advertising: Free Way To Create A QR Code For Your Listings! - 09/10/10 03:20 AM
Postlets recently launched a service that allows you to create free QR codes for your listings, they named it  (pronounced view). 
First, what's a QR code? It is basically a fancy barcode of encoded information that can be text, a website, a URL, or other data. With your smart phone you take a picture of the code, then in the QR reader you are able to see whatever information the code contained. 
How and where would an agent use this code?  Anywhere you are handing out information about your listing.  Say you have a sign on the front of the home, you … (15 comments)

advertising: Zillow and Yahoo! Real Estate Partner To Create Powerful Ad Alliance! - 07/09/10 04:17 AM
I am so excited to share with you, what I think is one of the biggest announcements Zillow has made to date for our real estate partners!  Soon For-Sale listings on Zillow will be getting almost twice the exposure through an alliance formed with Yahoo! Real Estate. 
Essentially the second and third largest real estate sites (per comScore) are coming together to form an exclusive partnership creating the most far-reaching real estate ad network on the web.  The integration will take a few months to complete, but once in place, Zillow will power all For Sale listings on Yahoo! Real Estate.  
What … (26 comments)

advertising: Free Open House Advertising - 09/01/09 09:08 AM
Have an open house coming up?  You can enter the event information on Zillow, it is free and easy to do. 
When you enter the information, your listing will receive special treatment on the site to alert people to the open house.  The information will show up the week prior to the open house, and will automatically come down when it is over.  Watch this short video to see exactly how to enter this information: 

If you would like to bring even more attention to your open house, you can buy zip code targeted ads on Zillow.  When … (30 comments)

advertising: 10 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Zillow v2.0 - 03/11/09 02:52 AM
Awhile ago I wrote a post citing 10 things you could do on Zillow.  Not only has our traffic ballooned to 8 million monthly userssince then, the opportunities to interact with audience have gotten richer as well.  So here is an updated version 2.0 of this list, written to help you best use the site to gain incremental business along with highlighting some cool tools available on Zillow.
1)  Create a free profile- Participating on Zillow all begins with the creation of a profile, which links to everything you do on the site.  To get started, click "Register" in the upper … (10 comments)

advertising: Wrigleyville Summerfest - This Weekend In Chicago! - 06/13/08 04:43 AM
If you live in Chicago, you know street festivals in the summer are HUGE here.  Almost every weekend you can visit a different neighborhood's festival, hear good music, drink cold beverages and just enjoy being outside. 
This weekend (June 14th) is Wrigleyville Summerfest, the festival that my church puts on every year.  The weather can really determine the attendance and this year it looks like we are again are going to blessed with great weather.  So for all you Chicagoans that have cabin fever from the long winter we had, come out and enjoy the activities, which can all be found … (0 comments)

advertising: Is A Website A Necessary Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal? Maybe Not... - 02/26/08 07:01 AM
I was recently on a panel to discuss Web 2.0 principles and an interesting discussion ensued regarding if it was actually necessary to have a website anymore as an Agent. 
What sparked the thought was talk around how expensive and labor intensive it can be to maintain optimum search engine ranking.  Another challenge was keeping the content on website fresh and relevant, especially when it is necessary to go through a web developer to update them. 
Ultimately, everyone agreed that the more marketing you are able to do, the better.  But when you are dealing with limited time and resources, you … (28 comments)

advertising: How Exclusive Buyer's Agents Can Use Zillow - 02/06/08 07:00 AM
Got a question the other day from an agent who exclusively works with buyers, asking how he can use Zillow to generate business.  The question stemmed from a post I wrote entitled Online Display Advertising For Branding vs Clicks.
Advertising in general for this type of agent can be a little trickier because one doesn't have listings to leverage as a marketing tool.  Here were some of my suggestions for him (all are free!):
1) Create profile, start by clicking here.  Give complete contact information.  Don't just say that you work in Clear Lake, as this could be Clear Lake, IA or Clear Lake, Texas.  … (13 comments)

