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If I had three hours a day extra I would devote them to my daughter. Being a single mom and real estate agent in this poor economy has been tough. Juggling a busy work schedule and after school activities etc for my eight year old is a challenge. An average day in our lives goes something like th...
I have only sold three homes in the past seven years from hosting  open houses, yet I still seem to host one or two every weekend. Although there are a lot of nosy neighbors and the constant "shoppers" who do show up to these open houses, I do find it is still a great way to network in the neighb...
Although the Nassau Market seems to be picking up the mortgage industry is still a nightmare. Years ago when I refied my own home I think I had to sign two documents that was it!!! I never even had to show proof of income, I thought this was ridiculous... but now the banks have gone to the other ...
Very few home owners realize the effect the smell of a house has on buyers. The scence of smell is the most memorable one of our scences. A bad smelling house even if it looks great is a total turn off to buyers. Always air out houses before an open house and a great trick is to boil water and ci...
Since AMERIFIRST KEEPS POSTINGS AT THE RATE OF SEEMINGLY 1 PER MINUTE - I FEEL A CO-WORKER'S DUTY TO POST THIS BLOG.  Although, if you like the idea, feel free to comment on my post, my co-worker is - very charitable - and clearly wouldn't mind.  I'm kidding, though he really couldn't care less  ...
I am re-blogging this because I think it should be reblogged so that it hits every page on Active Rain as it scrolls through.  My coworker just mentioned it to me, and we had been discussing the fact that Redfin is planning the same stunt on Long Island.  We'd like to have a camera at Redfin and ...
After eagerly awaiting the surfers, concerts, skateboarders and other craziness to hit Long Beach, New York for the first time ever, we get hit with Hurricane Irene.  We had been hoping to have a hurricane come offshore and stir up the waves for the surfers.  The problems was, one came right over...
This is a great blog. Check out the charts.  I've never seen them before.  Go to the link to her post for comments as I didn't write this, but think people should see it.  Those of us up at 3 a.m. on Active Rain (I hope) are probably earning towards the right side of the charts.  If not, we have ...
I am adding my co-worker/partner's blog to my post because I LOVE the photo of Goulds Castle in Sands Point, New York.  And, Tara Downing is THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN SANDS POINT in my humble, but highly educated, opinion.  Wihle we work together on just about everything, if you are looking t...
I just have to re-blog it. David posts alll these amazing posts and I could write 10,000 words, but he covers them all in his post.  Enjoy. - Why would someone give a broker an exclusive listing and not want their property listed on the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island?  Here’s another exa...

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