little egg harbor: This is the "NORMAL" Housing Market - 06/16/11 10:10 AM
Yeah, that's right. This is the "NORMAL" Housing Market that you have been waiting on to return. I know this because the appraisal says it. Well, OK. Maybe it doesn't say that exactly but if you read the report you would think it is a pretty good market to sell a house. I remember talking to the appraiser before he went out to the townhouse and I asked how I could help with comps and what our current market was like. He seemed so nice on the telephone.
Yes, he says prices are still declining. But, the inventory is stable (?) … (24 comments)

little egg harbor: August 2003 - The Hottest Month in REAL ESTATE for 08087 - 05/10/11 09:22 AM
August 2003. I was reminded of the hottest month in real estate just the other day. Someone was telling me how the housing market has improved and we were heading back to the good old days. Really? I’m struggling to make ends meet. So, I asked for some clarification and was told how busy her husband, a title clerk, is now a day. She doesn’t mention that the “husband” works four days a week because the company cut back his hours. She doesn’t mention that almost half the work force in the company was let go almost two years ago. … (4 comments)

little egg harbor: It was just lighting - Real Estate still suxs - 11/15/10 12:09 PM
The other month I got a little excited about the sales results for September. I was not sure how exactly to interpret the raw data. Looking for a silver lining I indicated that indeed we may very well have hit bottom and on our way to a rebound. I was wrong. It was just a strike of lighting - real estate still suxs.

Compare the numbers above to the same period last year and see if you agree with the Press of Atlantic City, which claims the price of homes is on the raise. Remember, numbers don't lie, but liars use numbers.

little egg harbor: Auto Repair in Little Egg Harbor, NJ - Great Service, Great Value, Great Business - 10/17/10 02:19 PM
Sometimes you just get LUCKY. Sometimes it's because you are too hard headed or cheap. Then again, maybe it is a combination of good friends and those other things that gives you your LUCK. At any rate, I am feeling very LUCKY and GRATEFUL to have my car fixed. So, this is the saga about getting good Auto Repair service in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. I fully recommend you take you car to PAT's. That's all I heard from my friends and co-workers. "Take it to Pat's!", whenever I mentioned my car problems.
This goes back over a year ago when my … (2 comments)

little egg harbor: Is it a Silver Lining or just plain old lighting ? - 10/17/10 05:59 AM
The marketing report for September 2010 in zip code 08087, that's Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor (Jersey Shore). Begs the question, "Is it a silver lining or just plain old lighting?" I have been looking for good news in the real estate market to report to all those home owners looking to selling their house here at the Jersey Shore. The market has followed not just the economy but the weather, too.
Blanked with snow this past winter it was hard to get buyers to come out and look. When they did they could not get in the front door because … (3 comments)

little egg harbor: Christmas in September? Now is a Great Time to buy Real Estate - 10/16/10 02:54 PM
Can’t we just get past Halloween before we start advertising Christmas? That’s all I ask. I have had these pictures in my cell phone since September 22, 2010. Christmas displays at Home Depot and K-Mart. Go ahead, after October 31 and put up those all the Christmas displays you want. But, let’s get the pumpkins, ghosts and goblins out of the way first?
I feel for the retailers. It is a tough market. I know this because I sell homes. Remember when our National Association of Realtors came out with the “great time to buy” marketing program? Most of America seems … (9 comments)

little egg harbor: 28th Annual Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show - 09/24/10 12:57 AM
The 28th Annual Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Showis coming to town this weekend. Every year during the last weekend of September (Good Bye Summer) Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor host the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show. This show started small and was held at the Ocean County Park at Route 9 and Lakeside Drive known as Stanley "Tip" Seaman Park nest to Lake Pohatcong, it has grown to include the Tuckerton Seaport across the street and both the Junior and Senior Pinelands High Schools making the event almost regional. See Map for location.
Here at the Ocean County Decoy Show you will be … (5 comments)

little egg harbor: The Money You "Lost" in Your Price Reduction Wasn't Real - 09/11/10 01:49 AM
J. Phillip wrote an awesome piece on your over priced listing that I didn't know how to tell you. If you want the home sold - reduce the price. I have done all I can to get people to come and look at it.
The offers I have gotten you are the best I will be able to do. If you want it SOLD - REDUCE THE PRICE.
for more information on Jersey Shore Homes - email me at or just pick up the telephone - 609-290-7962
I list to sell and sell to live. It's my JOB!

With … (0 comments)

little egg harbor: So, How's it going with YOU? - 09/01/10 09:22 AM
Ahh! A new month has begun. HAPPY SEPTEMBER! How was your August? If a picture is worth a 1000 words then take a look at this picture.

