fishtown: Poe's Sandwich Joint: Munchies Welcome - 01/25/19 10:20 AM
If you frequent Fishtown's area of Frankford Ave., you may have noticed a new window shop called "Poe's Sandwich Joint" ("Joint" in this scenario is a double-entendre--if you know, you know--but we'll get to that). Fortunately for me, I was able to make my way to its grand opening in early December, but for those of you who have yet to head over, I highly (no pun intended) recommend you do.
This joint's got a menu that Cheech and Chong's personal chef would have hand-crafted, and it's all coming to us from the kitchen with some serious brotherly love. The staff operates … (4 comments)

fishtown: The Heart of Kensington: A First-Hand Experience - 01/22/19 08:02 AM
These days, whenever we talk about "Kensington," it's necessary to differentiate between the two reputations it has. On one hand, the neighborhood showcases a bustling community of art-inspired, gritty city slickers. It's full of what some consider to be the run-off of Fishtown(although I'd argue that they've got their own type of swagger), the new construction is cyclical at this point, and the promise of a vibrant future shines on. 
On the other hand, some sections of the area still face the hardships that come along with poverty, such as drug abuse, homelessness, and crime. The area has had … (1 comments)

fishtown: A Guide to 5 Fruity Beers - 01/10/19 01:13 PM
A Guide to 5 Fruity Beers (So You Can Have the Fun Taste, But Still Appear “Rugged”)
Sometimes you just don’t wanna drink a regular old beer, but you also don’t wanna order a cocktail. Or drink straight juice. You’re lookin’ for a lil’ suttin’-suttin’ in between. Maybe it’s just nice outside.
…Look, I don’t know your life, but I do know that these beers are delicious (feel free to recommend others, of course):
Schofferhofer, Grapefruit Heifeweizen: this beer is a German gem. It’s fruity and light, and you can find it in beer gardens and your local Acme alike. The catch is that they’re only … (1 comments)

fishtown: The Butcher’s Bride - 01/10/19 01:07 PM
The Butcher’s Bride: Slaying Clothing and Taking Philly by Storm
Kayla and Kelly were living sort of parallel lives--growing up in the same neighborhood, attending the same high school, and developing an affinity for all things hard-to-find--all before uniting souls in New York City (coincidentally both moving there from Philly within the same year). Now, they’re on a mission to create some of the most badass style pieces that Philadelphia’s seen thus far. And no pun intended, but they’re killing it.
To my excitement, my best friend and I were approached by the two of them … (0 comments)

fishtown: Kensington Goes Reading Terminal Market - 01/10/19 12:50 PM
Stateside Vodka: Kensington goes Reading Terminal Market
Nina Ricci 
There’s a lot to say about Kensington, Philadelphia’s own Stateside Urbancraft Vodka. For starters, it’s distilled SEVEN times. To put that into perspective, Grey Goose is distilled five times.
What distilling does is get rid of all the impurities and solids in a liquid, so the more you distill a vodka, the smoother and cleaner it is. When something is distilled seven times, you’ll feel the heat of the alcohol, but if you’re waiting for that bite at the end—you won’t get it. (Your inner-teenage-self will thank you for paying attention to this.)

fishtown: What’s the Deal with the Kensington Night Market? - 01/10/19 12:41 PM
What? You thought Second Street Festival was the only vendor-filled, arts-inspired big-ass block party? …Well. Me too.
But with the rise of Kensington (Yes. Believe it if you don’t already, people.), the summer celebrations extend far past the limits of Northern Liberties. We’re talkin’ closing down blocks upon blocks of Fishtown/Kensington’s own Frankford Ave, and let me tell you, people – it was a force to be reckoned with.
The Kensington Night Market took place on August 9, 2018. This captures a
mere fraction of the length of that thing.
Throughout the festival, there had been tons of different forms of arts and entertainment–from … (0 comments)

fishtown: 10 Unit Apartment Building for Rent in Fishtown! - 01/10/19 12:36 PM

We’re back in Fishtown again, but this time we’re not looking at a single-family home. No—think 10-unit apartment.  2162 E Norris is a two minute walk from the El (elevated train for any non-Philly natives). Contemporary vibes throughout. And a killer roof-deck. (You guys know that’s my weakness, right? In the neighborhoods, you can’t beat ‘em. Extra outdoor space. Ayy!)
You walk in here, and everything’s got a high ceiling, beautiful floors, and usually a couple bedrooms and bathrooms (Yes. A couple. In an apartment.). 
There are two units on the first floor with ample ledge space in each of the rooms, so … (0 comments)

fishtown: Philadelphia Woodcraft Company - 01/10/19 12:02 PM
Philadelphia, to me, practically screams every endearing adjective in the book, but for now, we'll hone in on its strong roots and its creative aura like no other. We all know that the City of Brotherly Love was our nation's first capital, so that means we've got kiiiind of a moral compass when it comes to architectural matters (and it dates way back... way. back.). Let's just say, we treat our construction like art. It's from the heart. It's the fuel to our city. We might hate when there's road work on I-95, but … (0 comments)

fishtown: Interview with A Local Artist: Edymology - 01/10/19 11:28 AM
Interview with A Local Artist: Edymology
We already know Philadelphia's got a lot of spunk and personality--just look at the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Nah, but it truly sets the framework for everyone to show up authentically as themselves. These individuals all burst at the seams with soul, so when they channel it into something consumable--or more aptly, something to be shared--the city rejoices. We'd feel like we won the Super Bowl every day if we constantly celebrated our creative individuality.
Today we're going to settle in and see what artist Eddie Sturges, 25, has to say about his passions, roots, and … (0 comments)

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