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Information for Real Estate professionals. Professional home inspection services. Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Canton, MI Ann Arbor, MI Belleville, MI Plymouth, MI Northville, MI Novi, MI Livonia, MI and surrounding areas.
 A few months ago I decided to join those of you who have purchased a drone for inspecting those "out of reach roofs." While I do believe every accessible roof should be walked there are times when even an otherwise accessible roof it not accessible due to weather conditions for example.    It's ...
 As a home inspector I find myself in tight places sometimes. There are times when I think to myself, "can I do it?" and often times I will try when I really don't know if I can. When this question comes up I do consider the pro's and con's of going beyond what I am expected or required to do. In...
Let me start this off by saying I did not find real body parts in an attic but I thought I did. While preparing for the attic inspection in Garden City I did what I always do, shine a light around the opening to make sure there are not rodents eyes shining back at me. That has happened a couple t...
 Recently something happened that I've heard about but never really expected to happen to me. When generating my reports I always include  photographs of the furnace, condensing unit and water heater data plate. This allows me to note the age of these units but also provides an added benefit.  Du...
 During a recent Southeast Michigan home inspection I was following my regular routine of starting at the exterior then garage. While walking around the exterior, close to the garage door, I could hear the sound of water dripping inside the home. Going inside I was expecting a huge mess in one of...
 This is a question I ask myself at least once a year while looking into training and equipment for mold testing. Is testing for mold a good service to offer? So far the answer I've come up with each time is "probably not" but I always, at least partially, contribute my answer to lack of educatio...
 People come up with all kinds of ways to make a small house bigger or appear bigger  by knocking out walls, building additions, using different paint colors, turning the attic into a living space or cathedral ceilings. When taking on a task such as extending a home out or up you have to consider...
     Yesterday I decided to cut my grass in between rain showers. I know that's the not best time to mow your lawn but we have had so much rain here lately my yard was starting to look like a vacant lot. Not wanting to be "that" house on the block I jumped on it as soon as the sun started to peek...
This entry falls under the Common Inspection Issues category from a previous blog. It's also one of those issues that, if taken care of early on, costs less than a large coffee at your favorite coffee shop. If left alone however it could cost you as much as a truckload of wax rings. Part of my b...
A while back I posted a blog on Environmental Concerns and gave a brief history on the use of asbestos in various products over the years. In the examples given, asbestos was purposely used to improve product performance. We all know the consequences of prolonged asbestos exposure. If you are una...

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