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According to a recent article, Alpharetta, Georgia (GA) is the best place to buy a home these days. The average home price is $359,950. Alpharetta is located primarily in North Fulton county with a small section in South Forsyth county; taxes are lower in Forsyth. To assist with a home buyer's na...
Opportunities may be looking pretty good for first time home buyers in Georgia. When conservative financial gurus are suggesting that opportunities are ripe, then even the most skeptical should take notice. It is easy to look past real estate professionals who have motives to suggest that now is ...
RESPA to roll out a new HUD-1 form. In an attempt to simplify the mortgage process for home buyers, HUD/RESPA has proposed a new HUD-1. In addition, a new standardized GFE(Good Faith Estimate) will be implemented too. All yield spread premiums (YSP's) will be required to be disclosed on the new G...
A commission rebate in Georgia is a very effective approach to lower the cost of a real estate transaction for the home buyer in GA. Depending on the buyer's lender-requirements and the type of loan program (Conventional, FHA, VA), a commission rebate in Georgia can be applied toward closing cost...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are getting tough. They will only purchase loans from banks that use independent appraisers. To me, it's long overdue. Our industry has been built on a "who knows who" platform and that can lead to the problems that have been manifested with inflated appraisals. Apprais...
  With the mortgage market in disarray, many buyers will have to seek out VA or FHA loans to obtain financing. If you are in the military or a discharged Veteran, then chances are you qualify for a VA loan. VA loans provide 100% financing without MI (mortgage insurance). Traditionally, unless a b...
Inflation is certainly moving higher. It seems like all of our daily items are getting more expensive by the day. This can be directly attributed to the cost of oil. Ben Bernanke, the Fed chief, sees this as a problem going forward. It seems to me that the housing market started to drop off when ...
There are pros and cons with all things in life, including the manner in which to handle the economy. While I personally believe in personal responsibility, I do question if it is practical in today's world? After all, people will do whatever you allow them to do; I have found this to be true tim...
The importance of a buyer's agent is derived from the principle that there are potentially many pitfalls associated with a real estate transaction; things you may never even think of. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). A buyer's agent is your represenatative and advocate during the purchase. A home bu...

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