advertising: Online Display Advertising For Branding vs Clicks - 02/04/08 06:49 AM
These days there a lot of places on online for you spend ad dollars, but to what result?  First let's look at the difference between advertising for brand and advertising for traffic.  I am going to use Zillow as an example, because I have access to results, but the principles apply across any website, even the ads you see here on Active Rain. 
Advertising for Branding
This is an ad promoting your brand in general.  Think Miller Lite ads in the Superbowl.  Everyone knows what Miller Lite is, Miller is just spending millions of ad dollars to stay top of mind … (7 comments)

advertising: Building An Advertising Plan - Free Seminar - Chicago, IL - 10/09/07 02:21 AM
I would like to invite you to the free seminar Building An Advertising Plan on October 17th from 10am-12pm at the Chicago Association of Realtors, Central Office.  We will discuss how to use Internet, Newspaper and Magazine advertising to effective build a personal marketing plan. 
I will be speaking on the subject of Internet advertising, covering topics such as buying Internet display advertising, pay-per-click search advertising, online listing distribution, and blogging. 
Andrew Waltor from the Chicago Tribune will discuss how to effectively write a classified ad and create memorable display ads. 
And Jim Konig from The Real Estate Book will talk about important questions … (1 comments)

advertising: Dedicating 20% Of Your Advertising To SOLD Inventory - 09/17/07 07:39 AM
I attended the RIS Media Conference in New York City last week. There continued to be a lot of talk of how things are a bit slow right now and also how the media has used this slow down as fodder for countless stories. 
One industry leader talked about how Agents should be proactively working with their local media outlets to ensure all the positive things that are going on in real estate right now get the attention they deserve.  But one of the most interesting ideas came from Alex Perillo, president and chief executive officer of the Realogy Franchise. 
He told … (4 comments)

advertising: Zillow Listings Feed - An Update - 09/11/07 04:38 PM

A few weeks ago, Zillow announced that we were going to begin accepting Broker feeds in the future. Since then a lot of development has been going on behind the scenes to be able to offer this functionality to Brokers. While we still have a lot more to do until we post the feeds live on the site, we have some updates to share with you.
First off, there is now an official URL to get the information you need to start the feed process, We have centralized all of the available information on this page. Be sure to fill out … (37 comments)

advertising: EZ Ads Spread The Word About Open Houses - 05/21/07 03:50 AM
EZ Ads have been on the market now for about 3 months and we are starting to get some great feedback as to how to best utilize the ads.  In case you aren't familiar with EZ Ads, they're self-service  ads that show up only in pre-selected ZIP codes where you pay one penny every time the ad is displayed.
One of the more imaginative and effective uses we're seeing is to advertise open houses. Compare buying EZ Ads to advertising an open house with using direct  mail, which is another way to target ZIP codes.  Let's say you buy a mailing list of 1,000 names for $100 … (8 comments)

advertising: Zillow Launches New Functionality and Advertising Products Today! - 04/04/07 01:21 AM
Exciting news from the land of Zillow.  Today we are introducing new and innovative products on the site!   I'll skip the cheerleading and jump right into it to let the new features speak for themselves--- 
New Functionality: 
Home Q & A-  Anyone can ask any question about any home -- and have these questions answered by the people who know best: all of you, the Zillow Community.  These questions are posed right on the home detail page, along with any answers received.  Some of the most interesting answers to important questions about homes are locked up inside the heads of homeowners, … (3 comments)

advertising: Off To The Motherland - Seattle. - 03/26/07 03:51 AM
In a few hours I am heading to Seattle to visit the Motherland, the Zillow headquarters.  It can get a little lonely working from my home in Chicago all the time, so it is great to get reconnected with all my Zillowite co-workers whenever I can.  Also, while I am out there, I try to drink a month's worth (time since my last home office visit) of the free soda the home office employees get to enjoy every day.  So I don't know how much mingling I actually do, since a lot of my time is spent in the bathroom....  
Actually, the … (0 comments)

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