zillow advice: Active Rain University Follow Up - My Presentation - 03/29/10 09:43 AM
Today I taught a class at Active Rain University on how to use Zillow and how to use Zillow to maximize what you are doing on Active Rain.  Thank you to all who attended!  Sorry we weren't able to get through all the questions, please feel free to email me through my profile, or post your question in the comments section. 
As requested, here is my presentation:  (Sorry the animation couldn't be embedded with the presentation.) 
Active Rain Presentation 3.29.10 If you missed the seminar, Brad will be making it available for download sometime soon.  A resource you can use in … (10 comments)

zillow advice: Free Zillow Local Events in Bellevue, Seattle and Houston! More Coming Soon! - 02/26/10 03:18 AM
Ever hear the question "But Zillow says..."?  Maybe once or twice?  We at Zillow have put together a program that we are hosting in cities across the US to help you better respond to this and learn how to fully utilize all that Zillow has to offer real estate professionals. 
Spencer Rascoff recently delivered the program in San Francisco (here is his review of the event).  And next on the schedule is Seattle, Bellevue, and Houston.  As we add more cities, I'll make sure to blog and www.twitter.com/sbonert about them. 
To learn more and RSVP:
Bellevue, WA March 11th - http://zillowbellevue.eventbrite.com/

zillow advice: Tech Tips With Tech Savvy Agent - 02/21/10 12:33 AM
If you are into technology, a great blog to check out is www.TechSavvyAgent.com (and you can follow them on twitter at @techsavvyagent).  I caught up with the creators of the blog at the Keller Williams Family Reunion show in New Orleans this weekend.  Check out our chat about how to best capitalize on Zillow's 9 million monthly visitors. 


zillow advice: Zillow Advice Can Get You Listings Too! - 01/12/10 05:27 AM
Nicole Borsey, of the The Property Network, got two listings from answering questions on Zillow Advice about REOs/Short Sales in her area of Stamford, CT.
Learn more about Nicole at www.nicolehelps.com or visit her Active Rain profile.
Or you can watch this video to learn more about Zillow Advice and how you can subscribe to learn when people ask questions in your area.

zillow advice: Social Media Marketing - Be Where Your [Future] Clients Are - 12/07/09 03:41 PM
I just got back from a Real Estate Bar Camp in Atlantic City, and like so many conference I attend lately, social media marketing dominated the conversations.  A lot of talk revolves around: how can I get Twitter followers, how can I get Facebook friends, how can I get LinkedIn contacts.  Then talk ebbs into, are we just talking among each other [ie real estate pros] or are we attracting people who will actually transact with us?  Good question!
These are definitely important considerations and things that need to be thought through in a social media plan (here is my personal plan).  But … (35 comments)

zillow advice: Getting To The Top Of The Directory On Zillow - 11/19/09 02:27 AM
This question came in from Karen Alterson a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Surf in Rockville Centre, NY.  As it is a pretty common question, I thought I'd answer it on my blog, so multiple people can benefit from the answer. 
Dear Zillow,
How do I get my name on the list of Realtors? And how do you get to the top???
First of all, to get on the list, you simply have to create a free profile.  All profiles are included in the Directory.  To make sure you come up appropriately, make sure you completely fill out the fields like … (45 comments)

zillow advice: New! Zillow Video Training Center - Your FAQ's Answered! - 11/05/09 02:22 AM
I am so excited to announce that today the Video Training Centerlaunched on Zillow!  There are a core group of questions we frequently get, and now we have a resource that answers them in the form of short videos. 
Along with FAQs, there are videos that walk through some of the most used marketing tools and resources on the site. 
The training center can be found at www.Zillow.com/Advertising/Videos . 
And here is a laundry list of the type of content you'll find online.  Let us know if we've missed anything you think Professionals want to know!
Welcome to Zillow Interact … (7 comments)

