oregon: Thanksgiving Weekend in Portland - 11/20/09 03:53 AM

Will you be shopping the early morning sales on the Friday following Thanksgiving?  Are you the type that is out pre-dawn?  Do your legs get weary from all of the wandering?  I have a great solution to give you a break and to help get you into the Christmas Spirit!
Macy's will be hosting it's annual Holiday Parade beginning at 8:45 AM.  The kids can watch as their beloved characters float by.  You can enjoy the live music as the parade passes by.  All getting you ready for the amazing season before us.  This year, the parade route is slightly different; it will begin at … (9 comments)

oregon: CIVIL WAR or sibling rivalry?? - 11/30/07 12:17 PM
Okay, here is where you may want to quit this blog.  I am warning you!  If you are one with a weak stomach, scan past this next sentence.
On Saturday, 1 December 2007, the University of Oregon Ducks host the Oregon State University Beavers in the 111th annual Civil War game.  This game is to be held in Eugene at Autzen Stadium.  For the past ten years, the home team has been the victor, with Oregon leading the games 55-45-10 overall.  I do not know how each state is with respect to their rivals, but I can tell … (5 comments)

oregon: That is What We're About (We being Oregonians) - 11/28/07 04:06 PM
C'mon everyone!  It is time to get in on this action....
There is an infection floating around here in the Rain.  It is highly contagious and I hope that there is no vaccine to cure this ~ I hope that more and more people choose infection over sterile hearts.  I hope that people will -at least for the holidays - go beyond themselves and look for ways to spread this particular kind of hope. 
You see, we Oregonians happen to live in the United States if America.  Which means, we also happen to have soldiers...soldiers from right here in our neighborhoods...putting their … (15 comments)

oregon: Good Friends & Good Wine ~ An Oregonian Blessing - 11/21/07 06:15 AM
It is not Napa Valley.  It is not the South of France.  It is an up and coming area in the Willamette Valley of Oregon which is boasting some great new vineyards, new wines, and new traditions. 
Though many people may not know it, Oregon has a rich heritage in wineries.  The soil here is great for cultivating that distinct flavor which sets us apart from other locations. 
The Willamette Valley consists of approximately 160 wineries and spans sixty miles or so in length.  Best known for it's Pinot Noir, the maritime climate also adds a fruitfulness … (10 comments)

oregon: HANDS ON FOR THE HOLIDAYS -- Top 5 ways to Volunteer - 11/19/07 05:49 AM
The holidays!  Oh what to do first  --
Shopping?-- There are hundreds of needy people.  Those who have fled domestic violence.  Those who have been victims of Hurricane Katrina or the wild fires of California.  There are those who have lost a treasured family member...a Mom, a Dad.  Let';s do some shopping on the behalf of those who need a Christmas.  There is not enough space to list each organization accepting gifts for the broken down.  However, I have included a few here.  Feel free to utilize these, or create your own.  When my children were younger, as an example, we … (4 comments)

oregon: OREGON HOLIDAY ADVENTURES - 11/14/07 10:27 AM
With the holiday season in full swing, I am making my list and checking it twice!  No, I am not buying everyone a gift this Christmas, and In am not fat with a beard and a red suit...I am talking about my family and friends.  I am talking about the activities which we will participate in this year.  Every year I am finished with my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping by the first of December.  I do this so that I am able to build memories and traditions with my family and friends.  It allows for me to spend the holidays … (7 comments)

oregon: READY, set, ....GO!!! - 08/25/07 04:45 PM
Oregon's 26th Annual Hood to Coast kicked off last night!  As we prepare to see thousands of runners crossing our terrain in the next 12 hours or so, let us be mindful of safety.  In the meantime, though, I thought that it may be fun to let you know a few facts about the Relay Race.
The Hood to Coast Race was started in 1982 by John Foote.  When it originated, it began at Timberline and ended in Pacific City (one of the beaches along the Oregon Coast).  In 1986, that ending location changed to be the better known city of Seaside.  … (6 comments)

oregon: UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!! - 08/09/07 12:48 PM
We have come to yet another tradition in this fair state of ours.  The Oregon International Air Show takes off tomorrow, Friday, 10 August 2007, in Hillsboro!  There are three air shows which feature the amazing Blue Angels of the US Navy.  I have a client out in Cornelius, and she just told me that they are watching the practices outside on their front lawn!  To feel the power and hear the rush of the engines is truly an amazing experience. 
You will not want to miss the acrobatics of the US Army Golden Knight Parachute Jump Team.  And if you … (2 comments)

oregon: LOCAL EXCURSIONS FROM PORTLAND - 08/09/07 06:16 AM
One of the best things about being a Portlander is that that we are so very close to many so many different things!  I thought it would be helpful to those of you who were not born and raised in Oregon, to have a list of excursions that you can go to for just a day trip if you felt like it!  Some are a few hours drive each way, but they are great thigns to experience at least once in your lifetime!  So, here goes my list of "Sarah's Top 10 Local Excursions"  ~
     10.  Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm-- Found … (5 comments)

oregon: PORTLAND'S FAMILY FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES ~ Part One - 08/08/07 04:36 AM
So, before school gets under way, I thought it may be nice to get a few ideas out to all of us parental types.  Ideas - hopefully a few new ones - of fun places to go as a family.  Whether you can go for a few hours or an entire day trip, it is entirely up to you!!
The Ususal Stomping Grounds ~~
OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) -- Currently they have the "Body" exhibit.  While I am uncertain of how young is too young for this, their website gives detailed information on that portion of the museum.  I … (0 comments)

oregon: GET OVER IT!!! - 07/25/07 03:28 AM
     WHAT CAN I DO?  I am but one person.  How does participating in anything change the outcome of the future of so many?  I cannot run, I was in a car accident, and I am now chronically sore.  I do not run.  It's so early in the morning, and on a Sunday, too!  My budget is kind of tight right now...
                                                              EXCUSES!!  EXCUSES!!  EXCUSES!!                                               
It is time that we all get over ourselves and our wimpy excuses!  On the 23rd of September, Portland will be participating in our Race for the Cure.  I have personally been participating for three years now.  When I quit making excuses, I became … (12 comments)


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