selling real estate: Is Your Financial Situation Affecting The Way You Sell Real Estate? - 12/13/11 01:04 AM
Is your financial situation affecting how you run your real estate business? The answer, for most of us, is probably yes. It isn't necessarily a bad thing by the way. There are several ways a real estate professionals current financial status affects the way they conduct their real estate sales business. Some of those decisions may cause us to lose business, while some may make us more efficient.
Cutting Corners?
If you read or listen to opinion pieces regarding real estate sales, you would think each and every one of us, attempt to slam buyers into the most expensive houses, and … (142 comments)

selling real estate: Why Hasn't My Home Sold? It Might Be Your Agent - 12/01/11 01:25 AM
The days of an agent putting a sign in the yard, and slapping it on mls, with a quick sale are over. Actually, those days never existed- it just seemed that way. The truth of the matter is, a good real estate professional, has always been vital to a smooth transaction. Those heady times that the public seems to remember, are usually six to ten month periods that are the equivalent to the Tulip Mania that consumed Holland, during a brief period in the seventeenth century. Those real estate cycles occur once every eight years or so, and they don't last … (12 comments)

selling real estate: Are You A Bargain? - 10/25/11 02:11 AM
The subject of commissions, is one that is often discussed in the real estate world. Consumers have their opinions of what a real estate agent should be paid. Real estate agents have their opionions, of how much the service they provide is worth. Sometimes those two opinions are similar. And sometimes, well, let's just say, they aren't. The purpose of this post isn't to open that can of worms yet again. This post asks a different question. Are you a bargain?
Outperforming Your Contract
It's natural for people to discuss money and compensation. Although it can be a touchy subject, … (70 comments)

selling real estate: What Has Been Your Best Business Decision Of 2011? - 10/22/11 03:47 AM
So what has been the best decision you have made, for your real estate business in 2011? At the end of 2010, I believe many of us sat down, and wrote down goals for the coming year. In those goals, we probably made a list, an ambitious one likely, of things we wanted to do differently, or in addition to our common business practices. Among those may have been adding a new piece of technology, revamping our website, or a habit we have been meaning to incorporate for years, but failed to do so.
Sometimes Simple Works
I incorporated some new … (161 comments)

selling real estate: How Do You Acknowledge A Good Transaction? - 10/20/11 09:54 AM
Ask any small business owner about complaints, and one thing you will hear almost universally, is that complaints outnumber compliments by a large number. After all, most people who are satisfied never utter a word. They just keep coming back. Real estate professionals aren't any different. When we encouter a lousy agent, we don't have much of a problem with letting them, and everyone else know.
How Do You Acknowledge A Good Transaction?
Like any agent, I've had my share of less than stellar transactions with agents on the other side. When every person with a pulse applied for a real … (7 comments)

selling real estate: Transactions Are Tough, But Don't Give Up Too Easily - 10/19/11 02:20 AM
Real estate professionals are quick to say we do more, than simply put a home on mls and watch it sell. To be honest, there have been times in the housing market, when sticking a sign in the yard was enough to make a home sale. And then the pendulum has swung the other way, when a successful real estate transaction took an act of Congress. Although the majority of home sales have historically, required a level of professionalism, the current market seems to be in that *act of Congress* degree of difficulty.
The lending climate is a challenge, to say … (19 comments)

selling real estate: So Who Really Sells The Home? - 10/17/11 01:20 AM
When the consumer visits an agents website, often that agent will link to their sold properties. As real estate professionals, most of us probably assume that the home was listed by the agent who displays the home on their site. But does the consumer view it the same way? And for that matter, is the assumption that the listing agent sold the home, actually correct?
Who Get's The Credit?
Getting credit is overrated if you ask me. If something is a success, is it really that important to get acknowledged? Well, actually it is to most people. But that is a … (70 comments)

selling real estate: Real Estate Agents Don't Want Real Jobs - 10/14/11 06:51 PM
Lenn Harley wrote a featured post yesterday, titled Is It Really The Joy of Helping People, That Motivates A Person To Want To Sell Real Estate. It was a very well written post, that elicited interesting respones. Do agents get in the business to help people? Nah, I think the answer lies somewhere else.
The real reason people get in the business, is that they don't want real jobs. Real estate agents want all the perks of professionalism, without any of the accountability. They want to make great money, but don't want to work. Real estate agents want to have an executive … (24 comments)

selling real estate: Don't Let Repairs Hinder A Good Transaction - 10/14/11 05:53 AM
To complete a successful real estate transaction, a series of events must take place. Buyer and seller have to agree on terms. The buyer must have the ability to purchase, and the seller has to be able to deliver the property. Often, during the purchase process, the home is inspected, and repair items need to be addressed. Although inspectors have been diligent in the past, the tight lending climate and challenging housing market, has made repair items a contentious issue.
Not only are buyers scrutinizing repair items, but lenders are becoming increasingly involved in requiring certain repairs are done prior to … (7 comments)

selling real estate: So What's With The New Iphone 4S? - 10/12/11 09:50 AM
Real estate is a business that is becoming more and more in touch with technology. For years, we in the business, have discussed the importance of technology, and what gadgets are necessary to provide our clients with the best service we can deliver. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I believe anyting that makes us more efficient is worth a look. I happen to like Apple products, because I think they are able to give me the equivalent of a mobile office. Because of that, I upgrade my phone every year, and this fall, that means the Apple Iphone 4S. 
Kim … (14 comments)

