to refer to such times as the "dark night of the soul" to mean a crisis of faith or a difficult, painful period in life.
It is the unexpected events that creep up behind me and knock a tremendous metaphorical blow to my head.  No way did I see that coming!  
When that … (21 comments)

kathleen daniels: An Attitude of Gratitude | Thankful for my Clients - 11/10/23 08:10 AM
One of the most amazing and beautiful aspects of my real estate business is the people I meet and the people who become clients. 
At the beginning of my real estate career in January 2003, I was still in the Corporate America mindset of "it's all business".  Business relationships were formed yet, in all my years of experience in Corporate America, friendships were not formed. Business is Business. 
Never did I ever think or believe that my real estate clients could or would become friends. 
My transition from Corporate America into real estate was a culture shock.  As with all things in life, we … (11 comments)

kathleen daniels: An Attitude of Gratitude | Blessed in the Rain! - 11/02/23 07:40 AM
I did not wake up today intending to write a Gratitude post. In fact, doing so was not even on my long list of things I want to accomplish today.  
However, I tend to go with the flow at the moment and fully feel what I am feeling. No better time than the present to write and publish my first of what I hope will be one of four gratitude posts for the November Gratitude Challenge hosted by the one and only gracious, Miss Debe Maxwell, CRS 
It's easy to live in the default mode of all the things we take for granted. … (23 comments)

kathleen daniels: Probate Real Estate | Selling a Probate Home - 09/27/23 04:06 PM
The process of selling a probate home is explained by Kathleen Daniels, Broker-Owner of Probate Real Estate Services and CPRES serving Santa Clara County, California.  
The process is part of the legal process to administer an estate and is managed by the probate court. 
Selling a Probate Home | The ProcessThe process of selling a probate home is among the duties of an estate representative. Ideally, the executor or administrator will exercise prudence and hire a CPRES to list the home for sale. A CPRES holds a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist Designation. 
Specialized Knowledge | Selling a Probate HomeWhile many aspects of selling … (15 comments)

kathleen daniels: Probate Real Estate | Why Hire Kathleen Daniels CPRES? - 09/16/23 05:01 PM
Kathleen Daniels is a California Real Estate Broker, and a CPRES or Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. She specializes in probate real estate and works exclusively with probate and trust estate representatives listing homes for sale. 
What is a CPRES? A CPRES Designation is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist.
There is so much more to learn about probate real estate beyond receiving the CPRES designation. 
Why Hire Kathleen Daniels, CPRES?With probate real estate, one size does not fit all. Real estate agents with a CPRES designation, and even those without the designation, are not created equal in terms of depth of knowledge, training, education, … (14 comments)

kathleen daniels: Probate Real Estate | What is IAEA? - 09/16/23 01:47 PM
The sale of probate real estate under IAEA is part of the probate process. 
Probate is the legal process to administer a deceased person's estate.  
The legal process is managed by the probate court in the county where the deceased person resides. Among other things, the process involves: 
Determining if there is a will and if it is valid The heirs and/or beneficiaries Value of the estate Managing the financial responsibilities of the decedent Distributing or transferring assets to heirs and/or beneficiaries What is IAEA?The California Probate Code governs the Independent Administration of Estates Act also referred to as IAEA.
The laws allow an … (22 comments)

kathleen daniels: What Makes Kathleen Daniels Exceptional? - 07/01/23 03:41 PM
Margaret Rome and John Meussner are hosting the Active Rain What Makes You Exceptional July 2023 Challenge. 
Exceptional Definition:  Adjective. You use exceptional to describe someone or something that has a particular quality, usually a good quality, to an unusually high degree. Source: Collins Dictionary 
The Challenge: This month, we want to know how you stand out and provide an experience for your customers that is exceptional amongst your industry peers. 
Do you have scripts or procedures that allow you to scale while providing rock-star-level service?  A concierge experience?  An awesome post-settlement process?  
My Exceptionalism 
No scripts for me. I absolutely turn off when people … (42 comments)

