quarterly reports: Second Quarter Real Estate Is Loaded With Good News/Bad News Trends - 08/10/10 02:56 AM
Zillow released our quarterly trends report this week, and a lot of was good news/bad news (I guess that's better than bad news/bad news).  What I mean by this is, that there are some positive trends, but behind each of these is a potentially lurking down side. 
What makes it so hard to analyze the trends 'as is' this quarter is that you can't just extrapolate them forward since the data for June is so affected by the federal homebuyer tax credit swhich applied to home purchases under contract by the end of April. We've already seen home sales slacken significantly with the end of … (6 comments)

quarterly reports: Quarterly Homeowner Confidence Report Shows Levels Vary Across The Country - 11/25/09 07:26 AM
Each quarter Zillow tracks Homeowner Confidence by conducting a survey, along with Harris Interactive, to gage homeowner sentiment about the value of their home.  When we started 6 quarters ago, perception and reality were quite far apart.  But each quarter homeowners have come closer and closer to realizing that values have dropped nationwide, and the spread has narrowed. 
However in Q3 of 2009, perception and real estate markets were literally all over the map.  People in the Northeast were overly cynical about home values, while those on the West coast were overly optimistic. 
From a national standpoint, when asked about their own … (15 comments)

quarterly reports: Homeowner Optimism Continues To Grow - Good Or Bad Thing? - 08/18/09 01:43 AM
Our quarterly Homeowner Confidence Survey, conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive, was released today. How you feel about the results could depend on what side of the table you are on.
This is the third quarter in a row where homeowners as a majority have predicted that we’ve reached the bottom, believing that their personal home value will not decrease any further. Of the past three quarters, this quarter people were the most optimistic.
34% think their home’s value will increase  47% think their home’s value will stay the same 19% of homeowners think their home’s value will decrease.  Those numbers … (12 comments)

quarterly reports: Interesting Posts From The Week - 02/05/09 01:38 AM
We have had some pretty interesting posts this last week on Zillow Blog with the release of some new reports and covering some recent economic news. 
Proposed: $15,000 Tax Credit for Homebuyers - This is definitely the hot topic du jour. 
The Scope Of The Housing Recession -  Zillow's VP, Data & Analytics built a graphic to show year-over-year appreciation for the past six years in the 161 markets we examined in the most recent quarterly report.
Holy January! Buyers are lurking... - Zillow had our all time high traffic month in January - 7.5 million unique users.  Does this mean people are tip … (6 comments)

quarterly reports: Free Webinar For Real Estate Professionals Tomorrow - 09/03/08 07:03 AM
Last quarter when Zillow released our Real Estate Market Reports we experimented with offering a free webinar to agents to go through the data and its applications.  It was very successful, so we are doing it again this quarter and already have over 600 agents registered to participate in the 30 minute call! 
In case you aren't familiar with Zillow's Real Estate Market Reports, each quarter we release a report on what trends we are seeing at a national level, and then we also break down the data to cover trends at a very local level for 165 US metropolitan statistical areas.   

quarterly reports: Q2 2008 Chicago Real Estate Value Trends - 08/13/08 04:53 AM
This week Zillow released their 2nd Quarter Home Value Reports, detailing what is happening with home values around the country and in the Chicago metro. 
When you look at greater Chicagoland, overall homes experienced a 7.3% year over year decline in value.  The up side to this is that if you have owned your home for more than 5 years, overall we are still up 2.3% (which is a lot better than what other US metros can say). 


quarterly reports: Zillow Releases 2nd Quarter Home Values Data - 08/12/08 09:13 AM
Today Zillow released our 2nd Quarter Home Values data.  Nationally, the news isn't too bright with home values decreasing by almost 10% in the second quarter compared to a year ago.  Also, nearly a third of homeowners who bought since 2003 are underwater on their mortgages, meaning they owe more than their home is worth. 
I know, I know- real estate is local Sara.  Hyperlocal.  There are even areas in the country which have experienced positive increases in value, as illustrated by the red squares below.  So rather than list in detail the 165 metro the report covers, I encourage you to … (3 comments)

quarterly reports: Free Webinar On Intrepreting Zillow's Quarterly Report Data - 05/13/08 02:58 PM
Each quarter Zillow releases Quarterly Report data on housing trends in 160 U.S. markets from a national down to the neighborhood level.  This quarter we are trying something new and have organized a free Webinar for Agents in an effort to educate on how to use this data to your advantage.   
As a Buyer's agent this data can be very useful in helping your clients use trends when figuring out where to purchase their next home.  As a Seller's agent the data is equally as useful when explaining to a Seller how their local neighborhood real estate market is performing when working … (3 comments)

quarterly reports: Homeowners Not Facing Reality When It Comes To Personal Home Values - 05/06/08 07:03 AM
It's hard to escape the bad news about national real estate trends in the news these days.  What runs through homeowners' minds when they see such a story?  Apparently they are thinking, "thank goodness doesn't apply to my home!". 
Today Zillow released a survey comparing home owner perception verses reality with respect to home values.
Here is the punchline: Despite substantial declines in Q1 2008, more than 70% of homeowners believe their home's value increased or stayed the same in the past year.  The reality is that 75% of the homes in the US actually decreased in value.  In fact, Q1 bought 7.7% … (13 comments)

quarterly reports: Color Coded Interactive Map of 2007 Q3 Real Estate Market Trends - 12/10/07 12:00 AM
A few weeks ago I blogged about Zillow releasing 2007 Q3 Quarterly Real Estate Market Reports.  For 'spreadsheet people', you could spend a lot of time going through the excel document and drilling down into thousands of local numbers.
Luckily for us more 'visual people'.  A senior developer at Zillow was able to put the Guitar Hero game down long enough to create this very cool interactive map that color codes trends across the US. 
Check it out here. 

quarterly reports: National Zillow Quarterly Trend Reports Released - 11/21/07 03:02 AM
I often get asked how investors can use Zillow.  With a database of over 70 million homes, one of the best ways to use the site is to evaluate trends.  Each quarter Zillow organizes this data and releases it at a link that can be found at the very bottom on the Zillow home page.  Below I will highlight some of the national trends for the July-September 2007 data that was just released, but you can follow the link to find data for your specific area. 
National home values declined 5.7% year-over-over.  This is the 4th consecutive quarter decline and the largest … (13 comments)

quarterly reports: Q1 2007 Zillow Market Trend Reports - Chicagoland Highlights - Congrats if you bought in Stony Island - 05/08/07 01:52 AM
Each quarter Zillow publishes a report using the data on the site to site trends across the country.  Since I am a Chicago girl (and a Zillow employee), I wanted to highlight some interesting data the report found on the windy city metro. 
Appreciation in the Chicago metropolitan area (Chicago-Gary-Kenosha, IL-IN-WI) was relatively flat (0.94% year-over-year), which was more promising than the national average of - 0.83% YoY McHenry, Will, Du Page and Cook Counties all showed positive YoY appreciation, while Lake, Kane and De Kalb Counties depreciated year-over-year The cities of Maywood, Hometown, Countryside, Homer Glen and Burbank all showed … (0 comments)

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