inman connect: What I Learned From Attending Conference All Month ... It's A Lot! - 03/22/11 01:28 AM
I am finishing up a very long month of being on the road at conventions.  I've talked to hundreds of agents and sat through many education sessions this month.  As I listened to agents, other vendors and presenters, one thing was very clear to me... whew, there is A LOT to think about when it comes to marketing! 
I thought back to when I first started in the real estate marketing space and the biggest question a marketer had to answer was whether you wanted to pay the up charge for your ad to be color.  Then websites hit the scene … (6 comments)

inman connect: Agent ReBoot - Social Media and Internet Marketing Training - 08/12/10 11:01 AM
Just wanted to let you know about these events that are rolling out across the US.  I have heard agents rave about what they are learning at it.  Nik Nik just created this video to describe the day.  Click on it to watch it, it's fun! 

The next one is in Seattle on August 18th, then they are heading to San Diego.  Click on your city to find out more!


inman connect: Going To Inman San Francisco and Want To Save Money? - 06/07/10 08:09 AM
One of my favorite annual technology conferences is coming up next month in San Francisco, Inman Connect.  This year the featured speakers are from companies like: Reddit, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal Digital, Realogy, SimpleGeo and everyone's favorite- Craigslist. 
Inman is trying something new this year, with regards to technology based content specifically geared to Agents.  The day prior to the start of the main event, they are hosting Agent ReBoot. Agent ReBoot is actually going to be the start of a 12 city roadshow.  But by going to the one in San Francisco, you'd get the benefit of the day plus the full conference. 

inman connect: My Favorite Speaker At Inman Connect - Gary Vaynerchuk - Social Media - 01/22/09 12:04 AM
My favorite speaker this year at Inman Connect was Gary Vaynerchuk, who runs  He was a strong believer in the power of social media. 
Giving away information:
A few months ago at a difference conference, the keynote speaker noticed that people were recording him in the front row.  He asked them to stop.  Why?  He was getting paid for to deliver this valuable content! Gary noticed the same thing at Inman, he encouraged it.  Why?  The people who were recording were probably going to post it on YouTube, which will probably get viewed by people who Gary wouldn't have … (4 comments)

inman connect: 25 Websites To Help You Save Time And Money - 01/12/09 02:09 AM
Recently at each Inman Conference they have had a speaker highlight various websites to watch for various reasons.  Last week in New York, Jeff Turner put together a list of 25 websites that will help you reduce costs, save time, and communicate better. 
I like his last note not to forget about the old fashioned telephone or hand written note when addressing communication.  Two art forms that can be overlooked. 
Definitely worth a quick look through his list which can be found here:
25 Websites To Help You Find Customers & Save Money In A Downturn


inman connect: Beer For Bloggers - Tuesday Night in NYC at Inman - 01/05/09 07:46 AM
Hey all- its that time of year again!  Time for us to drink free beer together and kick off Bloggers Connect at Inman in NYC. 
This year it is in the conference hotel in the hotel's atrium.  So if you are attending the conference, please plan on stopping by the Marriott Marque hotel from 6-8pm on Tuesday night (1/6). 
Hope to see you there!
Last year's party pic:
Brian Block, Me (not a blond anymore!), Bob Stewart, and Tom Plant (looks like he may be sans facial hair now). 


inman connect: Just The High Points From RE Bar Camp and Inman Blogger Connect - 08/01/08 05:07 AM
Unfortunately I wasn't abel to attend RE Bar Camp last week, I only heard fantastic things about it. Luckily this video was put together which covers some of the highlights from the day. It gives you a sneak peak into some of the fasinating conversations that happened. I loved how there wasn't an agenda until everyone got there and made one.
Mike Price just announced that they are planning another holding another REBarcamp in Houston Texas on Oct 22nd the day before the Houston Association of Realtors annual Trade Show, to be held at Reliant Stadium.

The video is a … (2 comments)

inman connect: Free Beer! - 07/15/08 09:33 AM
How can you not click on a post with a title like that?? 
It's that time of year again...time to come have a beer on Zillow at our 3rd Beer For Blogger's event at the Inman conference next week in San Francisco. 
Here are the details:
Who's invited: If you are registered for Inman's Bloggers Connect, you are!
When: Tuesday, June 22, from 6:00-8:00pm
Where: Cafe Du Nord (same venue as RE Bar Camp)

Here are some pictures from the last Beer For Bloggers held in NYC in January. 
(Let's hope this year's location has more room than the last … (16 comments)

inman connect: Win FREE Admission to Inman Real Estate Connect - 06/02/08 03:05 PM
Inman Connectis right around the corner, July 23-25 in San Francisco and this year Zillow is excited to be giving away 3 prepaid conference tickets. 
Read more about how you can be entered to win these tickets at the Zillow Corporate blog. 
If you have never been to the conference, it is an excellent place to network with other industry professionals and is particularly well-attended by bloggers because of the Blogger Connect meeting held before the main conference. 
As an added bonus, the three lucky winners will also be treated to lunch or dinner with a few of us from … (3 comments)

inman connect: Is Facebook Something I Get At My Public Library??? - 08/07/07 11:21 AM
I just got back from Inman Connect in San Francisco and I had my first real "I am getting old moment" ever.  
In case you missed the event, let me wrap it up for you in two words: social media.  Ok, I thought-  I work for a dot com that embraces social media, I blog, I subscribe to feeds, I am part of a social media group here on Active Rain, I have a handheld email devise- I am with it.  Then I went out to lunch with a co-worker who is 25....  I suddenly knew how my mom must feel when I … (8 comments)

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