zillow advice: Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Educational Video - 05/01/09 04:13 AM
Over the few weeks, you'll see a number of Zillow training videos come out.  Recently we did one for Zillow Advice, and now I am happy to present one about Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. 
For Borrowers - You anonymously fill out a form that gets submitted to numerous Lenders in the marketplace.  These Lenders provide you with a customized quote.  Then you decide who you would like to reach out to and work with. 
For Lenders - There is a onetime fee of $25 to do a verification check on you (a third party keeps this money and handles the check).  Once approved you can start quoting and hopefully generating … (4 comments)

zillow advice: How To Use Zillow Advice - The Video! - 03/26/09 01:43 AM
In an attempt to offer Zillow tips and tutorials in ways other than writing about them here on my blog, we just launched a video about Zillow Advice, our question and answer forum. 
In the upcoming weeks we'll be releasing a series of how-to videos on various Zillow related topics as we build out a Zillow training library.  Our hope is that the videos will give you a better understanding on how to use the various features and tools available on Zillow when connecting with the 8.5 million+ people who visit our site each month.
I'll keep this short and let … (9 comments)

zillow advice: 10 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Zillow v2.0 - 03/11/09 02:52 AM
Awhile ago I wrote a post citing 10 things you could do on Zillow.  Not only has our traffic ballooned to 8 million monthly userssince then, the opportunities to interact with audience have gotten richer as well.  So here is an updated version 2.0 of this list, written to help you best use the site to gain incremental business along with highlighting some cool tools available on Zillow.
1)  Create a free profile- Participating on Zillow all begins with the creation of a profile, which links to everything you do on the site.  To get started, click "Register" in the upper … (10 comments)

zillow advice: Bloodhound Unchained Seattle: A Prequel to RE BarCamp - 02/10/09 04:34 AM
A lot going on in Seattle this week!  I am looking forward to hearing from all these gurus!
From Brian Brady:

RE BarCamp Seattle has a time and a date.  From Todd Carpenter:
Rich Jacobson and Brad Andersohn from Active Rain, along with Drew Meyers from Zillow have established the basics. A date and venue. February 13 at Zillow Headquarters.  This happens to follow a Bloodhound Unchained preview event held the day before, also at Zillow headquarters, and also free!
Greg Swann and I are pretty stoked about heading to the Emerald City.   Scott Cowan signed up for Bloodhound Unchained … (0 comments)

zillow advice: Marketing to Generation G: Those who value Generosity and hate Greed - 02/09/09 05:20 AM
If you want to read a great blog about how to be a better blogger, you should check out www.copyblogger.com.  I learned so much from this site and get it sent to my email daily. 
I thought today's post was particularly interesting and especially relevant to real estate agents and marketing.  How to Succeed Marketing to Generation "G"
This group is defined as:
GENERATION G captures the growing importance of ‘generosity' as a leading societal and business mindset. As consumers are disgusted with greed and its current dire consequences for the economy-and while that same upheaval has them longing more than … (7 comments)

zillow advice: Marketing By Answering LOCAL Questions Thru Social Media on Zillow Advice - 02/06/09 02:57 AM
Zillow Advice launched a few months ago (a interactive place to ask and answer real estate questions) and already thousands of questions and answers have been posted. 
But who has time to sort through them all and search for the ones that apply to you?  Good question- that's why you can sign up to receive email alerts when there is a question posted in your local area.
1.  Go to Zillow and sign in.  Click on the Advice Tab and search for your topic of interest.  It could be a subject like short sales or an area like Chicago, IL or … (13 comments)

zillow advice: New Free Feature On Zillow Launches Today - Zillow Advice - 12/16/08 03:02 AM
We at Zillow are continuing to roll out free ways to get your listings, your brand and now your expertise in front of the home buying, selling and owning community. 
Your listings- About 18 months ago, Zillow started letting people post listings on the site.  Each posting can include up to 50 photos, virtual tour links, personal website links, and all your contact information - for free. 
Your personal brand- In October 2008 we added the Professional directory.  Anyone who registers on the site and creates a profile can be found in this directory, for free.  Your profile can be as detailed as you … (8 comments)

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