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The big board has always been a staple of the real estate office. The office has one to keep track of sales and listings. The agent has one to keep track of buyers, sellers and the status of transactions. There is something visually attractive about the board. The names, the lines, the closing da...
We were out to dinner with college last weekend, when the conversation turned to real estate. I mentioned to the husband, that I recently made a contact, from the internet. More specifically, I went on the explain that I have a blog on a national real estate site. "So, you're on The Rain" his wif...
Much has been made, about the location of the Formula One racetrack, coming to Austin. Speculation has centered around Lockhart, Del Valle, and Manor. If public officials know, they are being tight lipped about the locale. ESPN is reporting, that the location will be northeast of Austin. If this ...
If you follow the best job and business markets, you will see a correlation with the best real estate markets. Austin is routinely labeled as a top five US real estate market. Well, has just identified Austin as the top entrepeneur center in the US. What makes Austin stand out is...
BLUE THEATRE Hosts Fundraising Event BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL Sunday, August 1st, 2010. Help Support the arts in East Austin!!! The BLUE THEATRE, artist-operated, multi-disciplinary performance space and gallery, is now under new artistic management! The previous company is taking their lighting equipm...
The Black Door Presents: Beat the Heat Summer Tasting at MAX's Wine Dive Join the fun as guests enjoy: Tasty Summertime dishes, wines, and deals The tasting room in Uptown Park MAX's Wine Dive Austin Saturday July 31, 1-4Gourmet Food & Wine Tasting $25 ticket ($60 value)Purchase your ticket at th...
That was a statement, made on a cable business show that I watched this morning. The debate stemmed from a report that the White House wants to overhaul the housing industry, in a long line of industries. Can the government be successful in killing the mortgage interest deduction? My cynical side...
  I'm going to have to stop with Wall Street quotes, when the new film comes out. Until then, they are just too rich to pass up. Before blogging on Activerain, I googled my name, and noticed that I was on page seven. Which is no place to be. After a a few weeks I shot to page three. Ten days lat...
"They had me running around all day, so I didn't get to eat". Was this from a new mom out in the suburbs, who didn't get to eat all day, because her infant/s worked her over and she simply forgot? As being like a lot of new moms, she neglected her own needs, to take care of her children. No, it w...
Are you unemployed, underwater, behind in your mortgage and facing foreclosure?Has poor credit kept you from getting a loan modification from HUD-sponsored programs?Have you considered that you may be a victim of predatory lending practices?Join the Homeowner Consumer Protection Foundation Panel ...

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