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 Throughout history man has always looked for ways to let others know that they were once here on earth.  Whether it was drawings on cave walls or even fossils, there are clues all around us proving there were things and people here long before we were.Living in the technology era, we're lucky.  ...
Recently I've been thinking about the Internet and how fascinating it really is.  We live in such an "information now" society.  Everything we want to know and need to know is right there at our fingertips.... LITERALLY! In addition to the "need & want to know" stuff on the web, the biggest thing...
As with most things in life, I think that the saying "everything in moderation" applies.  There are always consequences for our actions.  Too much playing means not enough working.  Too much working means not enough playing and possibly... BURNOUT.Well, I'm guilty of falling prey to this trap. At...
My pal Craig Schiller will love this one.  It’s a double nod to him!  Not only did he once post about Oprah, recently he also has posted about books.  Thanks Craig, you inspired my post!OK… so why do I want Oprah to sell Real Estate?  Simple, I need her advice on where I could find interesting bo...
For the past week I’ve had a houseguest.  My dad is visiting me from sunny Naples Florida.  It's been a huge struggle to keep up with my work schedule and spend quality time with my dad.  Still not sure how mommy Realtors do it!  (No offence gentlemen).  Did I also mention that I’ve been finishin...
Getting agents out to visit your listings in the Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills MI market can get tough.   Currently, the listing inventory is very high.  As marketing times are getting longer, some agents are getting creative with the marketing.  Today, Darlene Jackson and I hosted a joint broker o...
If you are a sales manager or a broker owner who still sells homes, this one’s for you! Let me set the scene:I wrote an offer on a home last Thursday.  The listing agent is a broker/owner who still sells homes.  We’ve been going back and forth for a few days now.  Yesterday I left a message for t...
 Kristal wrote a post about being an ambassador for your area and your profession.  It really got my wheels turning.  So thank you KK! I love my community….. Birmingham Michigan is just a wonderful place to live.  I’m very enthusiastic about my city when helping people decide where they want to l...
I have officially put out a Missing Person Report for Josh Plummer. The race has fueled my fire for weeks now.  I’ve looked to JP to keep me going.  Where has he gone?   I’ve cut my posts back to a minimum of one a day.  I’ve held off inviting the people Maureen has missed.  I’m trying to keep th...
What does the title of the post mean??  It’s simple…4 is the number of weeks that I’ve been a “blogger”.  Today is my anniversary on AR.  It seems like it has been longer than 4 weeks.  Is that good or bad? 20,000 points have been awarded for this crazy obsession.  Can I trade them in for a round...

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