real estate: Life as a Realtor - 01/15/13 01:39 AM
I don’t understand why someone who obviously knows what their price range is would waste my time and theirs looking at a property that is priced beyond their limit. I think if I were searching for a new home I would only look at properties that I could afford. Looking at homes that are more expensive only makes homes in the price range look less appealing. I recently had a couple who were all excited about seeing this home and loved it once they saw it. When I followed up to see what their decision was, they then told me it … (0 comments)

real estate: York County Real Estate - 01/14/13 10:04 PM
It was obvious the last half of 2012 that the real estate market was improving. If the first two weeks of the new year are any indication, then this year is going to be outstanding. We have had a 50%+ improvement in internet leads and phone calls. Also the number of people wanting to see property has increased significantly.  If only congress doesn’t screw it up, I am very optimistic for the future of real estate.

real estate: Breaking into a New Real Estate Market - 10/19/12 10:08 PM
My wife and I decided to move from North Myrtle Beach to Rock Hill, South Carolina to be closer to our children and grandchildren.  I knew breaking into a new real estate market would be difficult but I never expected it to take an entire year to get established. It was very depressing after having been successful to suddenly not being able to make a sale. I tried online marketing, mailings and other advertising to no avail it seems. Then all of a sudden, it started to pay off am now some days it seems there are not enough hours in … (31 comments)

real estate: Busy, Busy, Busy - 10/09/12 10:26 PM
I can't believe how busy real estate has suddenly gotten. It seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get all the things I need to do accomplished. This week so far, I have had a closing, showed property to three people and wrote two offers and it is only Wednesday.  I have only managed one day off in the past two weeks. It's amazing to go from being unbusy to not a free moment. I hope this trend continues.

real estate: Don't Call Me!!!! - 09/11/12 12:19 AM
Okay, So we have suffered through finding you the perfect home. You liked them one day and hated them the next. You finally settled on one and then drove your morgage person bananas. You called each day with a million questions. Finally, finally, the big day came. We are at closing. Three hours later everything was signed and it is over. So please, should you decide to sell or buy another home, please call someone else. I like what little hair I have left.

real estate: Make Up Your Mind Update - 08/16/12 01:14 AM
I can't believe I finally got these clients to make up their mind. They have made an offer and got it accepted. It is closing soon. I have earned every penny of the commission on this one. Even after getting the contract dome, I get fifty questions a day from these people, everything from why hasn't the agent put a pending sign on this home to are there any new listings for sale. I quickly pointed out that looking at more homes would only confuse them and how the home they had made the offer on met all their criteria. Closing … (0 comments)

real estate: Busy Week - 06/25/12 09:29 AM
Last week was an exceptionally busy week. I showed property each day and sometimes to several clients. I wrote one accepted offer and have an appointment tomorrow to write another. This just adds to my belief the real estate market is improving. I am seeing prices starting to stabilize and even tick up slightly. As I was riding around showing property, I also noted there has been an increase in the number of new construction starts. All of this points to a recovery in the real estate market. Hopefully, it will continue.


real estate: Why Hasn't My House Sold Update - 05/29/12 11:05 PM
These sellers walked away from the sale of their home the day before closing over repairing a GFI problem. They had already moved from the area and bought a new home. I pointed out to them repairing this was probably going to be much less than their monthly payment and in this market, qualified buyers are hard to come by to no avail. I also pointed out that it was going to come up again with another offer if they did a home inspection and that almost all buyers do. They still refused to make the repairs. Needless to say, we … (0 comments)

real estate: Why Hasn't My House Sold??? - 04/02/12 10:29 PM
Why hasn't your house sold? I brought a reasonable offer from a qualified buyer and you accepted it. The buyers had a home inspection done that turned up several potential problems which you agreed to address. Then on the day before closing, the buyers do a walk through and discover the problem with the GIF outlets in the bath had not been fixed. These are usually very minor repairs and much less than your monthly payment. The buyers were willing to go ahead and close but they wanted something in writing that the problem was going to be taken care of. Even though you … (2 comments)