buyer tips: What to Avoid When Buying a Westfield Home - 07/14/17 01:34 PM
According to CoreLogic, an information an analytics company, approximately 37% of all US homes sales in January 2017 were paid in cash.  Cash buyers avoid private mortgage insurance, interest and some closing costs.  Cash purchases tend to go much quicker.  Sellers typically find an "all cash" offer more attractive because they don't have to worry about financing falling through.  However, mortgages sometimes make more financial sense.  If you end up financing a home's purchase, you need to know what to avoid when buying a Westfield home.
What to Avoid When Buying a Westfield Home Waiting to Secure Financing - When buying a … (1 comments)

buyer tips: Luxury Westfield Home Buyer Tips Make the Process Easier - 01/29/16 04:05 AM
The luxury home buying process is a much different experience than that of lower-priced properties.  Luxury home buyers tend to see features and amenities as their main focus rather than price.  These luxury Westfield Home Buyer tips will help make the purchasing process a little easier.
Luxury Westfield Home Buyer TipsSearching for a Property - The internet is a great place to start.  However, some of the high end properties may not be listed on the MLS or any other major search engine due to privacy concerns.  The first of my luxury Westfield Home Buyer tips is to utilize your REALTOR'S® resources. … (0 comments)

buyer tips: Common Buyer Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid - 01/22/16 03:59 AM
Since the financial crisis of 2008, lenders have become much more strict in their lending practices.  New TRID rules have meant longer escrow times.  Buyers get antsy.  They do things that they think are innocuous while in escrow.  However, they can be detrimental to your home loan in the end.  Here are some common Buyer mistakes that you can easily avoid.
Common Buyer MistakesMaking Major Purchases - One of the biggest common Buyer mistakes is to make big purchases while you are still in the middle of your escrow.  It's easy to get excited and start designing your ideal kitchen or perfect living … (2 comments)

buyer tips: How a Federal Rate Hike Could Affect Buyers - 09/25/15 05:14 AM
The Federal Reserve met last week to discuss a possible rate hike.  After reviewing local and worldwide economic data, they decided against raising rates at this time.  However, they will be meeting again at the end of next month.  If economic statistics at that time allow, they could very well increase rates.  That leaves us wondering how a Federal rate hike could affect Buyers.  Let's discuss.
How A Federal Rate Hike Could affect BuyersThe Federal Reserve has been responsible for keeping interest rates low over the last several years.  In fact, we haven't had a significant increase since the banking crisis of 2008. … (0 comments)

buyer tips: Homeowner Tax Benefits Buyers Need to Know - 07/24/15 03:36 AM
"In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes."  Ain't that the truth!  One of the reasons buying a home in our beautiful Westfield community is great is the tax breaks it brings along with it.  Here are a few homeowner tax benefits Buyers need to know about.
Homeowner Tax Benefits Buyers Need to KnowThere are plenty of costs that go into homeownership.  There are also plenty of benefits.  When renting, you pay someone else's mortgage.  When you own a home, you are paying your own.  Owning a home also means you make the decisions on renovations, … (1 comments)

buyer tips: Super Wealthy Real Estate Trends for Regular Home Buyers - 07/17/15 04:27 AM
Having money broadens your price range when it comes to buying a luxury NJ home.  But wealthy Buyers still look for many of the things that the not-so-wealthy home buyer wants.  Follow these super wealthy real estate trends no matter what your price point may be.
Super Wealthy Real Estate Trends You Need to FollowKnight Frank recently posted its 2015 Wealth Report.  It tracked the growing wealthy populations of more than 100 cities in almost 100 countries.  They found the following super wealthy real estate trends that can be adapted to home buyers of any budget.
Location, Location, Location.  Yes, location remains key. … (1 comments)

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