At the top is number of pending sales, SOLDS, Days on Market, and the Median Sales Price of Homes that SOLD in August 2009. One of the worst years in real estate when you look back over ten years of data.
Now fast forward to the numbers at the bottom of the picture. That is the close of last month. That is the big picture for me. Less than half the number of sales for … (14 comments)

little egg harbor: Sellers that choose to “chase the market” are likely to waste time and lose money. - 08/31/10 06:54 AM
Richard makes many good points to homeowners about the current market. Don't Chase IT! Price your house less than the one that sold down the street and you will have buyers making you multiple offers. Price sells and the home better be in move in condition. Ask yourself this, "Would I buy this house?" If the answer is not YES - lower the price and fix it up.

Sellers all share the same notion as to the value of their house. When I ask what they would like net from the sale of their property, they always answer: “as … (1 comments)

little egg harbor: Why Your Westchester NY Home Expired Unsold - 08/30/10 02:21 PM
Phillip - wrote an excellent article about having your home ready to sell. That means the home has got to be ready to move in and priced for the bargain hunters to come out with their wallets just to take a look. The offer will come only if the buyer feels that your home is the best available property in his price range. If a real estate agent gives you a high and low number to begin your marketing - pick the low and and offer to take another 10 off. Just change Weschester to Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton, NJ. This article … (0 comments)

little egg harbor: What's a kid to do? - 07/26/10 04:46 PM
O.K., I'm not a kid. But, I was once and I lived in the same town where I live today. From grade 7 through High School Graduation I was able to enjoy growing up on the Jersey Shore. Summers were great! Winters were like being in a ghost town without a ride out. To me it was Purgatory living in Mystic Island section of Little Egg Harbor and I promised myself that I would never have my children stuck in a town that did not offer them things to do - all year long.
So when I moved back here and … (16 comments)

little egg harbor: Teaching the wrong lessons in LIFE - 07/23/10 03:47 PM
Why are parents Teaching their children all the wrong lessons in Life?
Alright, this is a rant. A vent, if you will. I just got back from my favorite pizza parlor with a take-out pizza. I love this place. It offers good food at reasonable prices and best of all it is near my house. I could walk there if I didn't want to carry a pizza home on foot. The owner of the place employs several local youth and always supports the community with donations to this or that event.
If the kids at school are putting on a play, … (11 comments)

little egg harbor: Tuckerton Seaport hosts the 8th Annual RED Wine and Blues Festival - 07/22/10 04:12 AM
The Tuckerton Seaport hosts the 8th Annual RED Wine and Blues Festival this weekend. You know it has got to be good when they make it an annual event and each year gets better than the last. If this economy has got you singing the blues you will have a lot of company at the Tuckerton Seaport this Saturday July 15, 2010. It starts around 3PM and ends about 8PM. Wander in when you are ready.
Enjoy wine tasting from New Jersey wineries like Amalthea, Balic, Bellview, Hopewell Valley, Silver Decoy, Tomasello, and Valenzano while hearing the great licks performed by … (3 comments)

little egg harbor: Property Tax Appeal - Victory or Defeat? - 07/18/10 11:44 AM
I ask you, did I have Property Tax Appeal - Victory or Defeat? I just got my "adjusted" tax assessment from the Ocean County Board of Taxation and I am not sure how I feel about it. I had written a blog about doing your own tax appeal titled, "How to Reduce your Little Egg Harbor, Ocean County, NJ Property Taxes", and it has not been as easy for me as I may have indicated in the blog posting.  The local tax administrator from Little Egg Harbor fought me all the way. Back several years ago when they hired the outside … (4 comments)

little egg harbor: Home Sales in Little Egg Harbor & Tuckerton. Is it a Fluke or a Spike in home Sales? - 07/10/10 10:45 AM
Home Sales in Little Egg Harbor & Tuckerton. Is it a Fluke or a Spike in home Sales?
June sales are up. Up big! We had 10 more sales in June of 2010 than we did in June 2009 in the Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor. That comes after three months of dismal sales figures for zip code 08087. But, it is also on the heel of the end to the government tax credit stimulus program. The dead line to have a house under contract to get the tax credit was April 30th and it must be closed by June 30th. … (0 comments)

little egg harbor: Tuckerton celebrates the 4th of July - 07/02/10 04:28 AM
I love my community. This Saturday, July 3d, 2010, Tuckerton is going to celebrate the independence of America. No where is "grand old flag" sung with more passion than here in my town. My town is Little Egg Harbor and it surrounds the Borough of Tuckerton by land. We host Memorial Day and Veterans Day with parades down Radio Road and Twin Lakes Blvd in the Mystic Island section of our community. We have representatives of Bass River (New Gretna) to the south and Eagleswood (West Creek) to the north.
Those are the towns that share the school services of Pinelands Regional … (0 comments)

little egg harbor: Is it Mortgage Fraud? - 06/19/10 05:13 AM
Is it mortgage fraud to declare income and fail to disclose expenses? I am just wondering. Did the applicant deliberately try to mislead the real estate agent, the mortgage representative, the home seller, and herself?
Here is a single woman trying to buy into the American Dream. Well, the part of the dream that includes owning a home. She declared to the other agent that she wanted to get in on the tax credit before it expired and the agent she had been working with is not responsive to her. Like a flash of lighting the agent has her out looking … (74 comments)

