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After my thoughts on time and the lack thereof that I seem to struggle with....I received a comment from someone, Thanks to you, that the only way they get anything done is to make a To Do List. I have one from time to time too, but it never seems to be consistent. I always have too much to do. I...
With only 24 hours in any given day, I find myself searching for more time. I'm sure I'm not alone in this quest, but lately, since I've been gearing up my technology so to speak, I find that I am simply running out of time to get everything accomplished. I want to learn everything I can about ac...
Blog post #3 - Hey, this isn't so hard after all....and whoever said "he felt sorry for me" I'm beginning to understand what he meant. I woke up this morning and had the strangest urge to.....BLOG! How funny. I couldn't wait to read my comments and see what others had to say. So to all you vetern...
Okay, so the first one is down. What I should have said is....Does anybody have any suggestions on the fastest way to learn how to blog on Active Rain? Short cuts, tips, tricks, hints, etc..... Not begging...but nicely asking for some friendly help on the subject. Best Website in the WORLD - I fi...
Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if it sucks admitting that you're a newbie. At least for me it does. I'm not new to Real Estate, or writing for that matter. But Blogging - not so up to speed. I thought I would research it...figure out what the heck I'm doing...and then start my "blog", but ...

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