kathleen daniels: Marching to a $300,000 Solution | Patience - 03/24/23 08:27 AM
I received a call from a local commercial real estate agent interested in a duplex I had listed. He explained that he does not have Supra key access and would be representing himself on the purchase.  We agreed to meet at the property, and I would provide access. 
We spent 2 hours at the property.  I answered all of his questions. He was drooling. He wanted the property. He lives less than 2 miles away.
He had preapproval yet it was not nearly enough to make the purchase.  He asked if I had other lenders I could recommend.  Why yes, I do.  He … (31 comments)

kathleen daniels: Marching Out the Blanks in Offers to Purchase - 03/09/23 05:00 PM
For my first entry, I am choosing directly from the list of suggestions in Patricia’s Challenge Post.  
Buyer's Agent presents an offer and does not fill in all the blanks.
Before I dive into this, I need to say that this has happened 100% of the time with all offers received on my listings.  Dare I say, this is a huge peeve of mine.
Describe the scenario. In this situation, I am the listing agent. During this time the market was still a relatively hot seller market with multiple offers over the list price. This particular property was in a “highly desirable area” with … (16 comments)

kathleen daniels: Real Estate Marketing Tips | Active Rain January 2023 Challenge - 01/31/23 04:55 PM
January 2023 begins my 21st year in real estate.  Although I already had a broker license, in January 2012, I ventured out on my own as an independent real estate broker.
There were many reasons I decided to become an independent real estate broker. Among them was the expectation that as an affiliate broker with a Big Box Brokerage, I was expected to do things that my moral and ethical compass would not do. 
Being an independent real estate broker is not for everyone. I get that. Neither is owning a brokerage and managing agents.  I get that too because it is not … (25 comments)

kathleen daniels: To Be Crazy or Not to Be Crazy | Real Estate Stories - 09/09/22 04:17 PM
I received my license on January 18, 2003, and started working immediately in full-time real estate sales.  That means I am a few months shy of 20 years in the business. Although I was already a Broker Associate, I went out on my own as an Independent  Broker In January 2012.  I've been flying solo for ten (10) years, never looked back, and love my freedom and independence. 
Eileen Burns and Kathy Streib are the Hosts of Crazy Real Estate Stories September Challenge.  
Well now, in nearly 20 years I could fill a book or two with real estate stories.
Many years ago, an … (22 comments)

kathleen daniels: What's Your Professional Story by Kathleen Daniels - 02/12/22 04:50 PM
In Post 1, What's Your Personal Story by Kathleen Daniels, the experiences I shared in my personal life most definitely influenced my professional life especially in terms of choosing my niche. Or, shall I say, how my niche chose me because of my life experiences. 
I worked in several law firms as a legal secretary, admin, and ultimately as a paralegal.  I loved paralegal work.  It is in my blood and DNA; I just know it. From private law corporations, I made the leap into technology. 
Worked at Tandem computers as a paralegal and contract manager.  Cisco was a hot company and many … (31 comments)

kathleen daniels: What's Your Personal Story by Kathleen Daniels - 02/05/22 11:12 AM
This post is an entry in the ActiveRain February 2022 Challenge
What's Your Personal Story? 
I was born in Burlingame, California at Peninsula Hospital, the youngest of six (6) children, thereafter, rendering me the “baby” in the eyes of my five (5) siblings. Being the last-born child played a huge role in my personal story of caring for my mother in later years. I was the only one she trusted to honor her wishes in caring for her as she grew older. Sadly, my other siblings were either incapable and/or did not care.
There won’t be a book written about this. I have no … (25 comments)

kathleen daniels: Things Lost to the Internet by Kathleen Daniels - 12/26/21 03:46 PM
In the January 2022 Challenge, things lost to the Internet, we are asked to reflect and write about what we have experienced as the biggest change the internet brought to our business both in the way we do business and the way our clients do business with us.
It seems I’ve been around since shortly after the dinosaurs disappeared.
I am among the generation that made the transition from a typewriter to an electric typewriter. Everything that evolved thereafter brings us to where we are today.
Of course, that technology is used in a variety of ways to access the Internet in terms of … (35 comments)

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