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If you frequent Fishtown's area of Frankford Ave., you may have noticed a new window shop called "Poe's Sandwich Joint" ("Joint" in this scenario is a double-entendre--if you know, you know--but we'll get to that). Fortunately for me, I was able to make my way to its grand opening in early Decemb...
These days, whenever we talk about "Kensington," it's necessary to differentiate between the two reputations it has. On one hand, the neighborhood showcases a bustling community of art-inspired, gritty city slickers. It's full of what some consider to be the run-off of Fishtown(although I'd argue...
A Guide to 5 Fruity Beers (So You Can Have the Fun Taste, But Still Appear “Rugged”)Sometimes you just don’t wanna drink a regular old beer, but you also don’t wanna order a cocktail. Or drink straight juice. You’re lookin’ for a lil’ suttin’-suttin’ in between. Maybe it’s just nice outside.…Look...
The Butcher’s Bride: Slaying Clothing and Taking Philly by Storm Kayla and Kelly were living sort of parallel lives--growing up in the same neighborhood, attending the same high school, and developing an affinity for all things hard-to-find--all before uniting souls in New York City (coincidental...
Buzz CafeThe eccentric, cartoon-esque eatery on the corner of Montgomery and Howard.Kensington's very own bi-level Wonderland of all things cafe and alt-pop culture.Walk in when it opens and leave when it closes so you can do each of the following:1. Experience the heaps of natural light filterin...
Bimini Juice Bar, located at 2nd and Brown in the heart of Northern Liberties, screams both, “I went to yoga this morning and am feeling vibrant,” and, “I desperately need some nutrients ‘cause I’m slacking” at the same time. Whatever type of day you’re having, get’cho self over there.If you’re h...
Stateside Vodka: Kensington goes Reading Terminal MarketNina Ricci  There’s a lot to say about Kensington, Philadelphia’s own Stateside Urbancraft Vodka. For starters, it’s distilled SEVEN times. To put that into perspective, Grey Goose is distilled five times. What distilling does is get rid of ...
What? You thought Second Street Festival was the only vendor-filled, arts-inspired big-ass block party? …Well. Me too.But with the rise of Kensington (Yes. Believe it if you don’t already, people.), the summer celebrations extend far past the limits of Northern Liberties. We’re talkin’ closing do...
We’re back in Fishtown again, but this time we’re not looking at a single-family home. No—think 10-unit apartment.  2162 E Norris is a two minute walk from the El (elevated train for any non-Philly natives). Contemporary vibes throughout. And a killer roof-deck. (You guys know that’s my weakness,...
“Haaaave Mercer.” -Uncle Jesse from Full House (or something like that)Although Cheers Cafe is just down the street, Mercer Cafe seems to be the epitome of “where everybody knows your name.” Opening its doors at 8 am sharp each morning, you can walk on in, grab a seat at the bar, and someone’ll f...

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