social media marketing: What I Learned From Attending Conference All Month ... It's A Lot! - 03/22/11 01:28 AM
I am finishing up a very long month of being on the road at conventions.  I've talked to hundreds of agents and sat through many education sessions this month.  As I listened to agents, other vendors and presenters, one thing was very clear to me... whew, there is A LOT to think about when it comes to marketing! 
I thought back to when I first started in the real estate marketing space and the biggest question a marketer had to answer was whether you wanted to pay the up charge for your ad to be color.  Then websites hit the scene … (6 comments)

social media marketing: Zillow Launches A Free Online Agent Endorsement System - 12/02/10 02:30 AM
Zillow Launches A Free Online Agent Endorsement System
Today, Zillow launched Zillow Ratings and Reviews - or basically an endorsement system on the site for real estate professionals.  It is a way for consumers to review real estate agents they've worked with in the past to assist other consumers in the agent selection process.  But want to know the other big winner here?  Great agents!  They are the ones that will flourish and rise to the top. 

How can I easily collect reviews from past clients?
Email individual clients and ask them to fill out a review form on Zillow.  … (133 comments)

social media marketing: Check Out How Local Agents Are Showing Up On The First Page of Google Search Results! - 10/29/10 02:22 AM
I'll start by saying I'm no SEO expert, but I found this very interesting.  I've seen a lot of debates as to whether or not social media is worth the time and effort.  Well, this Google search result makes a strong case for why it is. 
We all know that the first page of the Google search results is the holy grail when it comes to driving traffic to your site.  Check out this search I did for "wicker park homes for sale".  In Chicago this is a very competitive search term.  Large brokers/websites dominant the first page - people who … (4 comments)

social media marketing: Andrea Geller - Interview About Successful Online Marketing - 08/19/10 03:38 AM
Andrea Geller is an agent with Sudler Sotheby's in Chicago, IL who is constantly telling me how much business she is getting from her online marketing.  I think her success is twofold: 1) doing the right things onine and 2) appropiately working the leads she does receive. Social media is a big part of her success. 
I wanted to learn more about what she is doing, so I tracked her down and whipped out my flip cam and conducted this quick interview.  Here you go, enjoy!  And thanks Andrea!


social media marketing: Agent ReBoot - Social Media and Internet Marketing Training - 08/12/10 11:01 AM
Just wanted to let you know about these events that are rolling out across the US.  I have heard agents rave about what they are learning at it.  Nik Nik just created this video to describe the day.  Click on it to watch it, it's fun! 

The next one is in Seattle on August 18th, then they are heading to San Diego.  Click on your city to find out more!


social media marketing: My New Favorite FREE Social Media Tool - Nutshell Mail - 07/30/10 04:19 AM
I am LOVING Nutshell Mail.  It makes keeping up with your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter accounts a snap.  Simply go to www.nutshellmail.comand enter your information.  It takes about five minutes to customize.  Then, depending on the frequency you set, you'll receive an email with a round up of these services. 
And of course social media wouldn't be social if you weren't interacting.  On each of the updates, there is the opportunity to like, comment, share, retweet, reply, direct message and more. 
Here is an example of the email I get from Nutshell.  It was too long to include in its entiretity, so … (9 comments)

social media marketing: The Importance Of "Liking" and "Sharing" on Facebook - 05/20/10 07:33 AM
This week Active Rain announced they added the "Like" button to blog posts.  While this is just plain cool, it is really significant as it allows others to easily talk about your posts on their Facebook walls.  That is a huge part of social media, to get OTHER people talking about your business. 
Along this theme, people often ask, "should I tweet and post" my listings?  That answer is debatable, but one thing's for sure, it is even more effective if OTHER people are tweeting and posting your listings.  Let me show you how you can now help this happen on Zillow.  … (45 comments)

social media marketing: Week Long Series of Technology Company Interviews - and KWKLY - 03/02/10 01:07 AM
Day 2 of the week long series of Exhibitor interviews I shot last week at the Keller Williams Family Reunion show. 
Today we'll look at an online marketing website, and a marketing system that utilizes texting, KWKLY. - I caught up with the sales manager at to hear what is new with their company. It is now free for Agents to create profiles on the site, regardless of if you are paying customer.  They are also now allowing Agents to leverage the power of client testimonials.
KWKLY - Say you are passing by a home and wish you could … (1 comments)

social media marketing: Want Friends and Followers? Quit Talking About Yourself! - 01/29/10 12:11 AM
I love reading Dan Zarrella's blog where he uses data from 60,000+ Twitter accounts to report on trends. 
Today's revelation: "Accounts that have more followers do not tend to talk about themselves much."
While interesting because it has data to support this claim, I couldn't help but think - doesn't that apply in the real world too?  How many people are attracted to those who opine on and on about themselves? 
Once again, another example about how 'in person' actions that give you desired outcomes are examples of how you should act in the social media world as well. 


social media marketing: With Twitter Think 120, not 140 - 01/20/10 12:21 AM
One of the big reasons social media is so powerful is the potential for what you create to go viral.  An example of this power is when these artists had a bad experience on United Airlines, wrote a funny song about it and now has been viewed 7,403,573 times on YouTube, in 6 months. 
On a much smaller, but potentially more relevant scale - think about your Tweets.  Often Twitter is used to broadcast information.  Ideally all of your followers see this message, and ReTweet (RT) it to their followers, and then their followers RT it and so on - creating a viral … (10 comments)

social media marketing: Interesting Information On How Google and Twitter Could Interact - 01/18/10 03:26 AM
Google Ranks Real-Time Tweets Based On Followers?
Over the last couple of months there have been many announcements that social media (ie Tweets) will start working their way into search results.  There haven't been a lot of details on how exactly this is going to happen, but if you were still looking for that one more reason to get on Twitter, this could be it. 
Last week Technology Review magazine interviewed Amit Singhal, who leads development of Google's real-time search, on the topic.  The article is titled, How Google Ranks Tweets.
Here are some interesting excerpts:
" the social context, the … (4 comments)

social media marketing: 3 Groups Of People To Incorporate Into Your Online Marketing Plan - 08/05/09 04:38 AM
I was at RE Bar Camp San Fran today. In one of many social media discussions we had today, a light bulb went off for me to help people plan their online marketing. 
Basically, you have 3 buckets of people you always have to be thinking about to make sure that you are always working your funnel or pipeline of clients.
Current Friends Acquaintances People you don't know Current friends - These are people that you already that would likely search you out by name.  For example, on Facebook, they would know to type in your name if they wanted to get in … (40 comments)

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