realtorcom: The Importance of Strategic Distribution - 01/09/12 07:40 AM
Syndication is a topic that is heating up in 2012 and one that I am personally passionate about. 
I've been to a lot of conferences this year where the topic was discussed and was amazed by some of the misinformation being disseminated.  Hopefully this post from Spencer, Zillow's CEO, will clear a lot up about how Zillow operates in this capacity.  It's important to note that every site operates differently, which is why it is nearly impossible to brush syndication with a broad stroke, as I see a lot of people do. 
If you have any further syndication questions, please feel … (3 comments)

realtorcom: Real Estate Website Popularity Rankings for January 2009 - Hitwise - 02/10/09 12:14 AM
Hitwise just released their January 2009 ranking of the top real estate websites, according to market share. 

In case you aren't familar with Hitwise, they track how approximately 10 million US Internet users interact with more than 1 million websites each month.  They then rank these sites within the appropriate industry based on usage, or what they consider to be market share. 
To help put some hard numbers behind it, in January Zillow had more than 7.5 Million Unique Users visit the site (our best month ever!). 
I highlighted the sites in green that as an Agent, you could actually … (37 comments)

realtorcom: Lastest National Websites Rankings and You! - 04/10/08 12:24 PM
Hitwise recently released their March 2008 numbers, measuring the traffic delivered to real estate websites as a percentage of market share. 
Hitwise Real Estate Web Site Report, March 2008
What is interesting to me is what a small percent of the overall market share the top sites actually command. 
When you talk to someone in the real estate industry, they say something along the lines of 'of course everyone knows about".  Do they?  The very top site which has now been in this position for years only has a market share of 4.75% this month.  In fact, collectively the top 5 … (38 comments)

realtorcom: Can Make Money? Don't Know, But Let's Get Some Facts Straight About Zillow - 11/07/07 02:17 PM
Today an article was posted on entitled Can Make Money? by Blanche Evans. 
Overall, it was a great recap of the history of (formerly Homestore) and an interesting question to ponder.  Ms. Evans does a good job laying out the facts, as only she can. 
However, there were one quote in the article that I specifically wanted to address, as I found it to be quite infuriating.  It was quote by Steve Cook, former Vice President of Public Affairs of the National Association of Realtors and today working with Alan Dalton on a top-secret project at Move. 
Steve says, … (27 comments)

realtorcom: What Happened To's Exposure On AOL Real Estate??? - 10/28/07 09:12 AM
I just searched for Real Estate on AOL, only to find that is no longer powering the section.  I couldn't find any information on what happened to the deal and was wondering if any in the AR community knew?  Did just not renew the partnership?  If so, why not? 
In November 2005 signed a 2 year deal with AOL to power the Real Estate section of the site.  The deal expired on September 30, 2007 (last month).  I do not know the exact amount paid for this distribution.  I do know in 1998, paid … (40 comments)

realtorcom: Gap Between Real Estate Ad Dollar Spending and Consumer Media Consumption - 06/28/07 08:19 AM
The California Association Of Realtors recently released their 2007 Home Buyer survey.  The survey is based on Buyers during the second half of 2006.  Overall this report has a wealth of information and many, many AR posts could be written about the various pieces of information this report delivers.  Any agent working to put together a media strategy should read this report to help them make strategic marketing decisions. 
Today I wanted to touch on one interesting piece of information that jumped out at me regarding where Realtors are spending their ad dollars. 
The report found that 72% of Buyers used the … (8 comments)

realtorcom: Is Creating A "Transformational" New Business Entity?? - 04/30/07 09:13 AM
On Feb 28th, made the following announcement that there would be a new President of, saying  ".. Errol Samuelson has been promoted to president of Samuelson will succeed Allan Dalton, who has been asked to lead a dedicated team developing a new business venture for Move, Inc." 
Today they announced that another powerhouse would be joining this new, stealth, Jack Bauer-like venture (it's Monday, I had to get a 24 reference in) announcing, "Leading Real Estate Economist, David Lereah, Joins Move, Inc. as New Executive Vice President and Chairman of New Venture".
Since the February announcement until today, … (8 comments)

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