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Busts don't follow booms: FDIC February 17, 2005 Though we keep hearing that recent home price appreciation is "unsustainable" and will lead to a substantial "correction" - that is, that the home price boom may be followed by a home price bust - the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) di...
Home equity crisis coming, report says; blames lender pressure in part January 20, 2005 American households cashed out $333 billion worth of equity from homes   between 2001 and 2003, the beginning of the refinancing boom - levels three   times higher than any period since Freddie Mac started tra...
Complex Problem, Simple Solution Employing an age-old constant in a period of unprecedented chaos by Dave Biggers Dave Biggers is the founder and Chairman of a la mode.  With a REALTOR® mother and an appraiser father, he was pre-destined to be holding "the dumb end of the tape" with his dad whil...
Sometimes it's the obvious stuff that people skip over.  Like who really embraces technology and who doesn't.  Or, who talks a lot about technology and who actually quietly uses it on a daily basis. Visit a typical real estate appraiser's office and check out the technology tools in use, then vis...
Excellent post from Michael Thornton.  Please read his story and ask yourself if an automated valuation model would have displayed the same diligence and ethics as Michael. Michael, you should be proud of your work. Every now and then I get a call from a mortgage company to go out and re-evaluate...

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