selling real estate: That House Only Had Eight Pictures, So It Must Not Be Very Good - 10/05/11 10:35 AM
Most of the blog posts I write, come from experiences with clients. After all, real estate is like any other profession, in that what we learn in the field, is much more applicable, than the information we get in a class or seminar. At Austin Real Estate Agency, we like to tell sellers, don't get taken out of the game, before it even starts. What we mean by that, is you shouldn't give buyers a reason to discount your home, before they even get a chance to see it.
Just last week, I was working with a buyer, who assumed a … (93 comments)

selling real estate: Do You Ever Trade Services? - 09/17/11 03:34 AM
What do you take with you when you go to look for a new car? Some folks take another person, who is experienced in these sort of transactions. Another may take a friend who knows a lot about the mechanics of an automobile. An even better answer is to take a preapproval financing letter from a lending institution. What do I take? My business card.
Don't Limit Your Referral Oppurtunities
Being an Ohio born and bred guy, I have family that work for the big three auto companies, so the price I pay for a vehicle, is set, and better than … (13 comments)

selling real estate: Do You Encourage Your Sellers To Consider All Offers? - 08/17/11 12:21 PM
Is there such a thing, as a low ball offer in this market? Well I suppose so, but I still suggest my sellers consider all offers, and our local market is better than most. If I was in a more challenged region I would be even more emphatic about this philosophy. It's never been my practice to include the once common *will consider all offers* in my mls remarks. But I've written aggressive offers before, and told the listing agent, that the seller should be glad to get an offer. When those homes had sat on the market for well over … (45 comments)

selling real estate: Ten Apps Every Real Estate Agent Should Have On Their IPhone - 05/15/11 06:42 AM
Evernote- Evernote is a fantastic application to create text, photo and audio notes.  The ultimate To Do List taker also syncs with your PC or Mac, and has a Favorites feature.
CalcsFree- The mortgage professional is the best source for nailing down an accurate payment. But to get a ballpark figure, Calcsfree is a great on the go application, to get an idea of how much a payment will be, for principal and interest payments.
Scanner Pro-  $6.99 The only paid application on this list, is here for a reason. For the agent who is truly mobile, this application is invaluable. … (24 comments)

selling real estate: Every Home Has A Story - 05/14/11 11:59 AM
Robert Redford says the problem with films these days, is that they don't tell a story. And Mr. Redford knows a thing or two about good movies. One of the best things about the real estate business, is that every home tells a story. At Austin Real Estate Agency, we list homes, sell them, and manage property. But we also perform other real estate oriented functions, such as give property valuations. 
Today we took a trip out to Burnet, Texas, to pricen a family owned property. Although we've had a lack of rain in Central Texas this year, the ride out … (9 comments)

selling real estate: If They Have An Issue With Earnest Money, That Just Might Be A Sign - 10/20/10 12:41 PM
I'm dealing with several buyers at the moment, and explaining the offer process to my them. One of my favorite parts of that conversation, is that fun discussion about earnest money. For me, it's often a chance learn about buyer expectations and also to see how the transaction might go.
Often, I even find myself explaining earnest money to buyers who have bought in the past. We sell homes every day, but they purchase homes probably every five years or so at the most. Last week, I was explaining the process of earnest money to a client looking at a luxury … (77 comments)

selling real estate: Seven Tips To Use Photos To Sell Your Home - 10/12/10 12:23 PM
Great photos can enhance your ability to sell your home. Surveys show that up to ninety percent of home buyers, begin their search online. What that means for the home seller, is that if the home doesn't look good online, there is a good chance, a buyer will just look past the home. Therefore, I advise my clients, that great photos are of paramount importance, as necessary as determining a great price and marketing plan.
There are a number of things, that can be done to stand out from the crowd:
Consider Hiring A Professional- The expense of a professional … (13 comments)

selling real estate: The Second Most Asked Question Of Real Estate Professionals - 09/21/10 01:11 PM
In my daily travels and interaction with consumers, friends and family, I'm constantly asked about the state of the real estate market. I've come to the conclusion, that this is a question about the greater economy, and people generally tend to gauge economic healthiness, by what is going on with homes. 
The next question that seemingly comes up is "What area do you work?" My answer in the past, was usually that I work all over, in an effort to appeal to everyone and anyone. In recent years, I've made an attempt to narrow that focus. That focus has grown, and … (13 comments)

selling real estate: Home Selling Tips: Do You Want To Sell Your Home Or List It For Sale - 09/13/10 11:03 AM
One of the mantras in professional sports is *We Play To Win*. Simply put, it means pros don't play the game for fun, they play it for keeps, which is defined as winning. The same could be said for selling a home. Some people put their home up for sale, and some people put their home on the market to sell. And their is quite a difference. The following tips will allow you to be part of that second group- the ones who achieve success, by reaching that goal of selling your home
 Winning The Price War And Beauty Contest- Pricing the home … (16 comments)

selling real estate: If You Haven't Been Fired Once Or Twice, You Aren't Doing Your Job - 08/29/10 10:26 AM
Every good agent I know has been fired by a seller. Some great agents have been fired numerous times. If you haven't been, there is a good chance you aren't doing your job right. Getting fired (or not getting hired in the first place) can happen for numerous reasons. The home may not be updated despite your requests. The house may not be priced well, despite your suggestions. Or you may have asked for staging, and the owner is too stubborn to do so, or doesn't see the value.
So you do the one thing that we aren't necessarily supposed to do- you … (68 comments)




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