real estate: Renting vs. Buying - 05/02/19 10:52 AM
Interested in buying a home but unsure you're ready for that commitment?  Did you know that many renters qualify for an affordable home mortgage?
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. renting in this article.

real estate: Spring Cleaning Ideas - 04/04/19 08:52 AM
Do you have the Spring Cleaning Bug? If so, learn about some way to remove clutter and get creative using organizing accessories and displays.
In this article, Kickin’ Out the Clutter! Creative Organizing Ideas for Around the House, explore DIY projects that can help you stay organized.

real estate: Myth Busters: Real Estate Edition, Part II - 03/14/19 05:51 AM
If you enjoyed our last article, 3 Myths about Selling Real Estate, we’ve got more! 
Did you know agent's don't get kickbacks from Lenders, Title Companies, or Inspectors? In the sequel, 3 Myths about Real Estate – DEBUNKED Part II, uncover the truths that agents wish you knew before going into the home buying/selling process.

real estate: Uncover the Cost of Buying your First Home - 03/14/19 05:37 AM
First-time homne buyer? Don’t be blindsided by the costs associated with purchasing and owning a home. 
Things like closing costs, down payments, and maintenance can add up fast. In this article, Financial Planning Tips for First-Time Home Buyers, learn about the less obvious costs in the home buying process. 

real estate: Freshen Up Your Home - 02/19/19 10:31 AM
If you're thinking about sprucing up your home, consider adding antiques to the mix! Did you know that these pieces could make your space more interesting?
Check out this list of websites and antique shops in the Ocala area!

real estate: Attention Sellers: Curb Appeal - 02/15/19 06:53 AM
Selling a home? Remember, buyers tend to judge a book by it’s cover; don’t forget about curb appeal! Updating landscape, front doors, mailboxes, and other exterior projects can make a big difference.
Learn tips in this article to improve a home’s curb appeal today.

real estate: Cut Calories this Winter - 12/11/18 07:07 AM
Seeking ways to reduce your caloric intake but not sure where to start? One simple way to cut back is tweaking your seasonal coffee shop beverage.
Read more about how to combat holiday weight gain by making slight changes to your afternoon coffee.

real estate: Real Estate Buyer's Guide - 12/11/18 06:59 AM
Many first-time home buyers are unaware that a realtor’s representation of them is a free service. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense for buyers not to use a realtor’s guidance.
Learn more about how buyers can benefit from understanding the home buying process with this Buyer's Guide. 

real estate: Don’t Worry, Florida – Housing Market to Remain Stable - 12/11/18 06:34 AM
According to, the real estate market appears to be shifting towards buyers. Rest easy though, while there might not be bidding wars, Florida markets are forecast to remain stable.
The forecast indicates moderate inventory increases in the lower price points and larger increases in the higher prices. Over time, Florida will lean towards a buyer’s market but it won’t be overnight.  For more information, read this article on the housing forecast.

real estate: Buyers: Act Now! - 11/27/18 06:32 AM
Clients thinking of buying? Now might be the time!  With a slowdown in the market potentially due to increasing mortgage rates, there’s less competition for everyone.
If your clients are considering buying, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Experts expect mortgage rates to increase substantially over the next year.  Waiting a year could cost buyers thousands of dollars in interest according to Is Now a Good Time to Buy and Why?  Read more about how interest rates are affecting the market and why buyers should make the move today.

real estate: Defying the Odds in Marion County, FL - 11/13/18 09:23 AM
Many experts are expecting a national slowdown in the market which is leaning towards a buyer’s market in the near future. However, it seems that real estate activity in Ocala/Marion County, FL is reacting much differently while consistently climbing over the past two years.
Read more about Ocala/Marion County real estate trends and how they seem to be telling a very different story than surrounding areas.

real estate: Buyers and Sellers: What’s on the Horizon? - 11/08/18 09:30 AM
If you’ve been paying attention to real estate, we’ve seen a strong seller’s market over the past couple of years and that’s no different for Alachua County.
Nationally, in 2018 there has been a steady decline of real estate sales due to rising mortgage rates and reluctant buyers resulting from an overpriced market. Read more about potential shifts to the Alachua County, FL real estate market in favor of buyers!

real estate: Prepare for Moving Day - 11/08/18 06:28 AM
Getting ready to move? With the Savvy Moving Checklist, you can keep organized while preparing for the big day. 
The moving process can overwhelming, start by decluttering, investigating companies, and creating a moving binder. As the countdown gets smaller, double check details - map out items for the movers and prepare keys, openers, and remotes.  Learn more about what buyers can do to prepare with The Savvy Moving Checklist.

real estate: New Construction on the Rise: Gainesville, FL - 11/01/18 10:21 AM
With land being cleared on what seems like every corner in Gainesville and Alachua County, big things are on the way! Plans for subdivisions, apartment complexes, and retail centers are in the works and even more to come.
These projects include a development in Gainesville on the corner of Newberry Road and Parker Road, expected to consist of multiple retail buildings and 300 apartments.  There are also plans to add retail and office space as well as over 350 homes just west of the Newberry Park project.  New construction is expected to add over 4,000 new homes to Alachua County.  If you’re … (0 comments)

real estate: All Eyes on Northwood – Gainesville, FL - 09/28/18 05:39 AM
Real estate is hot in the quiet family friendly neighborhood of Northwood! If you or your clients are on the market for a new home or rental, check out this popular subdivision located in NW Gainesville, FL.  Known for its great location and school zones, real estate is going fast and for good reason.
In just the past 6 months, homes in Northwood have increased by over $5.00 a square foot, now averaging $120.83. Home sales have jumped from 2 to 3 per month over the past 9 months and with just a handful of homes currently available on the market, buyers … (1 comments)

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