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I have an eight year old son and enjoy teaching him all the things he will hear from everyone else (including his mother) that he needs to ignore.  Call me crazy but I believe we are raising a generation of go-with-the-flow, sit in back, don't make waves, don't give your opinion if it will offend...
I think as agents we sometimes get caught up in working with everyone that will hire us.  Times are tough, right?  We need every commission dollar we can find.  Prices have dropped, we have to work twice as hard for the same income.  When you look at the best of the best you will find one distinc...
So last Thursday I was there with Gary Keller in a private mastermind he does with this REO network group I lead and he said something that silenced all of us.  He told me, "Seth, when you started this thing you had a 99% chance of failure and I thought you would fail.  These types of things don'...
  Status quo is a myth.  Things don’t stand still.  Not in our business and definitely not in this market.  Too many of us get frustrated by feeling like we are standing still – like our businesses aren’t moving forward.  I’ve got bad news… you aren’t standing still, you are moving backwards.  Th...

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