real estate agent in mendon: Time is Running on the $8,000 Tax Credit - 07/15/09 06:02 AM
For everyone that qualifies for the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit, the clock's ticking down....
The credit will expire on Dec. 1rst of this year, meaning that for a person to qualify for it, besides the other requirements, the property will have to close by Nov. 30th this year.  Typically, it may take up to 3 months to close a contract, so an offer should be in place by Sept. 1-15 of this year.  The response has been very strong in the market and opportunities are starting to disappear.
For those clients of mine looking in the Henrietta, Pittsford and Mendon, NY … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Market Update (4/09) for Henrietta, Mendon and Pittsford, NY - 04/06/09 04:24 AM
The most recent statistics for the Henrietta, Mendon and Pittsford, NY areas has just recently become available.  It points to a relative stable area of the country and may show that a bottom has been reached here.  Overall, the Rochester, NY median sales prices of existing homes on a year-to-year basis ('07-'08) show a decline of -0.8%, over a 5 year period ('03-'08) a gain of 17.7%.
In Henrietta, NY this is a one year decline of -3.8%, in Mendon, NY a gain of 2.7% and in Pittsford, NY, a decline of -3.9%.  Median sales prices for these areas are $125k, … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Mortgage Money Still Available - 10/25/08 03:46 AM
As a quick update for my clients in the Mendon, Henrietta and Pittsford, NY area, despite what you may have heard or read, there's still plenty of money available for mortgages.
Some highlights from NHSC are:
VA loans are offered at 100% financing for qualified veterans.
SONYMA loans are available with 97% financing for first time homebuyers.
FHA loans are offered with 97.5% financing for all buyers.
Conventional loans are offered with 95% financing available.
Several programs have income limits, purchase price limits and minimum credit scores--yet most borrowers meet the criteria.
Contact me today for a confidential review of your … (2 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Find out about schools in the area - 09/07/08 04:20 AM
One item of interest to many moving into the Pittsford, Mendon and Henrietta, NY area is information about the local school systems.
There are many resources available, one to use is , also, you can find links on my website at .  Mendon, Pittsford and Henrietta, NY all have excellent schools and in Newsweek magazine, Pittsford has been in the top 100 over the past several years. 
For any other demographic information, feel free to contact me.

real estate agent in mendon: Do You need $7500? - 09/04/08 06:12 AM
The U.S. government is offering a refundable tax credit of up to $7500 for first time homeowners.
For first time home buyers, who purchase a principal residence between 4/09/08 and 6/30/09. there is the possibility of up to $7500, as a tax credit.  A first time home owner is one that hasn't owned a home for at least 3 years.  The credit will be up to 10% of the purchase price or $7500, which ever is less.
The credit will work as an interest free loan that will have to be repaid over a maximum of 15 years (or $500/year).  If … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Mendon, Henrietta and Pittsford Market Update for Aug. '08 - 08/29/08 04:08 AM
Second Quarter statistics from NAR and July's monthly Real Estate activity report from GENRIS are in.  For Mendon, Henrietta and Pittsford, NY, once again a mixed bag. 
For zip code 14506 in Mendon, days on market have improved--10 days average! Price appreciation is 2.68% average.  For zip code 14467 in Henrietta, days on market is averaging 30 days and -6.22% drop, for zip code 14534 in Pittsford, 35 days on market and -6.71% drop.
For the MLS area as a whole, closings rose over June by 14.4%, but are off 11% year to year.  Median sales price is up 5.7% over … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Tips for searching for a new home - 08/03/08 05:34 AM
There are so many sites and tools out there to help you find that "ideal home" that it can be overwhelming.
From dedicated sites such as to local brokerage sites, such as or individual agent sites (mine is ), it's hard to know how to get the best results.  Many larger, national sites may not update as quickly, smaller sites may be harder to navigate for information.  This is where getting in touch with the right real estate agent can really pay off big.
In the Mendon, Pittsford and Henrietta areas, I assist clients by setting up individual … (1 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Water Resources in Monroe County - 07/23/08 03:33 AM
The Monroe County Water Authority is a local resource we should all be proud of.
Many areas of the country are reporting stretched or shrinking water availability as well as concerns about the quality of what is delivered.  Here in Monroe County, we are close by to both Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, which supply excellent quality water, with plenty of ability for expansion.  Check out the link at .  Almost all of the County is served by the public authority, however, there are some wells in the more rural areas, and these should be checked for purity and … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Help with pet odors - 07/08/08 03:33 AM
On a recent tour with an out of town buyer, out of 10 homes, 8 had strong pet odors.
My client rejected them out of hand and I couldn't blame him, they were strong.  I always wonder why sellers don't recognise that this (or any odor) is a big turn-off to those who are looking for a very quick impression from a house quickly, as they are looking at a list of many possibles.  Let me help you with a couple of tips.
1.)  Bowls of white vinegar sitting out in a room will absorb smoke and other odors, you can … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: I'm going to sell my home, should I stage, remodel, what...? - 06/12/08 03:53 AM
Now that it's time to sell your house, what should you do to compete with the others in your market?
Economics come into play here.  It may be better to allow the new buyer to assume the costs of changing the kitchen or other amenities, or give an allowance in the sales price to reflect the costs.  Buyers are looking for a living space for themselves and will be looking at changes to your home.
The first area to look at is clean.  This is in all directions and areas, floors, walls, ceilings, etc.  Also the garage and basement.  Nothing can … (0 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Is it perception over reality? - 06/02/08 01:56 AM
Real Estate markets in Mendon, Pittsford and Henrietta have all gotten positive national press, as has all the greater Rochester area.  We are one of the few markets that has price appreciation, average turnover has been between 45 to 63 days in these submarkets, yet the perception on the parts of buyers and sellers in the area remains cautious.  Now, even many of the hardest hit areas are starting to report the possibility of a bottom, the local paper's starting to report on the positives in the market and sales are showing on the average a 95% or better sales price … (1 comments)

real estate agent in mendon: Annual Assessments in Monroe County - 05/05/08 04:29 AM
There's a difference between Assessed Value and Taxes
I've been receiving a lot of phone calls from people in Henrietta, Pittsford and Mendon that want information on the assessments that they're seeing on their homes this year.  Many are questioning why their property values are going up when they read about a "down" market in the newspapers.  The good news is that sale prices are climbing in the Henrietta, Pittsford and Mendon areas.  But the assessed value and the tax rate are two different things.  Assessed value shows how a house compares in the Town to others of a like kind, based … (2 comments)


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