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Coeur d'Alene Real Estate Snapshot One of the best ways to get a pulse for the market is to check out the vital statistics of the market.This is what is happeniing in the greater Coeur d'Alene Area As of September 2010: ACTIVE LISTINGS:    - 4108 PENDINGS:              -  380         Percentage o...
Buyers From Another Land I have recently encountered a number of buyers from out of state. This is a recent phenomenon for me. Buyers are coming from: California Montana Washington Arizona I am trying to pinpoint what motivates buyers to buy out of state. Is it a trend? Are there certain factors ...
Engaging Your Sphere ... BETTER! I currently participate in a network marketing group. One of the tasks of that group is to schedule weekly meetings with the other members over time so that: you can get to know each other better learn about each others business through questions and answers estab...
This Is Not A Good Time To Sell. IS IT? If I had a dollar for everytime that I have heard this lately. The line of questioning that should follow this statement (from every Realtor) should be along these lines. When is the best time to sell?                  The best time to sell is when a qualif...
HUD Homes - Kootenai County, Coeur d'Alene, Hauser, Hayden & Rathdrum HUD Homes - Kootenai County - Coeur d'Alene, Hauser, Hayden & Rathdrum can be a great deal (check the HUD website each week for pricing updates). It is true that not every agent can bid on a HUD Property ... The agents broker m...
HUD Homes - Post Falls HUD Homes in Post Falls can be a great deal (check the HUD website each week for pricing updates). It is true that not every agent can bid on a HUD Property ... The agents broker must be a HUD qualified broker. In addition, while many agents can help write up a HUD offer, n...
Post Falls First Fall Colors We have had the weirdest weather this summer, here in northern Idaho. Summer started really late, and we didn't really have any over the top hot weather. Then a short summer was followed by a quick fall. The trees are even confussed: Now everyone is talking about a lo...
Athol Home with a Shop This home would easily qualify for an FHA Loan. You can buy a home with a shop 0% down in Athol. The USDA loan as per the Rural Development Housing website has no down payment requirements. That's what I said, "NO DOWN PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS!" Which means that this can be a z...
Green Bluff Orchards - Picking Peaches Another one of the great things to do in the northern Idaho and eastern Washington area is to head to the orchards to pick fruit as a family. We have been intending to do this for sometime. I personally wanted fresh peaches (check the schedule for growing se...
What does 9/11 mean to  me? ‎... It is the day my precious daughter Gabrielle was born. She has one of the warmest smiles of any one I know. She has an intense curiosity about life, a passion that is unequaled by the things that catch her interest. The ability to excel at whatever she chooses to ...

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