marketing: MN CE - Mastering Relevant Consumer Focused Marketing - 01/27/20 04:30 AM
Event Details  Mastering Relevant, Consumer-Focused Marketing - Kim Cameron
The Internet has changed the consumer decision process by admitting more vendors into the market for any good or service and allowing consumers to provide feedback on their experiences via reviews websites and social media. Today's consumers are more empowered and discerning than their predecessors. Marketers can't barrage them with canned messages and expect to be taken at their word. Agents need to move beyond basic targeting, tracking, and demographic segmentation to drive deeper, permissioned engagement with clients, in which agents deliver valuable and personal experiences throughout the consumer's journey in buying or … (0 comments)

marketing: Your .REALTOR Domain - 01/26/18 06:23 AM
When the .realtor™ domains first came out and I had a free year, I jumped on board and signed up for it. I was very gung ho for about a week or so and I thought I had everything set up... well, I redirected it to my "best website" at the time... and shared it on all my social media accounts.
In the back of my head I kept wondering if having that domain would actually increase my traffic or just be a Telltale of what the website was about before they even clicked? Would it catch on and become the hottest thing … (1 comments)