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If you're like most real estate agents, you're always on the prowl for new, creative ways to market yourself - and you give yourself bonus points if those ways are exceptionally memorable. That may be the perfect reason to check out branded football schedule magnets. What Are Branded Football Sch...
As a real estate agent, you know you need a website. But do you need one just because everyone else has one, or because it can actually bring in leads and show potential clients why you're the agent to work with in your area? It's both, actually - but even if you have a website, there are a few t...
If you're like most agents, you've heard about so-called "bulletproof" marketing ideas - but do they really work, and how much can you expect as a return on your investment if you use them? What Are "Bulletproof" Marketing Ideas? Some ideas are basic necessities - like handing out business cards ...
As a real estate agent, it's your job to stand out - and one way you can do that is with Major League Baseball schedules imprinted with your logo.Baseball Schedule Magnets for Real Estate AgentsWhether you want to peel-and-stick your business card to an MLB schedule or you'd like one with your lo...
If you're a real estate agent who isn't blogging on your own platform, you're missing a huge way to boost your website's traffic and connect with your clients. It's incredibly important for real estate agents to blog for two big reasons: One, it shows Google and other search engine crawlers that ...
If you're just starting out in the real estate business, you'll need plenty of guidance along the way to ensure you're successful - and you can start with these three tried-and-true marketing tips for real estate professionals.But first, make sure you're familiar with:o  The basics of brand strat...
You're a professional real estate agent, and you know that what you say to your leads really matters - but how can you craft something so compelling that people can't help but work with you?Earning Clients in a Minute or LessYou've heard of the "elevator pitch," and as a real estate agent, you pr...
When you’re a Realtor®, you’re already well-aware that you have plenty of competition. If clients don’t pick you for buying or selling, they’re not going to go without an agent – they’re going to find someone else.So how can you make sure you have a competitive edge?How to Make Sure You Have a Co...
As a real estate agent, you know that you need to market yourself so your brand stands out – there are dozens (or more) other agents in your area, and you want to be the one buyers and sellers choose.To do that, you need a specific brand strategy.What is a Brand Strategy?A brand strategy is a pla...
Paid search marketing - also called search engine marketing, pay-per-click, and cost-per-impression advertising - is incredibly important for real estate agents.But why, and how do you use it to make money?What is Paid Search Advertising?There are several forms of paid search advertising, includi...

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