little egg harbor: Home sales fall in Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton back to last year - 06/01/10 03:01 PM
We are back to last year figures for selling Homes in Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton. The worst is no longer behind us but once again, right in our face. The worst year in recent history for selling a home in the 08087 zip code was 2009 with things turning around last August. But the numbers for March, April and now May are almost exactly the same as the previous year, and that is not good.
With the tax credit for home buyers gone at the end of April, you would expect to see a rise in sales for all three months as buyers … (5 comments)

little egg harbor: Home Sale Marketing Report for Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton 08087 - 05/02/10 10:56 AM
Home Sale Marketing Report for Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton 08087 for April 2010 continues to provide a lackluster picture for home owners. Days on the market and the number of sales on a month to month comparison from last year show little change except for the median price of homes sold, which has taken a nose dive this month once again.
I would like to say that home sales are on the rise because of the lower sales price but at this time the number of homes sold in 08087 zip code is now flat. It may even be … (0 comments)

Gregory Bain, For Homes on the Jersey Shore (Mezzina Real Estate & Insurance) Rainmaker large

Gregory Bain

For Homes on the Jersey Shore

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

More about me…

Mezzina Real Estate & Insurance

Address: 829 Radio Road, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, 08087

Office: (609) 296-8116

Mobile: (609) 290-7962

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Just something I felt needed to be said. You can agree, disagree, or, well........... Search for Jersey Shore Homes HERE: Here are some great bargains that are available for sale in my market area:
Gregory Bain | 609-290-7962
93 Lake Superior Drive, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Little Treasure by the Bay
3BR/1+1BA Single Family House offered at $258,000
Year Built 1964
Sq Footage 1,200
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1 full, 1 partial
Floors 1
Parking 3 Uncovered spaces
Lot Size 4,791 sqft
HOA/Maint $0 per month
This is the reason Little Egg Harbor is called "Little Treasure on the Bay". This Great Waterfront home has good boating location and is a super opportunity for year round living enjoyment at the Jersey Shore, or, a summer getaway for the family. The contempory layout of this ranch offers the lifestyle one expects when they are at the Jersey Shore. It was designed to entertain with its wonderful open floor plan, deck, dock and screened porch. Owner says sell. Learn to relax. The yard is stoned landscape with multiple decks so there is nothing to do but read that book. Enjoy the outdoors even in the rain you are inside the screened patio feeling the summer breeze. This is a home where you can boat, fish, crab, and swim right off your backyard. Come take a look. You will treasure the times you will have in this three bedroom, one and a half bath waterfront home. All appliances are included and furnishings are negotiable so you may need to bring only a toothbrush to start enjoying this retreat. Located down the street from the Mystic Island Shoppes will make it convenient to walk for morning coffee, newspaper, and breakfast - who cooks on vacation? Captains Delight? Catch of the Day with crabs right from the traps at the dock.
see additional photos below
- High/Vaulted ceiling - Living room - Dining room
- Dishwasher - Refrigerator - Stove/Oven
- Microwave - Attic - Washer
- Dryer - Yard
- Waterfront
Contact info:
Gregory Bain
For sale by agent/broker
Equal Opportunity Housing
Posted: Feb 5, 2010, 7:02am PST
Gregory Bain | | 609-290-7962
112 North Ensign Drive, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
This three bedroom Sportsman model was expanded and re-configured into a two bedroom with a peaked roof.
2BR/1BA Single Family House offered at $219,000
Year Built 1963
Sq Footage 1,180
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1 full, 0 partial
Floors 1
Parking 3 Uncovered spaces
Lot Size 5,000 sqft
HOA/Maint $0 per month
Jersey Shore waterfront home in great location of Little Egg Harbor (aka Little Treasury by the Bay) for boating access to Great Bay and Little Egg Harbor with all the off shore fishing spots. Wonderful opportunity to own waterfront before the prices are driven up by future development of the seaside condominiums slated to be built down the street with it's picturistic views. This two bedroom was originally designed and built as a 3 bedroom fisherman's cottage but has been expanded and reconfigured as a two bedroom home. Many improvements like thermal windows and vinyl siding have been done but it will need some updating. Come see how you can make this your family retreat. A great vacation spot were you are close to Atlantic City casinos and nightlife or the white sandy beaches of Long Beach Island
see additional photos below
- Central heat - Fireplace - Family room
- Dining room - Refrigerator - Attic
- Washer - Yard
- Waterfront
aerial view Dock view
Street view family/foyer
kitchen/dining bedroom
Contact info:
Gregory Bain
BayShore Agency
For sale by agent/broker
Equal Opportunity Housing
Posted: Feb 12, 2010, 12:16pm PST




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