Rather than just give you my analysis spreadsheets, my objective with this article is to show you how to develop your own.  It is critical that you learn how to do so if you are to succeed at real estate and I want to encourage you to begin "playing" with Excel as soon as possible.  This will be ...
When I think back to when I got started as a real estate investor and try to put myself in those shoes again I remember the things I was looking for at the time were very much about minimizing risk. At the time, I desperately wanted a mentor to support me (or tell me exactly which deals to do). I...
The Whole Truth About Real Estate Investing I know you probably came here looking for a bunch of secret tips and methods that the real estate experts use to make "the big money" in real estate.  Well, while I can and will give you a bunch of good tips, the truth is that none of them are great sec...
I have spoken previously about the concept of looking at your first deals as "training deals" because the most important thing that will come from them is the learning rather than the profits. However, getting those first few deals done is the hardest thing about real estate investing for most pe...
It's time to get real.  Let's be honest for a moment and look at the results the average person is getting with the masses of real estate investing information that's available today.  A frightfully low percentage of people that attend the typical real estate investing seminar or bootcamp go on t...
Today's investment markets offer investors a wide variety of options. One of the most rewarding opportunities is real estate investing, which can produce a very good income stream. If you choose to become a real estate investor, you will enjoy several benefits not associated with other types of i...

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