credit restoration: Millions Of New Foreclosures, So Where Are They? And, Why Should You Care? - 11/18/09 07:18 AM
It is a fact that there are more new foreclosures today than there were a year ago. So, how is it that a year ago that's all you heard, and today you barely hear a peep about it. Well. other than the fact that then was pre Obama and now is post Obama, you know, we cannot have the masses believe that this presidents policies are not working. There is also another reason. As you know, my intention is always to impart knowledge that is self empowering to you the reader. After all, this newsletter is about you, not me. So … (0 comments)

credit restoration: Restore Credit With PRBC - 06/04/09 01:45 AM
This is important news for anyone looking to rebuild their credit. Payment Reporting Builds Credit, more commonly known as PRBC, is a credit bureau. Most people are unaware that while their credit scores are based on information reported on the big three, Experian, Trans Union and Equifax, these three bureaus can get their information from other lessor known bureaus. One of them being PRBC. OK, so why is this good news? You as an individual can sign up with PRBC at no cost, and have your rent payments, utility bills, phone bills, and even your cable bill reported to PRBC. This … (2 comments)

credit restoration: The Case For Debt Settlement - 07/15/08 12:36 PM
       With the proliferation of the growth of unsecured debt problems has come a great increaseof debt settlement companies.  Much has been written on this topic, just as much has been written about Debt Management Programs, also known as credit counseling. Frankly, some of what has been written has been done to put out propaganda by both sides. What do I mean? Well, frankly, the non-profit industry, which is controlled by the banking industry, has had a vested interest in seeing debt settlement companies go away. They are looking to get all of the debt paid back, plus some interest, whenever … (2 comments)

credit restoration: Free Credit Counseling - 03/27/08 06:48 AM
      OK, so I am writing to point you to another blog, as this is my first entry on this blog. The other blog is my Free credit counseling blog at:, I am not a realtor but rather an excellent source of support to realtors and mortgage brokers and other professionals. I specialize in Credit Restoration, debt settlement programs and debt management programs. In other words, helping others to rejoin the world of wise credit users and also allowing the indebted to become self empowered. Please feel free to visit my main blog and website at: american debt enders. The counseling … (1 comments)


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