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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.



 On Feb 28th, made the following announcement that there would be a new President of, saying  ".. Errol Samuelson has been promoted to president of Samuelson will succeed Allan Dalton, who has been asked to lead a dedicated team developing a new business venture ...
I am not really an American Idol fan.  I could really care less how Sangina did his hair on the latest show.  But I tuned in tonight because they were having so many great artists perform for their Idol Gives Back special.   Amazing artists actually.  When I first tuned in, I didn't actually thin...
I remember when I was in college it was cheaper to call home on Sundays.  Then, even on that cheap 7 cents a minute day, I would watch the clock the entire time I was talking to my parents.  Paying per minute- today's generation will never know the stress of watching the clock while your mother g...
So I have heard all the stories about Florida real estate.  I know there is a lot of inventory on the market.  I know (all too well) that insurance is outrageously high.  But seriously- my house is on the water, looking out at the gulf (they aren't making any more gulf front property), 3 stories,...
(Since this post I have written a more updated list.  You can find the updated post here.  Zillow is now reaching 9 million people a month.  Double that of when this post was written!) ----------------- In my job at Zillow I meet with a lot of Realtors and have heard many creative ways that agent...
I got a kick out of this collage of bad Realtor photos that Norm Fisher from Royal LePage Saskatoon put together on his website.  Make sure you have your volume on, his comments are what really made me chuckle.
Part of my responsibility as Market Manager for Zillow in Chicago is to educate Agents and Brokers about the marketing tools on Zillow available for them to use (most are free!).  I have done a handful of presentations at very reputable offices/brokerages and gotten positive responses.  Even skep...
Exciting news from the land of Zillow.  Today we are introducing new and innovative products on the site!   I'll skip the cheerleading and jump right into it to let the new features speak for themselves---  New Functionality:  Home Q & A-  Anyone can ask any question about any home -- and have th...
As you can see from my previous post, I was in Seattle last week.  It was a great week at the Zillow headquarters, getting together with the sales team and meeting the new VP of Sales.  While I was watching TV one night, a local news story caught my attention.  Thieves were breaking open Supra bo...

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